Feb. 2, 2021

Episode 16: Are you the reason your offers aren't converting? Listen to find out

Episode 16: Are you the reason your offers aren't converting? Listen to find out

Are you doing everything right, but your launches still aren’t converting like you’d hoped? I hate to break it to you, but you might be the reason why. Tune in to today’s episode to hear how you might be subconsciously sabotaging your own launches, and how to fix it.

Are you doing everything right, but your launches still aren’t converting like you’d hoped?

I hate to break it to you, but you might be the reason why.

Tune in to today’s episode to hear how you might be subconsciously sabotaging your own launches, and how to fix it.


How energy is the secret force behind your launches

  • My tricks for redirecting your energy mid launch
  • The simple way to not feel desperate even when you need the money
  • How to tune your body to gratitude to become more magnetic

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Do you feel like you are doing everything right, and you still aren't making sales. On today's episode I'm sharing how you might be the reason why. Stay tuned, doing everything right and you still aren't making sales. On today's episode I'm sharing how you might be the reason why. Stay tuned. Hello Hello and welcome back to the launch fix podcast My name is Jess and I am your host, and today I want to talk about the thing that nobody seems to be talking about. So, this is something you may know about me but I am a little bit on the woowoo side of things. I believe in energy and spirituality and all of these things underneath the surface of your business that are truly making the bigger impact.

Now don't get me wrong, I am a woman of science, I believe in the numbers and formulas. And I believe in following steps and systems but I also know that there are things that we cannot see or measure that come into play, especially in your business. Here's an example of this. It's like when someone texts you and the text itself is neutral, like, K, or no, but you can feel the energy behind the text. This happens a lot on social media to where people type something, and even though it doesn't seem like the words themselves have any charge. You can feel the energy behind it. And your offers are the exact same way. This is one of the things that a lot of people don't realize when they're launching is that their energy is what's being conveyed.  behind every video every post every email, there is this little ball of your energy being transferred to that person. And so they read that email with the energy that you wrote it. And if your energy is not one of expansion and excitement and lightness, they're going to feel that right they're going to feel the desperation and the fear, and all of the other negative energies that are behind that email or behind that offer. If that is the predominant energy at hand.

And so this might be causing you conversions, it might be causing you sales. If people get your email or look at your sales page and it just feels off. Have you ever felt that have you ever clicked on an email and read it and been like, ooh, or even saw it come in and just felt the energy right away and chose not to read it. This is because even over the internet energy is conveyable, and your offer and your emails and your posts and your videos and your podcasts and your sales copy are all a vehicle for that energy. And so you may subconsciously be the reason why your offers aren't selling, and on today's episode I'm going to talk about what to do, how to tell if that's what's happening. And the gravy and where to go from there so that you can recapture your energy and get back in alignment with your offer. Even if you are mid launch. So, like I said how you feel about your offer matters more than what you are offering. And I know that that's a big statement to say, but I completely believe that this is true. And last week I had my very first room on clubhouse I think that's what it's called.

And I was having a really great conversation with this woman who felt like she needed to relaunch a course that she had, but I could hear in her voice that she just didn't love it. And she was like, every time I launched this it gets worse and worse, less people are buying it my first launches were pretty good and every time after that. My just my launches just don't perform like I want them to. And I could hear in her voice why it was so evident to me based on how she was talking about it because you can't see people on clubhouse. Um, but based on how she was talking about it I could see or how she felt about those offers. And it wasn't great. And if I were her ideal client, I'm not sure I would want to buy a program with that energy behind it. Right. And so, when you recognize that in your voice, and you start to realize that you are not in alignment with your offer anymore. That's when something has to change. And that's exactly what I told her I said if you want to relaunch these offers.

I want you to get clear on why and re like check your energy and see if you can get back in alignment with offering them, or I think you should let it go, and offer something else instead, that you feel completely lit up by. And this is a bit of a tangent but this is something that I see happen to a lot of course creators is they create a course at one point in their business, and they grow and they expand and then they have this course sitting there, that they no longer feel in alignment with, and that they feel guilty about not offering, and maybe you can resonate with this because I can too. I had a completely different business when I started my business. And I have a lot of courses just sitting there, collecting dust that I know that if I had the good headspace for it, and offered it to the aligned audience, it would help them. However, it doesn't serve anybody to offer something that I don't feel energetically behind, and they understand how much my energy effect affects the outcome of my offers.

And so I really try to feel into what am I feeling most lit up by right now when I go into launching. And so, like this case, that energy in those launches, were going, or was being transferred to her ideal clients in the launch, even though it was an amazing program, even though she's an amazing coach she's very successful. Those correspondences were completely flopping because that energy transference was funky, there was some funky energy because she wasn't behind it, and her ideal clients could feel it too. And so what if you have some offers that you feel like you have to offer because you've just offered them, and that's what you do, or maybe feel guilty because they're just sitting there collecting dust before you go into launching that I want you to really ask like is this in alignment right now and is offering this going to serve my audience. Or am I just going to be transferring some funky energy. Another thing about launching that I think is really important to mention, and the reason why these feelings and things come up, is that launching is a lot like a hermit crab.

I know that's a really random analogy, but I promise it will make sense hermit crabs don't actually have their own exoskeleton, or maybe they do I don't know that much about hermit crabs, but I know they don't have a shell. And so they have to find a shell to protect themselves with. And so hermit crabs will find a shell, but their little bodies will grow and they will come to a point where their shell becomes too small, it becomes uncomfortably tight, and they have to get into a new shell, or they. I don't know what would happen. I can't imagine they'd explode I just feel like a hermit crab, that's uncomfortable would get into a new shell because that's how biology works, but I digress. So they know that there's a point where they need to find a new shell. But they probably stay in that small shell for too long because it is so uncomfortable to get into a new shell. Not only do you have to find a new shell but then you have to leave the shell you're in there for exposing your body in order to get into the new show, and that middle part where you're completely exposed and not protected by a shell, as you're growing is what launching feels like, and that's what launching is right, pre launch your in, in this shell.

Good gracious Tron pre launching your in the shell that probably feels a little bit small and you know that you're putting an offer out there, so that you can grow into this bigger shell, but the process of launching requires exposing yourself, it requires putting yourself out there in asking for the approval of others, via the form of money, and that can feel really uncomfortable, and that discomfort, absolutely transfers into your launches that energy of. I don't know if I'm good enough for this or I don't know if I know enough to offer this, or  salutely transfers into your launches that energy of, oh I don't know if I'm good enough for this or I don't know if I know enough to offer this, or what if they don't like me or what if it's not worth the money in all of these feelings and this energy is transferring to the people who want to buy your offer. And it's feeling funky, it's feeling like they can't trust it or that there's something off there's something out of alignment. And so in your launching those feelings come up so that you can heal them in order to move forward with future launches, so that you can grow so that you can fully fit in that bigger show and grow into it and feel comfortable.

So if your energy is off, if you have feeling like feelings like that that are coming up, and it's coming through your through your offers you are out of alignment with your offer. So I want you to ask yourself, Is this an offer that you truly want to be offering. Now, I know that that might seem like a really simple question, but you might find a really deep answer. And if it's not a full body hell yes to be offering, what you want to offer, then ask yourself, why are you offering it then. And if the answer to that question is well I need the money, or I promised people that I would be offering it or something that isn't, I feel so lit up about this message and I have to get it out into the world, then you know that, maybe it's not the tip at the right time. Right. And you can fix your energy, we're going to talk about that in just a second. But if you are feeling, not in alignment with offering it right now and it doesn't feel exciting if it doesn't light you up to offer it right now. And you still want to offer it, then we can fix that. Right. So, if you do want to offer it, ask yourself, what would make this offer feel late and exciting, and maybe that means changing the price, or maybe it means refreshing the content, or maybe a change up of the container.

Maybe it was a pro. Maybe it was a course but now you want to have a membership. Maybe it was a course and now you want to do a group coaching style, right. See what you can change about it. In order to make it feel more exciting, and more in alignment. And when you can start to play with your offers and figure out how to make it feel the best for you. That'll improve your energy. And once it starts to feel lighter. This is the question that can really help you take it to the next level. Ask what is this offer making possible in my life. If you need the money that's okay, you're allowed to launch because you need the money that's kind of what business is all about. But if you're coming at it from the energy of like I need this to work because I have to have the money and if people don't buy then I don't have the money then I can't pay my mortgage and I'm gonna freak out. Nobody's gonna buy that energy will transfer, and it will push people away. However, if you need the money right if that's still the truth behind it, ask yourself, what is this offer making possible in my life, and think big picture.

So, making this offer which I feel better about now is making it possible for me to provide for my family and to keep my kids home and safe in a pandemic. And to like feel secure and comfortable in our living situation. Think about those things not the directness of I have to pay my mortgage, but like, what does that get you, what does that make possible for you in the future present tense trusting that this offer will support you, because you are universally supported. And so trusting that and looking at the big picture. How can you feel gratitude for that outcome that you really really desire. And it doesn't have to be something dire right, you can ask what is this offer making possible in your life and maybe that's a vacation, maybe that's a new car, maybe that's a new computer right it can be something light and fun. And then feel gratitude for that outcome. And this is something that I've talked about before, but you can make yourself feel feelings, like our bodies are really cool. And you can choose to tap into certain feelings and gratitude is one of the most powerful ones. And to do that, what I do is I like to feel a warm and like a light radiating from my heart chakra, or like the middle of my chest. And I like to just bask in that feeling for a moment like.

Thank you, like I'm so grateful. And it feels light and it feels warm and it feels a little bit emotional, and I feel great. I feel that gratitude I feel grateful for that outcome already being done. Even if I still need to pay my mortgage. I feel the gratitude for having that security and that support and that like perfect home or whatever. I feel the gratitude for that outcome that I really really desire. And then from that place of the gratitude, I bring that energy to the table. I bring that energy into my emails, I bring that energy into my lives. And sometimes that means sitting in meditation and rooting and gratitude before I go on live, especially if my life is crazy and my kids are being nuts and the dog pooped in the house. If all things are going to shit and I need to show up. I take a minute, I center my energy I ground myself in gratitude. And then I show up. And when you take the time to do that that's the energy that will be conveyed, and that is what will bring more people to your offer. So launching with that energy of dread or desperation and boredom will never produce incredible results, because that energy will be conveyed, people will feel that, and if you're coming at your launches from that energy, and they're not converting this is probably why, because you can have all of the strategy in the world. You can have the best bonuses and the most aligned price and the best sales copy in the prettiest sales page, you can have all of that.

But if your energy is out of alignment and you are coming to your launch from a place of dread and desperation and boredom. No one's gonna buy it because they can feel that. And here's the thing. You cannot control how many people purchase your offer. I know that's a little bit scary, but at the end of the day you cannot control how many people purchase your offer, but you can control how you present your energy. And so staying rooted in that place of gratitude, practicing detachment from the outcome and trusting that the people who are meant for your offer are already a yes and they are already coming in. And you don't have to make one more Facebook post. You don't have to send one more email, you don't have to do one more live. You don't have to go on Insta stories one more time. There is nothing else you could do to change that. How would you feel, what would your energy be and how can you present that energy in your launch trusting that it's already done. And that you just have to sit there and gratefully receive it. So, that is the energy that should be behind your launches and if you're not having big launches like you want, even if you have all the strategy.

This is probably why you probably are missing some alignment with your energy, you may be going into it with that fear and dread and resentment, and you can change that, at any moment in your launch you can change that. So check your energy and make sure that you're presenting with the highest vibe version of you, and sitting in that gratitude for the outcome already being done. So, the doors to the offer fix are open, but not for very long. It's not a super long cart. So if you've been listening to this last week of episodes and you feel like this is the missing ingredient to take your launches to the next level. Go to Jess O'Connell dot com slash v hyphen offer hyphen fix. The link is in the show notes and take that leap, and finally master the art of crafting irresistible offers. By the way, I would love it if you would share today's episode if it resonated with you. Take a screenshot of you listening and post it on Instagram and tag me at just dot O'Connell underscore. And next week. Are you struggling to identify who your ideal client truly is. Next week I am sharing the simple answer to that complicated question, so you can get out of your head and into action launching your program, you don't want to miss it. Thank you so much for listening, and I will see you in my next episode.