May 25, 2021

Your Success is Inevitable (Throwback) With James Wedmore

Your Success is Inevitable (Throwback) With James Wedmore

Ever look at an old photo of yourself and get really nostalgic about how far you've come since that photo was taken? Today's episode is a little bit like that for me. I am doing my first ever throwback episode that I recorded with my mentor James Wedmore over a year ago, and I cannot wait to share this with you.

Ever look at an old photo of yourself and get really nostalgic about how far you've come since that photo was taken? Today's episode is a little bit like that for me. I am doing my first ever throwback episode that I recorded with my mentor James Wedmore over a year ago, and I cannot wait to share this with you.


  • Just how far your business can grow in a year with the right mentor.
  • How your belief system may be the silent killer in your business.
  • Why running your business with the attitude of a kid can help it thrive.

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Ever found an old photo of yourself and looked back on it and really thought nostalgic thoughts about how far you've come since that photo. Today's episode is a little bit like that for me. I am doing a throwback episode that I recorded with my mentor James Wedmore over a year ago, and I cannot wait to share this with you. Stay tuned.


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Hey, welcome back to the launch fix podcast. My name is Jess and today I am sharing a really special episode with you my very first throwback Tuesday episode. Over a year ago, I sat down with my mentor James Wedmore on my previous podcast, and we talked all about the mindset that it takes to scale and grow your business. This was so fun for me and really like just sitting down with James Wedmore was so fun for me, I was totally fan girling with him. At this point in my business. I had joined his program business by design a year prior to this so almost two years ago now. And I had grown so much in the time that in that first year after joining his program, and so getting to sit down with him on zoom by myself like one on one felt very, very special back then. And it was a really cool opportunity to kind of pick his brain and talk about the fun mindset stuff behind growing your business. Since then, my podcast angle has changed a bit and I have a brand new sit down with him for you next week. But I really wanted to give you guys some perspective and share some really amazing content that was a year old. So sit down, get excited for this new or not new but this rerelease of an old episode from the old podcast with James Wedmore. And then get excited because next week, you'll get to hear how much I've grown in just my podcasting skills alone but just in general, in the last year because I sit down with him again. So hope you enjoy this episode. Let me know what you think. And without further ado, here is my throwback episode with James Wedmore doo doo doo doo doo doo. All right, good. Now the john, thank you so much for tuning in to the decide to rise podcast. My name is Jess O'Connell, I am your host. And I have a very, very special guest with me here today. About a year ago, I came across this guy who has completely changed my business changed the way that I believe about my success and my growth. And I'm so excited to chat with him today and introduce him to all of you guys. So big Hello, and welcome to my guest, James Wedmore. Yay, Jeff, thanks so much for having me. Of course, I'm so excited to talk to you today. So I like I'd mentioned I found you through Catherine's and kina, about a year ago. And something that was really powerful for me in going through the rise of the digital CEO program that you have coming out soon, was really this idea that there was another way of running your business, right? I had gone through other programs that taught you to launch first and like hustle, hustle, hustle. And that's really where I was in my business when I found you. And so watching that free series was such a game changer for me. So, what really, I'm curious, because you've been in business for a really long time. What, like what really got you to this next level in your business and really launching a business by design and doing the free series?


Yeah, you know, there's been you do this so long, there's been so many next levels. And so, you know, that's an important part to actually start with that will help people is that, you know, we talked about business growth and growth happens in stages, right, you kind of have this like go from this level to this level and and this level of less this level. And the reason that happens is because there's there's a different strategy required for each level. And not just a different strategy of like, how you operate and what you focus on but but also how you think and that first, you know, breakthrough for me was came after four years of nothing. So like I was I was at phase zero, like, no money and had to go move back in with my parents. And I was like, so committed. And that's really great. We can talk about committed all day because most people talk about it, but they're not right. And you know the difference between that because I've seen you and I've watched what you've accomplished in the last year. And it's like, that's frickin commitment right there. And, yeah, and, you know, but I was committed, I was determined, I was like, Whatever it takes, but four years of that, and not seeing any results and not getting any I mean, you just, or at least you're convincing yourself, you haven't made any progress, right? That's still like a lie to like everyday, if you're putting yourself out there in some way, like you're making progress. And it reached such a low point for me and I, there's a specific moment where I was so angry and so frustrated, and I was working late at night. I mean, I had like, I had gotten addicted to Adderall, and I've lost all this weight. And I just, I looked like a skeleton with it, like eyeballs bulging out, it wasn't, it was not pretty. And I was working so much. And you know, you your parents tell you like, you got to work hard. If you want to be successful, like, well, I want to be really successful. So I'm gonna work really hard, and that wasn't working. So all of that was adding up. And I'll tell you, right now, I believe that pain is a blessing because pain is going to force us to pay attention. And I'll say I was in a lot of pain. I was devastated. And there was this night where I was so frustrated. I actually like banged my keyboard. I think I like for something broke, or I was didn't say something. I was like building a web page in Dreamweaver, and it like didn't save. Right? So here I am working hard, and it's for nothing. And then I lose it all. And so I remember I slammed my keyboard actually broke the keys off of it. That's how hard I hit it. That's how angry I was. And I went outside, I was gonna go outside, I was just gonna go yell, like just this angry. Yell up to the star, you know, as if the stars here, right? If the stars really give a damn, right, I didn't because I we have neighbors and we didn't want any one to call the cops or something. Right. And so it was kind of weird, because I almost got to like, put the pause on the brake on that anger and that frustration. And in that moment, I had a thought pop into my head, or thoughts or interesting things. And the thought said, Well, at least it'll tell a good story one day. Now, obviously, I laugh because I'm telling that story. But that's not the reason I'm telling the story. And the reason I'm telling this story, I didn't think right back then would be the reason. But the reason I tell the story is because that's when things began to shift from the the anger and frustration was, there was a fear behind that, that this was never going to work. If this just wasn't this is what are you doing? You're wasting your time. And I hear that so much today. I'm sure you do, as well. People have this thing that in their heart they want to do. And they go but what if it's the wrong thing? Well, so what if it's the wrong thing? What do you worry about? Well, that I'd waste time. How much time are you wasting doing nothing, right? And so but I was I was putting in the work. And I'm like, Is this all for nothing? This is all for nothing. And the moment I had that thought of at least I get to tell this story one day, and I'll make a good story. Another thought came after it, which was Oh, so this isn't permanent. It doesn't have to be permanent. And I think so many people think that what they're going through is permanent. And that's why it becomes such a big deal. But very little is permanent in our lives. You know, we've had good days, we've had bad days, we have moods, different moods are just like a series of days strung together, right. And so, you know, the only thing that's constant is change. We've heard that before. So I started to you know, that thought was like, Oh, so it says that, that means one day, I will have that opportunity to share this and what that means one day this will be successful. That means I will make it I will get what I want.


So better not give up better just keep going. And the funny thing too is is as we look at that belief of like a waste time a waste energy, it will be for nothing. couldn't be further from the truth. Today, I've had the opportunity and privilege to help a lot of people whether we're doing one on one coaching or in a group or a Facebook or in my programs. And every time someone comes to me and you know Jess will come to me with a question. Every time someone comes to me with a question, what I'm doing in my mind, is I'm accessing this library of past experiences are like, ah, I remember exactly what I was doing what I was thinking when I was dealing with that exact same thing. And and because I've had all those experiences, I can help more people today. And so to think that the experience you're acquiring no matter what you're doing, could somehow be all for nothing could be a waste couldn't be further from the truth. Because it's through taking those actions it's through those experiences that we gain wisdom and when we gain wisdom, we get to give that as our gifts back to the world and and that's really powerful even if I'm going through the worst stuff you know, and I've gone through that stuff even even now they were you know really successful business makes a ton of money off of it's not like a happily ever after. I like to joke and say what is the lie to us there is no happily ever after. There's just new and different problems. I mean, I've gone through things that I wouldn't wish upon anybody and in the back of my mind, I'm Just always sitting there saying, I'll learn something, and I can teach that to others. And you just keep on keeping on. And so what developed from that was a was a new belief. Because it's beliefs, it's, it's, it's beliefs that are creating our life. And the challenges, of course, is that we don't, we don't see these beliefs, right? Right. But I was operating from these beliefs of a lot of them, but some of them was, I don't think this is gonna work, this isn't gonna work, it's not gonna work, this is a waste, this is all for nothing. Another belief was, you have to work so hard to be successful. Another belief was, this isn't easy, I don't have what it takes, right. So all of those were running my life. And what started to peak through there was a new belief that I don't even think is a belief, I actually think it's true, because we can actually boil this down and talk about it. And from a quantum physics standpoint,


and, and a metaphysical standpoint, that, that your success is inevitable. So I had a mentor of mine, tell me this, and if you guys get this, and chew on this, and Jess and I are going to chew on this for a moment, this will, this will change everything. So you're my success is inevitable, that became the context for my life. In other words, when you begin to look at your goals and your dreams, you know, how you see something determines what's possible. And as you see it, through the lens of knowing with absolute certainty, that it's yours, the only thing separating is some action items and some time, we can like chill out a little bit. And then of course, we're far more likely to get that thing. But from a metaphysical standpoint, what my mentor told me to change everything is, you know, when we have these thoughts, I, you know, like an idea is a thought, right, and each thought carries with it its own unique energetic signature. And when he told me is, you have to realize that every thought that comes in to your conscious awareness, must simultaneous simultaneously already exist as a probability in your reality. So when you start talking about quantum physics, and you talk about, you know, the the infinite amount of probabilities and uncertainties that you collapse into this, this moment as your current reality, that it exists an infinite. And you wouldn't have thought or thought form emerge from within you, if it didn't already simultaneously exist as a probability. Yeah, so the only goal is to then match up with that potential reality, to become it, and to live it. And I really hope that makes sense to people. Because the opposite if you just look at the opposite, not believing something, not believing in what you want is possible, not believing that you deserve it, not believing that you have what it takes, is never going to get you there. So why do we do that? Why do we say that? Why do we convince our, our friends, our families, our coaches, I mean, I've I mean, you've seen clients convinced me why they can't have what they want, why do we argue for our limitations, and the truth is, is that it keeps us safe. You know, it protects us. Because going after the thing you want is something you don't have, which means it exists outside of the familiar it exists outside your comfort zone. So it's going to take something it's going to take putting yourself out there in new ways it's going to take risking rejection, or people's opinions of you, or or even just how people perceive you, like, Jess, you are this person. Don't you go becoming an entrepreneur? Don't you be gone changing the world? Don't you become a thought leader because you're this person to me, and, you know, we don't want to rock the boat. We don't want to upset people. We don't want to change. But we're here to change. And we're here to grow and you know, step into, you know, who we are, who we're here to become. And so that can change. Everything for somebody, as I think it has for you is that when you wake up to that truth, that it's inevitable. You know, it's it's my success is inevitable. As long as I keep going after it, obviously sitting on the sidelines or watching Netflix every day,


it's I mean, to me, it's coming, it's coming.


When is it coming? But don't get me wrong, like it's a blend of the masculine and the feminine energy. So the feminine is about the receiving and the allowing, it's about divine right order and divine right timing. And we have to we have to be open to that which is about detachment from how it's supposed to look, it needs to be here today. Gosh, darn, no, I need this to happen today, right now, you know, and we're just like, you know, I've always loved those quotes, like God, and the universe has better plans than you could ever create. So you gotta you got to have some faith in that. You're just there to have your mental coordinates on Where are we going? What's the outcome, what's the destination, and then trust that the path will unfold. And so things do take, you know, their own time, but we need to know it with absolute certainty, the same level of certainty that if we were to go buy something on Amazon right now, like I'm going to go buy what was something I bought recently because we've got these airbnbs I'm buying stuff all the time. I bought a squeegee for the mirror in the shower, okay? So we don't sit there and go buy that thing. I was like, Oh, I need that. Right, just be like, Oh, I need some more sales or Oh, I'd like some more customers. Oh, I like to grow my business. So we have the desire, oh, and then we take a required action, like, Okay, I'm gonna go do this thing. So I go to Amazon, and I put it in a cart, and then I check out. And then I don't sit there and be like, Is it coming? Or better come? I don't think it's gonna comment on the go to service and what was I doing? Let me check again, right? We just know and we go back. And unfortunately, we're not we're not doing that with like big goals. And but when we start to do that, we start to operate more from that context. So that changed, that changed everything for me, and I and I still operate from that, you know, so


yeah, I see so many people who want to believe that their success is inevitable, or, like believe that their success is inevitable to a point. And then they are like, No, I can't go beyond that. And I even feel like for a minute there, I had that same like ceiling. I don't think it's a secret that like I have a crazy goals and that I don't I believe that I'll achieve my crazy goals because I'm audacious enough to believe that I can achieve them. Yes. And but like, there's so many people that are like, my success is inevitable until 100k. Or until 10k, that success


is inevitable. Exactly. And you know what I'm gonna say that's okay. Because who you are today is not who you were yesterday, and who somebody will be once they get to that 100k will not be who they are, then will not be who they are today. And so if that's, if that's how far someone can see. In other words, if that's how big their perimeter of possibility is, that's a nice little look around that their perimeter of possibility is right now I'm gonna say that's okay. Because what will happen is a exponential increase will happen as you sit there and say, You know what, right now I can believe that I can get to six figures, great, do that. And then one day, you're going to get there. Maybe tomorrow might be a year, it might be like me four and a half years, okay, that's how pathetic four and a half years now, but it takes what it takes divine right timing. And then you're going to get there. And then what's going to happen, you're going to, you're going to start to reinforce some beliefs of, well, I'm here, because I believed I would be here. And it's going to start to create some confidence. And you're going to start to have this own little internal dialogue of, well, if I created that, what else could I create? And could it even be more? Could it be bigger? Let's see. And then so you won't be like, okay, now I can get to 200. It's gonna be like, what about 500? Right? And that's how it goes. And so it is a muscle, that, that, you know, you don't, you can just go right for whatever you want, like, yeah, I'll just do this number. But people most people need, like, milestones along the way to say you're on the right path, you know what I mean? And so if that's, if that's what works for somebody to create that face, so that they can practice it great. And then once you experience that, and you get that result, you're gonna, you're that perimeter is gonna be so much wider now. And that's all I've done is I keep practicing that. I mean, like, you know, we have, we have crazy goals to but they're not crazy to us, are they? When you talk about your crazy goals, that's the whole point is not crazy to you and me, you're crazy to everybody else. And that's why you have the things that you have, and a lot of people don't, because they're too busy judging things as crazy, or what would cause someone to call something crazy. their lack of belief in it, just, that's crazy that you would ever build a million dollar a year business, that's crazy. It's only crazy because they don't believe it. And it's not crazy to you, because you do believe that. And that's what we need to get. Because it is it's our beliefs that are creating our reality. And we have beliefs about everything. And this is a lot of what I teach when I talk about is that we can I can give you marketing strategies. I mean, we've done it right, you've seen it if step by step by step by step by step, instruction manual processes for anything you want to build in your business, you want to do a launch, you want to do a funnel, you want to a landing page, you want to send out a survey, you want to do anything and everything that is required in the 3d action oriented world to get you a result that you want. And people will find a way to muck it up. And I laugh at it because I understand the human condition that we're in is it's so much of our life is ruled by beliefs and these beliefs carry with them. And you know, and people might not be there yet, that's okay. But they carry with it an energetic signature that is manifesting into their reality. In other words, if you believe people are bad, you will find evidence of bad people everywhere you go, someone will have a bad day because something really awful, maybe they will let go. And they will just kind of act out of their own character. And you will see that and you will say See, there's another bad person. They're not bad. They're just having a bad day, aren't we allowed to have a bad day? So you so and the neuroscience tells us people say oh, James is getting into his weird woowoo stuff. This is neuroscience, neuroscience will tell us that your brain doesn't match your beliefs to fit your life. It matches your life. What you see out there to fit your pre existing beliefs, your life out there is a reflection of what's going on in here. And we didn't go to entrepreneurial school, right. There was no entrepreneurial business classes in high school. There's definitely no direct marketing copywriting online course. You know, classes that we went to, I don't know about you, but it wasn't for me. So when it comes to selling, we have a whole slew of beliefs, beliefs about business in general beliefs about what we're worth beliefs about how hard we have to work to be successful beliefs of what are we're deserving beliefs about putting ourselves out there beliefs about getting attention, beliefs about asking for money, beliefs about hiring, beliefs about


oh my gosh, it goes on and on about how long how long we work and beliefs about time, beliefs about about coaching and helping and what is value it goes on and on. And these beliefs We are the last thing people look at, because they're invisible to us. So how can you change that which you can't see? And, and if these beliefs are limiting, if these beliefs are negative, like to sell a sleazy? Are you going to sell being being in businesses bad? Are you going to be in business, right? You know, to charge more is greedy? Are you going to charge what you're worth? No, to make more? Me I'm not deserving? Are you going to make more money? No, these beliefs are ruling our lives. They are they are dictating the actions that we take the decisions that we make, or the indecision that we make, which is still a decision to do nothing. And ultimately, as a result, it affects our results. And so people are taking the courses, they're learning the things, they're listening to great podcasts like yours. And they're learning all these great things. And then they look into their life. They look at the things they're learning, they take action on the things they're learning, and they look at their life. And they don't like the results that they're getting. I'm not getting the clients I want. I'm not getting the leads I want I don't have my I were talking to people earlier. And they said, I am list challenged. Right? Yeah. And the last thing they're considering, which would be such a powerful breakthrough for anybody listening here is to say, What stories Am I telling myself? What beliefs Am I operating from? What perspectives Am I holding? Because how you see business determines what's possible for you? What beliefs Do I have about these things that would cause these results. And because we can continue to change the things outside of us, you've heard this a million times, it just applies to business as well. You can change the things outside of us a million times, but times but nothing's gonna change until we change the way we think about those things. And that means changing our beliefs and changing our perspectives, right? So when somebody is sitting there saying I'm less challenged, we kind of chuckle because we know exactly what it means. It means they don't have a they don't have a big list. They're not growing it, right. But what's funny is, is they made them that determination. Because they looked outward, externally into the world. They say my list size is small, zero, or whatever. And then they said, therefore I'm less challenged,


and they adopted as their identity,


and then they adopt it as their identity is who they are. But what I'd like to consider is that that's actually backwards. The reason they don't have the list, or small list, the reason they're not growing that list is because they believe their list challenge. And as long as they can just say and declare I endless challenge, they will continue to manifest that and create that as their only experience in their life. It's not until you change the stories and the thoughts that we tell ourselves because we tell ourselves some awful thoughts, don't we? And until that changes, nothing else is going to change not permanently at least you might get little doses and hits randomly. But that's what changed everything for me. I had to stop telling myself, this is never gonna work. What am I doing? You are such an idiot, you're such a loser. Why don't you just get a job? Like all your friends? This is never gonna pan out. This is ridiculous. What are you doing? to one day, I can share this story and it will make a difference for someone's life. Not until the story changed the narrative change inside anything change outside. And more and more people need to start waking up that one of the biggest lies or non truths that we've been told is that our our thoughts aren't powerful, that we aren't the creators of our story of our lives, that we're not the author of our story. And when you wake up to that, you realize that your what you have in your life is because you created that, like if you say I'm not powerful, you creating yourself as that person, that's not powerful. Yeah, that's the proof of how powerful you are. Because you will create your life however you say you want it to go. So how powerful is it? For you to say my success is inevitable and to know it into believe it. And then you just get to chillax and start doing what you were here to do, which is helping people. That's what we're all doing. We're in the business of solving problems, people will pay you when you solve their problem, and for nothing else. So you might as well start doing that, you know, so yeah,


one of the most impactful things that I did early on in my business, I can look back now and say like, yeah, that was a big thing for me, was I have taken on so many negative identities like I am lis challenged, though not that one specifically, but like, I'm a procrastinator. I wasn't there. I'm a perfectionist and these all of these identities that I was holding, were just limiting beliefs that I didn't realize. Were limiting beliefs. I thought that that was like my ultimate truth. Like God or the universe wrote on my scroll just is a procrastinator just will never be that successful. Just will like I, I fundamentally believe that that was who I was. And when I feel like a belief, fact, yeah, it felt like who I was born to be with somebody who was never as successful as she wanted to be. And it wasn't until I realized that, like, you can rewrite your identity, like you decide who you are. That was such a powerful thing for me and realizing that, like, my beliefs, my like, values, and the behaviors and environment that I held were what was constructing my identity. And when I decided that I was like, I was ready to move into a new city, right? Like, that's the beauty of moving physically somewhere is you get to say who you are. Exactly. And so when I started my business, I was like, I'm rewriting who I am and who I say I am. And I'm not a procrastinator. I'm not a perfectionist. I'm someone who values taking action and values, all of these things, and really like that fresh slate and realizing that like the universe's ultimate truth, for me was not ultimate failure, and always being dissatisfied, and always wanting more. That wasn't what I was born to do. My ultimate truth was to live out to my highest potential. And realizing that, like I was in control of that was really what changed things for me.


So good. It's so good, because, you know, so anybody listening could start to say, when I say I am, how do I finish that sentence? In the context of business and being in business and operating a business? How do you finish that sentence? I am blank. Because there's two things that's happening, there's Yes, there's this identity that's created. And what justice speaking to is, the only identity that's really true is that you are the I Am, that completes that sentence. That's who you are, you're the creator of whatever you decide to create. So if you say, I am a perfectionist, no, you are the creator, that creates yourself as a perfectionist. And so if you're the Creator, that creates yourself as a perfectionist, you can also choose to be the creator to create yourself as anything else. That's pretty badass. If he asked me, yeah, but then there's a second thing that happens is that we create these identities, good or bad, or whatever, you know, but then we start to create a belief about what that says about what's possible, right? Like, I am a procrastinator, therefore, I can't, I can't run my own business. And that becomes a second belief. And, you know, sometimes the dressing knows, can be quicker and easier. And I'm going to give an example of this. So we have a high level mastermind for clients that are like ready to get to seven figures. And one individual is on a hot seat. And you could tell like some stuff was starting to come up for her. And people were asking her questions, and she started not get the answers. And she's kind of getting in her head a little bit. And I noticed it's getting a little emotional. And all of a sudden, she just she just blurted out that she's stupid. So that's an identity. I am stupid. And, you know, what do you think people in the room started to say that like, no, you're not, you're so smart. Well, the truth is, in that moment, it's very, very well intentioned. You and I know this, right? But it's, it's, what 3040 years since she was a little girl, when something had probably happened with a teacher or something right? Of her saying, I'm stupid, I'm stupid. I'm stupid. I'm stupid. I'm getting it reinforced with the external world. Because we don't realize at that age that we are creating our own realities. We just keep seeing evidence of being stupid. And then it's Oh, see, and as a kid,


we just absorb that.


absorb it right in, right? Because Yeah, you're you're at a much more subconscious, hypnotic state as a kid. So you are the sponge. But you also, most of us don't realize, hey, you're creating your own reality through your thought and thinking. So it really cements. And so of course, if you said that for 40 years and had evidence of it of 40 years, and and someone just says no, you're not let that go. You know what? I didn't think of it that way. I guess I'm not right. Yeah. And so in the moment, I wasn't about to go, you know, handle that or tackle that? Because that's a big one. But instead, I wanted to address the belief connected to it, which is that because I'm stupid, I can't grow my business. And so on. I just told her something really simple. And I could tell she got an eye she could tell she can't make that. And I said, like, you know what, it's not a matter of your IQ level, that determines your success. It's a matter of your alignment, its frequency, its energy. And we know that's true. Because you and I both know people that are way dumber, they knew and I and they're making a buttload more money than us. Right. And that's an important thing to look at too is like some people like how do I get over this thing of me saying I'm a this or I'm a that? And the reality is, is whatever you are telling yourself that doesn't need to hit limit or hinder your ability to go after what you want. In other words, Jen can say, I'm a procrastinator. I'm a little lazy. That's why I hire people to do all this stuff for me, right? I mean, anything's possible, right? I'm a perfectionist, which means I'm not going to be the last person to approve something before it goes out. I mean, there's, there's a, there's a counter to everything. Because if we're trying to be because we you know that the shadow side of this is like, Okay, so I've got to just heal my entire life and be perfect and never say anything negative ever again. And then I can start my business. Oh, it's realizing that no matter where you are, no matter what we've been telling ourselves, no matter what we believe we can still find a way, you know, we can we can still be where we're at and start moving forward on it. And that's something I really want to, you know, impress on people is there's always a way, there's always a way how can I so? Yeah, really good. Absolutely.


Yeah, I think that I think that it's so interesting, the things that people hold that hold them back. And another one that a lot of my clients have had come up for them is this feeling of worth? And I made a post on Instagram, I think it was last week that was like you don't get what you want, you get what you believe you're worthy of receiving. Yeah, it's so true. And I think that there's so much like worth, lack it for people who are starting a business because they believe that they don't know enough. They don't believe that they're not worthy of it. And one of your podcasts about this was really powerful for me. And how you talked about how we would never hold a baby and say, Man, I wish you were worthy. Too bad. You're not worth what, like all of the love in the world.


And so what that does, is that proves that we learned it. And if we learned it, that means we had to choose at one point in our lives to believe it. Yeah. Now there's another theory that I prescribed to as a truth actually that we're on work because unworthiness kind of becomes this universal human condition. Yeah, no, I would say the end this is a made up statistic, of course. But like more than 90% of people living have experienced, if not 99.999% have experienced unworthiness, to some degree, a story at a core deep, deep level of like, I'm not worthy of this thing that I desire. But we've already started with your success is inevitable, given the thought form exists within you it exists as a probability as a possibility as a potential future reality. Right? So deserving this worthiness isn't even an issue irrelevant. But yeah, yeah. So we look at this. Well, okay, let me start with my, this is a really fascinating perspective, that it actually, you know, there's, there's a perspective that we, that we decide this and I actually do believe that you know, because if you're a parent, you look at your newborn, the last thing you'd ever say is what just said that you look at that newborn baby, say you haven't worked a day in your life kid, you don't, you haven't done anything to prove your worth. You're unworthy. Right? And a baby a young child, because I'm sitting here with to a niece and nephew. They don't sit there and concern themselves with worthiness yet, you can tell they're loud, they do what they want, when they want. They have no filter for that. So you can tell they're still fully alive, fully expressed. And just president and you know, it's tragic, knowing that at one point, things will start happening in their life, and they'll start to make that decision that, you know, maybe it's because I'm not worthy, maybe it's because I'm not enough. Now, I actually believe it goes much deeper than that, I believe in, in past lives. And I believe that our soul carries with us from past lives, many, many lifetimes of the experience of having been told by the church that we're separate from God. And so if you can imagine life where you're you're, you know, like, you've heard about all the, you know, in the history books about the persecution of from, you know, religious organizations and the church and, and that you're, you're separate from God, you're this like, lowly person, and this is to be feared, and you're not part of this. Yeah. Because start to cause all that. And it really like me, is what what I believe causes it to be so real and so prevalent for us in our lives, and drives so much of our behaviors and creates so much of our experience. And you know, it, I just had Maurice appear on the podcast that'll be going live soon. And she talks about it, she talks about there's, you know, three main problems wrong with with every person and one of them is they believe they're not enough. And and so I asked her, where do you start? What do you do with that? You know, and it can be simple. And just because it's simple, doesn't mean it's not valuable or effective. That's a belief that people have it has to be complicated and complex.


Oh, yes.


But she said, we got to rewrite that story too. We got to start saying every day in every way, I have enough. You got to write it wherever you can see it, you got to say it, you got to sing it. You got to live it you got to be I'm enough. And the reason why it's so important for us to finally let go of this belief that I believe is, you know, plagued humanity, I guess for lifetimes and lifetimes is because the more that we can live from a place of being enough, the more we give to other people. have permission to be enough. Because a lot of times we dim our light because we are concerned about like other people that are really insecure, and what will they think and I don't want to threaten their space and existence, but that serves no one that really does serve nobody, you become the proof of what's possible for others. And today, what drives a lot of my own personal growth, because I keep learning and keep growing. It's I know that the more I gain, the more I can give the more of the person that I can evolve and step into and become, the more I have to offer other people. And I love when people say, well, James did, and I can do it like, yeah, that's kind of like my whole mission here. It's like, if I could just me if I can do it, you can do it. Right, let me show you how. And so that's the opportunity. That's what we want to look at this is you look at your friends, look at the people you care about in your life. If they came to you and admitted that they don't feel enough, they feel like they're bad mothers, they're bad friends, they're not good enough for for what it is that they want in their life. They don't deserve it. Would you want them to feel that way? You want them to believe that? No, of course not. And we also know that if you just say, No, you, you are enough. There, it's not going to do diddly. But what I've learned, and you guys won't get this and still until we start doing this is that people learn and pay attention and receive far less of what you tell them, like so much of what Justin are saying here will go in and out of a lot of people's ears. What I realize is that we're where people were really start paying attention is in how you show up, and who you're being. And when you're being that person that demonstrates being enough, being worthy, being deserving of love. You give other people permission to do the same. They start to go, Wow, what's she taking? What's she doing? What is that, like? I love that confidence. I love that. She just doesn't care. She's just living, she's just happy. Maybe I could try that. Or maybe I could do that. But you think sitting there going, just be happy. Just love yourself, you know, is that's working, you know, then then I think we'd all right now be on the same wavelength. But we're not we got a lot of people that are suffering, we got a lot of people that are still so hard on ourselves, like just beating each other up mentally ourselves from the worst things ourselves. And no one else can hear that you know. And when you truly know that you're enough, that be not enough. It's just an illusion, right? Because then we create a whole strategy of how am I going to become enough? You know, for entrepreneurs, it's, I gotta make something of myself, I gotta, I gotta work harder. I got to make a certain amount of money or to live a certain style of lifestyle got to have a certain kind of car, and then I'll be enough. And that that's a scary thing. Because that happened to me, by the way, is that you'll, you'll make that money. You'll get that house, you'll get that car, you get those things, and you'll still feel the same way you feel right now. Yeah, that will send you into the scariest, deepest, darkest depression ever, because that's what happened to me. Yeah. After I was struggling for four years, it all came flooding in. I partnered with a with a friend who's now just um, oh my gosh, he's huge. He's everywhere, Lewis house. And back then he and I were both like nobodies. And we decided, Hey, man, like we're both doing this thing. Let's figure this out. Let's do something together. I was like, that sounds great. What do you want to do? He's literally just said, What do you want to do? And I said, Yes, let's let's let's sell digital training program together. I said, that sounds great. Let's do it. Because what do you want to do? And I'm like, how about YouTube? That was it. That was the conversation. He goes, cool. And we created a program called Video Traffic Academy. 97 bucks, launched it in September of 2011. Did over $400,000 in sales on that $97 course in 30 days, everything that I would have been frustrated for anger for had been yelling and screaming for came in. Now obviously, I had to change that story first. And then things started to change. But it all came flooding rushing in. In that first check that that I got, with all that money that I deposit into my bank account was unreal. I mean, I had hundreds of dollars in my account before that, like it was it was just barely making it by.


And then I fell into this deep dark depression. And I didn't know why until later. But I didn't want to get off the couch. I didn't want to do anything. I had no motivation, no desire to do anything. I felt like a piece of shit, I felt like a loser. And I didn't realize until later it was because the four and a half years of all of that work and hustle was because I was trying. That was my my strategy I was trying to be enough. I thought that if I would have made enough money if I would have accomplished something worth accomplishing that I'd finally be worthy enough good enough and then and happy with myself and all that money came in. I mean that that was one of the biggest successes of that time like everyone was talking about it and all of a sudden this guy James was on the map and all stuff and I just felt like the same broke loser inside. And you know, it took a lot longer obviously to realize it but that that hole will never be filled because there is no hole. There's there's no void there except for you know the illusion of what we create. So, you know, today it's a real simple difference for me it's you know, yeah, obviously I'm enough, we're all enough that never been in question, but it's, hey, who can I help today? How can I help today? What can I do today? That's going to make a difference for someone. And then just keep doing that, you know, every every single day. I know that sounds overly simplistic, but doesn't hurt to try that out, you know?


I mean, it's worked for you. And it's worked for me. And it's worked for hundreds and 1000s of other people. So maybe it gets to be that simple. I would like that to be Yeah, definitely. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today. I really appreciate it. And I think that this is really valuable for my audience. And it was valuable for me. And so I really, I'm very grateful for your time today.


Yeah. Thanks, Josh. Thanks for having me on. I appreciate you guys listening and hanging out?


Of course, can you let my people know where to find you? And the rise of the digital CEO and all


the things? Yeah, definitely. So, you know, I talk about a lot of the things that Jess and I are talking about on my podcast, it's my new business podcast, which is kind of like the like inside out approach to, you know, living our best lives. And, you know, for that, and for those that then want a, you know, the How to, as we call it, the Lego instruction manual for how to actually build the business that that facilitates and supports that. We teach that in a free series that we're releasing June 15. And it's called the rise of digital CEO. Because what I realized is all these things that we're avoiding doing, you know, that the fears that come up and the beliefs, it causes us to stay in our comfort zone, we create a goal, say what do I want to create a goal and say, This is what I want, I want this money with the sales, I want this business, I want this lifestyle. But what we're not doing, most people aren't doing and I had to do is realize that the moment you say you want a business, your business has needs as well. And specifically, there's, there's a role that your business needs. And so I tell my students over and over again, so just knows is that the role that you fill, determines the results that you'll receive. And until we are stepping up and filling that role, we're probably not gonna be happy with a lot of the results that we receive, you know, like, if you spent all day just doing like, you know, graphics and checking your email all day, and you're like, I'm staying really busy, which is what's happening to a lot of people, they're getting really busy, really, really hard, but they don't really have very much to show for it. Of the not much changes. And so what we did is we created this series to show and really break down where should you be spending your time every single day? How should you be focusing on it. And then the five ingredients are what I call business gears that you want to create or baked into your business machine. And if you're missing any of these chances are that's why things aren't going the way you want them to go in business. So that's called the rise of digital SEO. And that's June 15. It's totally free. It's eight videos, you're going to love them binge worthy stuff. It's great.


It's amazing. And you can check out the link to watch that in the show notes. I'll put a link directly to that. And I got a little sneak peek. And yours truly might be early on in it. So pretty exciting. I was like oh my gosh, that's me. So I'm glad we got that we got to showcase you. So that's really cool. Well, thank you so much. I appreciate everything you're doing. I am so excited for this launch, and to see how everything shakes out. And thank you so much for joining us. Yeah, thank you, Jess. And thank you guys for listening. You guys. It is incredible to listen to that and see how far I have come. And I'm so excited to introduce you to my mentor, James, if this is the first time you've heard of him, they'll likely not he's pretty much been around in the online business space for lamina. Like as long as I've been an adult really. So I'm so excited that you got to meet him and hear a little bit more about his story when he started his business and how much his mindset shifted, and my mindset has shifted as well. So make sure you tune in next week because we sat down just a couple weeks ago and had another chat all about the process of scaling your business. We talk all about growing a team how to scale your offer and even the trajectory that he took from launching his program business by design for just 818 $1,000 in revenue the first time to how they had a $5.6 million launch last year 5.91 of those any you listen to next week's episode, he's going to talk all about it. And I cannot wait to see you in my next episode. See you then.