June 15, 2021

The Secret to Scaling Your Signature Service

The Secret to Scaling Your Signature Service

If you can’t serve your offer to 100 people the same way you can to 10, you have a scalability problem. If you’re looking to create a bigger impact while growing into a multi-million dollar business, you’re not going to want to miss this.

Want to create a leveraged offer from your signature transformation or service? 
If you can’t serve your offer to 100 people the same way you can to 10, you have a scalability problem. If you’re looking to create a bigger impact while growing into a multi-million dollar business, you’re not going to want to miss this.



  • How coffee shop conversations with your best friend are the secret ingredient your business has been missing.
  • Why you need to channel your inner girl scout and teach your students how to build a bridge. 
  • What fishing has to do with the scalability of your business. 
  • The build-a-bear way to create your ideal client while still avoiding burnout.

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Want to create a leveraged offer from your signature transformation or service? Stay tuned. This is part two of our launch leverage series in three to one.


 I'm Jess. After launching dozens of courses and generating multiple six figures in Revenue Online, I have learned the right and wrong way to launch an online course. And in the last two years, I have helped my friends and clients generate more revenue with less stress using my aligned Launch Formula. On this podcast, I'm sharing with you my simple strategies and systems so you can make more money online and make a bigger impact on the world. Keep listening for the launch fix podcast.

Hello, hello, and welcome back to the launch fix podcast. My name is Jess and I am so excited that you came back for part two of our launch leverage series. But before we dig into today's episode, I have to shout out this week's listener of the week, Carrie at rise said yes, I need the launch fix. Act. launching an online product can be scary. Jess is our perfect guide on the side, the trusted girlfriend who's been there, done that and giving it to you straight so you can learn from her mistakes and triumphs. She's authentic and articulate. And I'm eager to learn more from her putting the launch fakes on my weekly listening schedule. Thank you so much, Carrie, I appreciate your review so much. And I am so excited to be that guide on the side and share all of the things that I've learned through my own ups and downs of my own business. If you want to be featured as a listener of the week, make sure to go to the launch fix comm and click on reviews. And leave us a five star rating and review and I will shout you out on the podcast as a listener of the week, let's dig into today's episode. You are known for your signature service or transformation, you are good at what you do because of how you help people or how you do it for them. But you have to help people one to one and not one too many, which you've come to realize in your business is just not scalable, or at least not as scalable as you would like it to be. And if you're like a lot of the clients that come to me, you probably have hit this wall in your business where you feel like you just cannot take on any more clients. But you're ready to start making a bigger impact and really start making a bigger income for the work that you are doing. And this is why scalability and creating leverage in your business are so important. But you probably are struggling with how do I do that? How do I take what I do one to one, or even take my service and turn that into something that I can sell over and over again. And that's what we're going to dig into in today's episode. I believe that this is something that gets to be easy and gets to be really powerful and even better gets to be a really aligned piece of your overall customer journey. Rather than looking at this as something that takes away from your business or takes away from people signing on, as your client, look at this as an opportunity to offer even more value, and help even more people with what you do. You are obviously the expert at what you do. That is why you are so busy. 


That is why you are so sold out in your services. But if you want to help even more people and make that kind of impact that you desire, it's time to find a way to get out of that one on one into something that helps even more people. So I'm going to break down how to take your signature service or coaching transformation, and really turn that into something that you can serve up to multiple people and help them get that transformation too. The first piece of this is really systematizing the transformation or service that you have into a signature of methodology. I talked about why signature methodologies are so important a few episodes back. So definitely go back and listen to that if you haven't. But when you create a signature methodology, it creates a step by step process that helps people get that result. And this really is like the roadmap from point A to point B, I want you to imagine that the people who come into your business are on one side of a river. And yes, I've used this analogy before but it's so good and so I'm using it again. They are on one side of the river and your transformation or what you do for people is on the other side of the river and you're standing on that other side, telling them how to get to your side. In your one to one business. You might be literally building the bridge for them from one side to the other. Or you may swim over to the other side, throw them on your shoulders and swim over to the other side where you are. But neither of those things are very scalable. Can you imagine how tired your arms would get if you had to keep swimming back and swimming back from one side to the other side over and over and over again, it just doesn't work. And so instead, if you can help people look at the river, and help people learn how to get across themselves, not only are you going to create more self empowered clients, and people who are taking responsibility for their own transformation, but you're going to be able to help so many more people get across that river. So looking at the transformation or service that you provide, as a river, imagine the people on one side of it, and you are on the other side, what do they need to know to get from where they are to where they want to be, and even further break that methodology down into very logical steps. This is where some people get overwhelmed and aren't quite sure how to explain what they do. And so my favorite way to do this is by imagining that I'm at a coffee shop, remember those My goodness, go into a coffee shop with a friend, and imagine her saying, hey, I want to do this thing. I want to learn what you know, I want to cross that river, right? Imagine you're talking to somebody that you care deeply about, who would not annoy you for picking your brain at a coffee shop. But will digress? Imagine you're talking to a friend of yours who wants to get this transformation? What would you tell her? How would you lay out the steps, you would probably say something like girl, okay, the first thing you need to do is this, once you master that, then you can add on this. And then once you really figure that out, then you're going to do this, this and then this and then you're there, you can really start to see the roadmap of how to give the overview of how to get from step one, to Step five, or whatever to get the transformation that they want to get. And it might be hard for you to see this at first. Because when you are in the service, or when you are coaching somebody through this process, you're really inside the forest, and it's hard to see the forest through the trees. And so by kind of taking yourself out of that place of being the Dewar or being the person in it, and looking outside, imagine helping somebody through it that can help you see the steps that they would take to get that transformation. So put yourself outside of it and say, What would I tell somebody that I care about how to get this. And that will create basically the modules of your program, the process that it takes to get from A to B, this is something that I had to do when I created the aligned Launch Formula, because I can implement the things into my business that I was learning and see results for myself. But it wasn't until I was able to really break it down into a step by step process that I could then give to my clients and then teach multiple people that I

was able to take the thing that I was able to do for myself, and turn it into something that I could do for other people. And that is really where scalability comes in. You may be able to do it for yourself or for your clients. But how do you break it into something that you can teach somebody else to do for themselves. And then the last piece is when you have this roadmap, record yourself teaching how to achieve that transformation. That seems very trite, but sometimes just recording it can be super helpful. For example, I have a very mini course called the no nonsense Facebook ads course that teaches how to create a lead gen ad. It is like literally how to do one Facebook ad and it's something I created for my clients, because so many of them were getting frustrated doing Facebook ads. And so I literally screenshare and walk through this is exactly how I do this. And it might be helpful when you're starting out, especially if you have a service to just turn on loom or turn on zoom and share your screen and walk through the steps and create a process, create an SLP for how you do it. And then look at it and say is this how I would tell somebody else how to do it. And when you can do that you can start to create a system that other people can follow. And if people can follow a system, then they can get consistent results. And that is a really great way to turn it into a scalable result. So not every offer that creates leverage has to be your signature a to be transformation. And you may actually be hearing me right now and thinking like but if I teach other people how to do it, why would they hire me? And there actually is a really powerful way to add a leveraged offer and still be known for and still take clients for your signature service or transformation and by Doing this and creating one of the three types of offers I'm going to talk about, you can not only add to your bottom line, but you can make a bigger impact without that fear that people are not going to work with you one to one, because they can take on your transformation in a DIY way. So the first type of offer that you can add into your repertoire of offers, is what I called the pre offer. And this is something that's really powerful, because it creates even more ideal clients, there are probably people that are in your audience right now who are not quite ready to hire you as a service provider, or to work with you as a coach. And you may even get on sales calls with these people and say, Man, if you did this, then you would be the perfect ideal client for me. And when you can really identify that, you can help them do that thing, so that at the end of it, they become ideal clients for you. And this is such a great way to help your audience where they're at, but also build a bigger pool of ideal clients for your coaching or your service, or whatever that might look like. And so a great example of this is a program that I'm creating called the course fix. So my signature program is the aligned launch lab. And it's for a very specific person, somebody who is scaling their offers, who's already launched and wants to scale. But I have people in my audience who have never launched anything, or who haven't even created an offer yet. And that's where the course fix comes in. It teaches you how to create your first course and how to launch it the first time, so that you then become the ideal client for my signature offer. And that's something that you absolutely can do in your business, too. So ask yourself, what is something that people need to know, before they become my ideal client? What is something that they need to be able to do before they become the right person for my service. And by asking that question, and creating an offer that solves that problem, you have greatly increased your pool of potential clients and people love in Ansel, if they learn something from you, and then you can teach them or then you could take it from them and do it for them. There is even more trust there, it's so much easier to sell to somebody who already knows and trusts you than it is to try to get clients who have not worked with you before. So by giving them kind of pre work, right, and then you can sell them into your larger thing that gives them an even better transformation at that next level. So that's the pre offer. The second kind, is the DIY. And this is really where you take the transformation that you help people get. And you teach a man to fish instead of catch a man a fish. And this is so powerful, because like I said, it creates so self empowered clients. But it also creates an opportunity for them to learn the things that they need to learn to get those results.

There are only so many fish that you can catch for people. But if you want to make a real big impact, create an offer that helps them learn how to catch their own dang fish. And an example of this is James Wedmore. His business by design, he created it like literally everything from his brain of how business in a course. So it is not necessarily something you need to take before working with him, though he does not do one to one work anymore. But it is everything you need to know directly from his brain into your computer screen. And this is incredibly valuable on its own. Not only are you capitalizing on 14 plus years of experience, growing and scaling a multiple million dollar business in a course. But you are also given the opportunity to learn everything that he knows, right there without having to pay the million dollars to work with him one on one. Like he literally doesn't even offer it. And if he did, I'm sure it would be astronomical because it should be because he has a massive business. And so looking at it that way, how can you create scalability by teaching people to do what you do? Maybe you are like john, my podcast editor, and you want to help more people produce and edit their own podcasts. Instead of taking on more and more clients or raising his prices. JOHN could create a course that teaches you how to edit, how to find the best parts, how to publish it, and how to produce a podcast or whatever. I don't even know what he does and pay him to do it. And so he could take that and turn it into a course and sell it to somebody who's not ready to hire a podcast editor yet. And they could then take that information and do it for themselves. Or he could create that offer and sell it to people who wanted to become podcast editors and help them take on that new skill. So that they can grow their businesses too. And that gives him an opportunity to create a leveraged line of revenue without having to take on more clients. And that's one way that you could raise your impact is by doing the DIY thing, creating literally the step by step that you do to create the transformation or service that you provide, and sell it to somebody else. The third kind of offer is a hybrid offer, it's a done with you offer. And if you really like to get in it and be the person doing the thing, or really be in your clients business, whether it's like their money making business or their personal life business, then this is a really great option for you. This is a nice gap between your signature offer and a scalable offer. When you have something that's done with you, you really get the hands on high touch piece of a one to one, but with the scalability of a one to many. And a great example of this is that aligned launch lab that I was telling you about, I won't launch for you in this offer. I am not writing your emails, I'm not building your launches, I am not doing it for you, it is not a service. And I will not work with you one on one. I am not coaching you individually, week after week in a really intensive container. But I will help you launch and coach you in a group. It is something where you can get individualized attention, but also group attention. And there's like, like I said, last episode, there's something so powerful about working in a group, and seeing what other people are doing and learn from the things that they're experiencing. And that's why this launch lab is such a powerful transformation tool, because not only are you learning from me, because there is curriculum inside of it. So I'm still teaching you my methodology and how to do things. But it's also the group and the coaching atmosphere. So you're getting that from other people as well. And this would be an example of a done with you offer. So if you're a coach or somebody who likes to get in the nitty gritty, this is a great way to bridge that. And it's something that you can truly scale. Ask yourself when you're creating it. Can I help 10 people with this, and 100 people with this? And if you can't say yes, then it truly isn't leverage. This is why offering one on one with your group program is not going to work for you. Because sure you can offer to the first 10 people that they get a monthly one on one call. But can you do it with 100 people. And if you can't help it with 100 people, then it isn't truly scalable. So really running things through that filter,

can I help 100 people with this. And with the aligned launch lab, with the right systems in place and coaches in place, you can get the same result. So you can join the aligned launch lab if there's 10 people and get the same results if there's 100 people. And that's what makes it such a powerful, scalable option, because it doesn't depend on my time or your time to get the result. So what is the benefit of adding this on, this may seem like just another thing you need to take on and you're already busy schedule. But if you can leverage an offer and make even as much as you do with one or two clients, think of the amount of time that you're freeing up by bringing on this additional stream of revenue. So the first benefit of this is really expanding your customer journey. And this is what I was talking about with the pre offer. really helping people before they're ready to work with you is a great way to get even more clients and to really expand what people can do to work with you before they work with you one to one. Another really great way to do this is by offering a down sell, if you work with somebody or try to work with somebody one to one, and they're not the right fit by having a down sell if you can keep them in your customer journey, without like having to offer them something that is not the right fit for them. So by creating a down sell, you can get them in that pre offer stage and give them something that they can do now, so that they may be an ideal client down the road. Another version of this is having an upsell, having something after that customer journey that works with them even more giving more one to one or something like an on sell where somebody goes through a service with you and then you provide additional support on the back end for a low retainer price. There's so many different ways that you can expand and go up and down and around with your customer journey. And by having a leveraged offer, you can create something that you can offer to many instead of just offering it to one. The second benefit is that you can help more people where they are at. If I didn't have the course fix, I would completely miss the segment of my audience who isn't at The point of scaling yet. And I'm not saying that you're not an alliance client for the aligned launch lab, I'm just saying you're not there yet. And so by going through the course fix, you can learn the systems and processes to put in place to create the offer and launch it, so that you then become the right person for the lab to scale it. And it's such a beautiful thing to create an offer that helps even more people so that they can become the right fit for your signature service. And you would be missing out on this entire group of people who were in your audience if you didn't have that pre sale type of offer. And third, it gives you the opportunity to be picky. One of the things about service work or taking on one on one clients is because your time for money trade is so linked, it can be really hard to be picky. There are some times where you just need the money, and you have to take on the client, whether you really want to or not. And this is really frustrating because it can take even more time and more effort and more of your energy to take on these pain in the butt clients. And when you have leveraged revenue coming in, you can say goodbye to that headache and say hello to alignment. Find those clients that you are a full body hell yes to work with in only those clients. And that's why I still offer one to one. But I'm very, very picky. And I get to say no more than I have to say yes. And that is the luxury of having leveraged offers in my business. So next week, I'm going to talk all about the audience size, a myth. And one of the biggest misconceptions that people have is that audience size limits your ability to scale. And yes, you do need people in your audience to create leverage, but probably less than you think you need. So next week, I am sharing how I was able to hit 100k in my business with less than 1000 followers and how you can too, so definitely tune in for part three of the launch leverage series. And thank you so much for listening, and I will see you in my next episode.

This week we are shouting out Carrie at rise. She said yes. I need the lunch fix. She said ACH lacking. ACH I love that. Sorry. ACH lunging is carry out rise said yes. I need the lunch fix.