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Thank you for the wisdom!!

Jess O'Connell I just listened to number 53 selling like a human and it gave me confidence to not give up despite those bro sellers. Also the insight and inspiration in every episode. I especially liked the talk about social media. This just freed up so much time and energy. The people you interview become those I follow. Thank you again. Y’all go listen!!!!

Love this girl

She has such a beautiful heart. Love her tons

Love This for Launching

I love Jess Approach to not stressing and just launch. She has clear approach to launching!

Great info!

Jess takes the stress out of launching-thanks for the great tips!

So much value in a down to earth package!

I’ve been loving this show since I recently discovered Jess and have really been soaking up the value and tips she shares. She makes everything really simple to understand and relate to and I love how she challenges the status quo and makes you think differently! My wheels have been turning and I’m looking forward to implementing some of these strategies and methods into my next launch!!

Launching Gold

As someone who just completed a half a million dollar launch in 60 days I can tell you that what Jess is sharing in these episodes is pivotal to tipping the scale and exploding to new heights! ♥️ Thanks- Lacy Morgan

So good!

I am 6 months into. Group Coaching career, and have been mentored for the last 6 months by someone else. But JESS’s tools are really adding a whole new level and I really think her first 6 episodes were KEY in helping me teach my first 10k month!

Love This!

I love how Jess is so transparent about what has worked for her, and what hasn’t. So many golden nuggets in each episode!

Mindset and strategy all in one!

Jess is all about mindful strategy in business and breaks things down EASY to understand with action steps to implement! Thanks for sharing such great work!

Just what I needed to hear!

Within the first episode I was hooked. Jess is so relatable and tells it like it is without sugar coating anything. You want honesty? She will give it to you straight. She makes you think outside the box and with a fresh new perspective. My new favorite! Thanks!

Fantastic advice for anyone who’s been burned by launching

Jess comes swinging out of the gate to undo every bad piece of advice, and helps you get to a place of peace and renewed faith in your ability to launch, without overwhelm. So practical and accessible, and SO MUCH VALUE.

Nothing Beats “Care Bear” Jess!!

Let’s be real. Launching can be a real pain in the peach emoji ... which makes Jess so freaking amazing. With her combo of launch know-how, legit coaching chops, and approachable authenticity — Jess is a force on the rise, and she’s lifting us all up with her. And I couldn’t be more excited for a podcast like this to get easier access to her knowledge and wisdom! THANK YOU JESS!!


Jess brings all the good vibes in her podcast!!! I am LOVING it & soaking it all in. Absolutely amazing! Her views definitely hit home, make sense & make you feel like your dreams are coming for you through her enthusiasm. Thank you Jess for the amazing podcast! Major fan here!👏🏻 IG: Blake.Dubay

Jess, so good!

Love this Jess! Thank you for sharing!

Yes, I need The Launch Fix!

Ack! Launching an online product can be scary. Jess is our perfect guide-on-the-side, the trusted girlfriend who’s been there, done that, and is ready to you straight so you can learn from her mistakes and triumphs. She’s authentic and articulate, and I’m eager to learn more from her. Putting “The Launch Fix” on my weekly listening schedule.

Love it!

Your voice is very soothing and sweet! I hope I can learn a lot!

Love Jess!

I love love Jess’s Podcast!! Always has great tips about starting and growing your biz! Can’t wait to hear more!

Live the honest debriefs you give.

I love hearing your honest break down of your successful launches and not so successful moments too. Your vulnerability and transparency has been incredibly valuable to me on my own journey. Thankful for you and all you share!

Listen and follow her everywhere!

Jess’ advice has changed my business! She is so straightforward and teaches things that no one else does, in simple steps that make it impossible for you to have a successful launch! Start here and then follow her everywhere!

A Refreshingly Real Teacher of How to Launch!

Jess is a master of teaching us how to get our vision realized and how we can change our reality by staying aligned and true to our gifts and mission. Her voice is clear and authoritative and her podcast episodes are a reminder to stay close to our purpose and strong in our voice. Give a listen, you’ll learn so much from Jess!

My new fave podcast!

Jess is so informative and real. This podcast is what every online coach or course creator needs!

Love Jess!

Love Jess!

I love Jess!

Been stalking... I mean following 😬🤣 Jess since her blogging days and have always been obsessed. She is as real as it gets and I so appreciate her consistently trying to better herself and her life for her family- and sharing her knowledge! This is the podcast to listen to if you’re trying to get to the next level. 🖤

Jess Rocks!

Great content! Great delivery! Can’t wait to hear more.

Such a helpful podcast!

Jess knows so much and has so many good pointers when growing your own business!! So glad I found this podcast!


Jess is amazing in all her teachings, her story, everything. I’ve been following her for awhile now and was excited to hear of her podcast! She has a straight to the point approach and won’t steer you wrong; no matter your reason for following her, you will find that she gives you something of value.

SO excited

I’m a fan of Jess and so glad to see this podcast!


Jess has totally changed my life! Absolutely love all the info and how real she is! Highly recommend!

This is a show I won’t ever miss!

The Launch Fix Podcast is fantastic and full of actionable tips for my business. If you’re a course creator, you’d better never miss an episode! So valuable.

Thank you for the wisdom!!

Jess O'Connell I just listened to number 5 and whoa did it ring true for me!!!!!! You are the 1st and only coach who validated my dream which is to teach people about their thought habits!!!! I can’t poll them about it because they don’t even know what they are thinking and how it truly affects their life!!! And I too love James but this one thing stumped me. Watch my content explode now!!!! Thank you so much for being you!!!!!

Jess is the best!

I absolutely love Jess and her knowledge is invaluable! Highly highly recommend!!

Learn from a Master

Jess is a wealth of knowledge and she shares it with the rest of us!! So yourself a favor and subscribe.

She does it again!!!

Jess once again brings so much knowledge to the table and in a way that you can’t help but understand. I can’t wait to hear what’s next!

Jess knows launch magic!

So excited for this new podcast...keep the launch goodness coming, lady! 🙌💖

Jess is a SUPERSTAR!

One thing is for sure - Jess is absolutely incredible. Not only is she incredibly kind, caring and supportive - when it comes to business and launching she’s a genius. She has a wealth of experience and insights to help you take your launch to the next level. Highly recommend!!

Love Jess!

So excited about this podcast!

Love this

Jess gives advice with honesty and clarity, and who better to trust than a fierce woman who carried her own business from an idea to a six figure income in a year? Incredible! Listen to what she has to say!

The best podcast!

Jess is down to earth and straight forward! Because of what I have learned from her, my business is rocking! So excited to keep tuning here!!

Loving this Podcast

Jess is someone that I absolutely love hearing from! Her advice is super helpful and I really enjoy listening!!

Game Changer!

Jess is an online marketing genius! She's got the resume to back that up, and very easy to listen and relate to.

Freaking amazing!

Jess is SO knowledgeable about launching your online business! If you need to know anything launching this is where you'll find it! I highly recommend this podcast! ❤️


Jess is such an inspiring woman. She’s so easy to listen to and to learn from and she knows her stuff!! I’m so excited about this podcast and have already binge listened to all of them. Go listen and find out why she’s the go to person in launching! Love, love, love.

Amazing business guidance!

Jess is the best!! Her courses and knowledge on growing a business has helped me in so many ways already and I’m only like 25% done with my course! Can’t wait to finish and put it to the full test, I have zero doubts that if I follow her teachings my business will sore! Now having this podcast just adds to my tool box for my business. (Plus she’s also just an awesome person and hilarious)

My launch guru

When it comes to launches Jess is your girl. This podcast has blown me away and taught me so much. I have always launched to crickets and with Jess’s tip and tricks I know I am equipped with all that I need for my most successful launch yet!

She knows what she is talking about

I’ve known Jess for awhile and she certainly knows what she is talking about. She has helped so many improve their launches and I feel so lucky to be able to learn from her through this podcast. Keep up the great work Jess!


Jess keeps it real and simple! Love that she’s started a podcast too!

Great advice!

I have “known” Jess virtually for a decade & when she does something she does it with passion! I am halfway through the episodes launched today & I love how down to earth Jess is! Great business advice & leaves you wanting to listen to more!

Jess knows her stuff

I love listening to this podcast. Lots of good, digestible info to apply to your business.

Jess is the best

I can’t wait for more episodes!

I love Jess 💚💜💙

She is always so fun and knowledgeable to listen too!!!

Totally Binge-Worthy!

If you’re a digital entrepreneur or online course creator who launches programs, services, or products on the regular, you need this podcast in your pocket! Jess breaks down the do’s and don’ts of launching in a way that’s so easy to understand and implement. I love how she guides you step-by-step to more profitable launches by helping you clearly identify what’s not working, and gives you the tools and strategies to turn your failed launches into fruitful ones. Hit that subscribe button, you won’t be disappointed!

Such helpful information

I have a successful signature course and a number of smaller courses. I love launching ...and this podcast is still blowing me away. So much helpful information here! I learn at least one powerful nugget each episode.

Wow....just wow

Binge listened to this the moment it dropped! So amazing and Jess is incredibly knowledgeable!! 10/10 would recommend!!

Great information!

This podcast gave me so much great information to get me going with my business launch. It makes it easy to understand and takes away the overwhelming feelings of starting something new.

The best!

This podcast has so much info and is so helpful in helping you launch your business. You will be missing out of you don’t listen!