April 27, 2021

Episode 28: The Launch Files Part 2: Methodology

Episode 28: The Launch Files Part 2: Methodology

What is the thing that you do for your clients that no one else could do? Your proprietary process that gets your clients results is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Sure, maybe there are other people in your niche, but no one helps people exactly like you do.

What is the thing that you do for your clients that no one else could do? Your proprietary process that gets your clients results is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Sure, maybe there are other people in your niche, but no one helps people exactly like you do.

Call it your framework, your USP, or whatever you want, but having a signature methodology is the secret to becoming known for the transformation you help people achieve!

On part 2 of the the Launch Files series, I am breaking down the key things you need to know to create your own signature methodology. 


  • The secret to creating consistent results in your business
  • How you might already have a methodology and you don’t even know it!
  • What changes in your business when you have one
  • My methodology for helping you scale your launches

I created a really cool launch checklist that breaks down all of the tasks you need to do before you launch in a fancy spreadsheet that auto populates the due dates according to your launch date! The best part, I am giving it to listeners of the show for just $9! 

Go to jessoconnell.com/checklist and start building your launch runway! 

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Are you ready for part two of the launch file series. Today I am digging deep into one of the most important things you need when you are launching. This is a signature methodology, you don't want to miss it. I'm just after launching dozens of courses and generating multiple six figures in Revenue Online, I have learned the right and wrong way to launch an online course. And in the last two years, I have helped my friends and clients generate more revenue with less stress using my aligned Launch Formula. On this podcast, I'm sharing with you my simple strategies and systems so you can make more money online and make a bigger impact on the world. Keep listening for the launch fix podcast. Hey, welcome back to the launch fix podcast. My name is Jess, and I'm so grateful that you are here today. And tuning in. For the second part of our launch files series. I got so much positive feedback about episode number one. So I'm so excited to dive into episode number two, I am going deep into the four key things you need to have a successful launch. And not just like a low key successful launch where you get like 10 sales and make like four figures. I'm talking about high level success, truly creating the level of thought leadership and that six figure and beyond launch that propels your business forward. So today, I am going to share all about the second thing that you need to have this high level launch. And that is a signature methodology. But before I get into that, I want to shout out this week's listener of the Week. This week, paperweight wrote excellent podcast Jess has so much to offer. I am loving this podcast, Jess is a shining example of what it takes to stop playing small step into being the person you're meant to be. And create success in your business and the rest of your life on your terms. without all the overwhelm or constant doubting yourself. I've been so inspired with her story and all the wisdom she shares definitely recommend this podcast. Thank you so much paperweight I appreciate this so much. I am so grateful and so glad that the show has inspired you. So make sure to send me a DM on Instagram. And let me know that you were this week's listener of the week because I have a really fun surprise just for you. By the way, if you're listening and you want to share your feedback, I appreciate it so much. And I would love to show you out on the show. So go to the launch, fix podcast calm and click on reviews and rate the show and leave a review and then let me know on Instagram. So I can find it and send you a super happy Thank you for supporting the show. So let's dig into signature methodology. So last week, on episode one of the series, I talked all about energetic alignment and alignment in your launch and how alignment is so key to creating those higher grossing lunches. And today I'm talking all about having a signature methodology. Now, a signature methodology is a proprietary system process way of doing things that makes you different. And this is so important because there are only so many things that we can teach in the world, right? I do believe that your idea and your program is unique. But if you are in an industry where there are other people teaching something similar, for example, launching, or course creation, or health and fitness, these are things that are typically pretty similar no matter how you do it. However, there are things that make you unique, that then make you stand out. And this is your signature methodology. If you want to stand out in a quote unquote busy industry, you have to do things differently. There is way less competition in the underwater basket weaving industry. But if you're in an industry that has a lot of leaders in it, the way that you do things, and the process that you take people through is one of the biggest factors that makes you stand out in your proprietary system is your signature methodology. So I'm going to talk all about what is the methodology? How do you create one Why do you need one and share my methodology with you so that you can then take this and really figure out how to create your own signature methodology so that you stand out when you're marketing your programs. So the first thing I want to talk about is why do you need one and this might be what you're asking. You can say Like, I am already known for what I do, or I get people great results. But if you were struggling to sell your launches, and you're struggling to really create new business from cold traffic, this is probably one of the biggest things that you're missing is a way to concisely and clearly share how you help people achieve the result that they want to achieve. And so by creating a signature methodology, you have a really clear demonstration of how you help people get the results that you help them get. So one of the biggest reasons why you need a signature methodology is to stand out. Like I said, there are so many people doing things online, what makes you different is how you do things differently. And in a busy world, having a signature methodology not only bakes in that authority, and makes you seem like you have your shit together, because you have a proprietary method, it also makes you stand out because instead of saying like, I'm going to help you get x result, you're like, I'm going to teach you my system for getting x result. And then you can have a proven system that gets those results. And that's really important, because it gives you that leg up with the competition. Here's an example. If you are in the health and fitness world, we know the general methodology to achieve any any health and fitness goal is exercise, nutrition and mindset. And at the end of the day, you can teach exercise, nutrition and mindset until the cows come home. But so is everybody else. So what is it about how you teach those things that's different, that's what's going to make you stand out. Instead of just saying, I'm going to help you exercise eat better and work on your mindset, you can then have a proprietary way that truly makes you unique. And that makes you different from everybody else out there. And when people are comparing apples to apples, which they are, they'll say, huh, either I can go with Joe, who has just this, like cardboard box version of like, well, I'm going to teach you how to exercise eat better, and fix your mindset. Or they can go with you, who teaches them a growth mindset, and a specific kind of nutrition and a different way of looking at exercise, right? Like when you get more specific and you create your own signature methodology. That's what makes you stand out from the crowd. The exact same thing is true in every industry, no matter what you do, it will help you stand out to have a signature way of doing things. Another really big perk of having a signature methodology is it will create consistent results. If you are working with people one on one, or maybe in a group program, and they're not all getting the same results. You might be experiencing this, like everybody kind of doing things differently. And you may have a way that you like to teach things. But if it's not being conveyed consistently, by having a signature system, then you're likely not getting consistent results. And this was something that I realized when I was taking on one on one clients years ago, that I would really tailor the program to each person, which was great, because it gave them an individualized approach. However, it was not creating consistent results. And that was harder to market. It was like, Well, what are you going to get from this? Well, you're going to get some time with me and you might end up better for it right? That is not as helpful. And it's not as clear to market as like, I'm going to teach you this methodology and it's going to create this consistent result. Now, the result does not have to be like a specific dollar amount or a specific outcome, it just needs to be something that they can get by the end of it. And it's probably the result that you're known for. Right? If you are a confidence coach, you can create a signature methodology for getting more confidence. And yeah, well, coaching is a piece of that. And it is a very individualized approach, you have a way of teaching things or you have pillars of a methodology, that it's like, you're gonna master self confidence, and like social confidence and body confidence. And those are the three pillars of your confidence methodology. And that's what they're gonna master. And so at the end of it, everybody has mastered those three things, or whatever your process is. And by creating a signature process, not only will you get people better results, but you'll also get consistent results for your clients. And then you can become known for that outcome, right? People will then come to know you, as the person who is the creator of this methodology that then creates these consistent results. Being able to produce consistent results is extremely important when you are marketing your skills. If you are using testimonials, where results are all over the place, and there is not like a centralized outcome that people are working toward. It's really hard to create that demand for that centralized outcome. And so by having a signature methodology, and it's signature way of doing things, you can really be concise about how you help people and show people the actual outcome that you help people achieve through this methodology helps if that makes sense. The third reason why you need a methodology is to give people confidence that they can do it. Oftentimes, the outcome that people want to achieve seems so far away for them. They think, Oh, my gosh, I really want that thing, but I don't know how to get it. And that's why they're looking to you. And so if you can't clearly explain to them how they're going to get it, you're not going to give them confidence that they can get it at all. For example, if you were teaching people how to create a six figure business, and somebody was like, Hey, I really want to make six figures this year. And you're like, Okay, yeah, I can help you with that. And they're like, Okay, how are we gonna do it? And you're like, well, I'm just gonna teach you how, but you don't give them a clear step by step process are a clear methodology for doing that. They're not going to have a lot of confidence that that can happen, right? But instead, in that conversation, if you're like, Well, first, we will figure out what makes you unique, we'll figure out your ideal client. And we'll figure out how to market your skills to your ideal client at this number so that you can achieve x result. And they'll be like, okay, I can do that. Right? It's so much easier to take the first step, when you see the general outline of where you're going. I like to think of a methodology is kind of like a roadmap on a road trip. It gives you the idea of where you're going, and the majors points of how you're going to get there. Where are you stopping? Where are you staying? What are the checkpoints to getting to that destination? And when you can give people those checkpoints, and like, okay, cool, we're gonna go here first, so we're going to see the night and then we're going to spend two days here, and then we're gonna head this way, and then we're gonna come home, that gives people the confidence that they can do it too, right, you're laying out the directions of how they can make that happen. And it will give them the confidence that they're like, okay, that's not that scary, like that $100,000 goal was really scary, but like, I can do those four things. And they can then see how you can help them do those things. So a methodology gives your ideal client the confidence that they need to move forward with the process. And it helps you really convey how you help people achieve the results that they want to achieve. So how do you go about creating one, you probably have one insight already without realizing it. Especially if you're helping people achieve a specific result, you probably have a way of doing things, you just have not created a methodology per se, in order to achieve this. And I realized this early on, because even with my first course, I had a methodology and I didn't realize it. But I did it's add, give ask it doesn't have a fancy name. But I taught people very specifically how to add to their network, how to give value to them, and how to ask for the sale. And that is a very early methodology. I then in another program I created created the boss method for creating content. And it was batch organize, strategize and schedule. And I love an acronym. So that worked out really well. But that was my methodology for creating content was batch organized, strategize and schedule. And so my brain automatically thinks of processes and methodologies, because that's just the way that I work. But you probably have a process or methodology or system that you teach people without realizing that you do. And so if this is you sit down and really think like, Okay, what are the key checkpoints in achieving this result? If I were sitting down at a coffee shop, and my best friend was like, Hey, I really want to do XYZ thing that you teach people how to do, you'd be like, okay, here's how we do it, you need this, you need this, you need this, you need this, you'd be like, awesome, let's go, right, I'm sure you can boil down what you teach into three to five main points, that when they do that, that that that not, that is what will give them the result. And that is really a very basic way of creating a methodology. And really figuring out these are the key points to getting the result that you want. And when you can do that you can help people, like I said, create that vision of how to get there. Another great, really great way to look at this, like imagine you are standing outside on one side of a river. And on the other side of the river is where your ideal client is. They want to get to your side of the river. They want to achieve the result that you've achieved or the result that you help people achieve. So imagining you're on one side of the river, how would you help them get across the river? What are the big rocks they need to step on? How do they need to build that bridge? your ideal client is on that one side and I call that your struggling identity. And on the side that you are the after side is the thriving identity and your unique methodology. Do your signature methodology is the bridge from one side to the other. And so if you can really visualize what they need to do to get from one side to the other, you can start to really build out a methodology to get people those results. So once you have this written down, and once you've really clarified it, I recommend giving it a name. And this is really important because it will become its own thing, it will become its own entity, that you are then the founder of this methodology, right? Jeff O'Connell, that's me, is the founder of the aligned Launch Formula. And that is my methodology. And so when you do that, it gives you that authority of I have, and I'm the creator of a signature methodology. So naming your methodology, it can be super simple, I recommend taking like the thriving identity, like who they are when they have this figured out, and kind of warping that into the name of it. So if they are, will, for example, a former client of mine, hers was a profitable stylist. So her methodology was the profitable stylist methodology. And so something like that, where you can take the outcome that they want and the name of the methodology relates to the desired outcome that they want, it then helps them see like, okay, following this methodology will get me this desired outcome. So naming it and then the next step beyond that would be trademarking that name, which is something that I can recommend for and for his name is Joy, vitality anywho. So, having a name gives it an entity of like, this is a signature way of doing things. When you have the name, you can create desire and demand for that methodology. And that really removes it from you specifically, into teaching people your specific way of doing things. So you might be asking, well, just what is your methodology, what is the aligned Launch Formula, and I figured I would lay it out for you today so that you can see what that is, so that you can get a better idea for your own methodology, how mine is structured. So mine is actually a six part methodology, I recommend three to five. I'm a rebel, and I have six. But my methodology is called the aligned Launch Formula. And it is trademarked, we're actually in like, the last week of the trademark verification, and it should be a registered trademark here soon. But my methodology is six pieces. So the first piece is energetic alignment. And this is something that I talked about last week in the alignment episode, but really fully being energetically aligned to the offer that you are launching. The second is messaging alignment. And this is making sure that your messaging is aligned with the outcome that your ideal client desires. And that is based on a polarizing belief that creates messaging all the way through your funnel. Also, like I talked about with alignment, everything about my methodology is from top to bottom of the funnel, it's all about creating that really clean straight line from the top to the bottom, so making sure that your messaging is the same at the top of the funnel as it is at the bottom of the funnel. The third is audience alignment. And that means attracting the aligned audience, which is the perfect person for your offer, and really talking about creating content and audience attraction and audience qualification. The fourth is offer alignment. And that means creating the perfect offer that conveys that you are the right solution to the problem that your ideal client has. And I teach people how to create an aligned offer. The fifth piece of this is launch alignment, and really running that launch top to bottom, following a scientific formula and creating a truly aligned launch. And then the sixth piece of this is data alignment. And that means looking at the data at the end of your launch, doing a full launch, debrief and aligning the results to your next launch. So those are the six steps of the aligned Launch Formula. And how I help people get consistent results with their launches create a launch asset, so that they don't have to rebuild their launch every time is that they can scale their launch 10 times in just one year. And that's the outcome that I help people achieve. So if you want to create your own methodology, if you want to learn more about this, I actually did a podcast episode with my friend Courtney Elmer on her podcast, the effortless life podcast, it was episode number 26. It really helped her reframe her methodology into a signature framework and how she helps people achieve their goals over there. So go check it out the effortless life podcast episode number 26. With Courtney Elmer, and that would be a really great place to listen to learn more about this. So also, if you want to, I would love to see your methodology on Instagram. So if you want to create a methodology based on what we've talked about here today and put it on Instagram and tag me at just auto Connell underscore, not only will this be great content for your audience to show them how you get them results. But I will also help you really get clear on how you help people too. And I would love to see it. So tag me and I will share it. And I cannot wait to see what you've come up with. So next week, I'm going into the third element of creating these high grossing launches, and that is marketing strategy. So if you are struggling to get your message out there and to really market your program to your audience, you don't want to miss it. So come back next week for part three of the launch files series. Thank you so much for listening, and I will see you in my next episode.