May 4, 2021

The Launch Files Part 3: Launch Asset

The Launch Files Part 3: Launch Asset

If launching feels like you are just throwing spaghetti at the wall, you don't want to miss today's episode. In part 3 of the Launch Files series, I am digging into launch strategy. You don't want to miss it.

If launching feels like you are just throwing spaghetti at the wall, you don't want to miss today's episode. In part 3 of the Launch Files series, I am digging into launch strategy. You don't want to miss it.


  • How Launching is a Science not an Art
  • Why what you are currently doing is never going to create consistent results
  • How to build a scalable asset that you can launch again and again

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If launching feels like you're just throwing spaghetti at the wall, you don't want to miss today's episode. On part three of the launch file series, I am digging all into launch strategy, you don't want to miss it.

I'm Jess. After launching dozens of courses and generating multiple six figures in Revenue Online, I have learned the right and wrong way to launch an online course. And in the last two years, I have helped my friends and clients generate more revenue with less stress using my aligned Launch Formula. On this podcast, I'm sharing with you my simple strategies and systems so you can make more money online and make a bigger impact on the world. Keep listening for the launch fix podcast.

Hey, and welcome back to the launch fix podcast. My name is Jess and I am so excited that you are here today and digging right into the middle of our four part launch series called The launch files. Today I am going deep into launch strategy and how really why having a strategy is the key to long term success with your launches. And if you've ever felt overwhelmed or exhausted or like launching is a complete nightmare. You do not want to miss today's episode. But first, I cannot wait to shout out this week's listener of the Week. This week, our listener of the week is Lisi Morgan from modern love Oklahoma, she said, as someone who just completed a half a million dollar launch in 60 days, I can tell you that with just the sharing in these episodes is pivotal to tipping the scale and exploding to new heights. First of all, holy buckets Lisi half a million dollar launch is incredible. I'm so excited for you. So big congratulations on that. And thank you so much for your nice words.

I'm so glad that what you've learned on the show has helped you scale your business and helped you grow to that next level. So now into the content, let's talk about launching. One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about launching is thinking that launching is an art. But launching is not an art, it is a science. And this is one of the things that when you really understand it can change the way that you are running the launches, in your business launching is marketing. And there are proven marketing strategies at play when you are launching. And so leaning into those proven marketing strategies can make launching so much easier. And way less stressful than you're probably experiencing it to be. Now, one of the things that I believe in fully is that your emotions are not a good indicator of the success or failure of your launch. And I know this because I've experienced it firsthand.

Last summer, I had what ended up being a $70,000 lunch. But during the whole thing, I felt terrible about it. And I've talked about this before on the show, but I had like a mental breakdown in the middle of that lunch, because of all of the expectations that I had that it was going to be an even bigger launch. And because it hadn't met those crazy, unrealistic expectations. I was making it mean that I was a failure that I wasn't good at this that my lunch sucked. But at the end of the day it profited $70,000, are you kidding me. And so your emotions are lying to you. And really looking at your emotions as the indicator of how your launch is going, is the worst possible way to judge the success or failure of a launch. And so by following a proven launch strategy, and looking at the data, you can really get better indicators of the success and the growth of your launches.

And that's why you should follow a proven launch strategy. Also, by following the proven Launch Formula, you can start to get consistent results. One of the biggest mistakes that I see making in the launching field like when you launch your products is like having a small amount of success doing one thing and thinking I need to start completely over this launch mechanism sucked, I need to create a completely new launch mechanism. And that completely ruins the momentum that you built with the previous launch. If you had a five day challenge launch, and it converted that 3% don't change it, follow this strategy, tweak it make it better, but stop starting over and I'm going to talk a little bit more about that today. So by following a proven Launch Formula, you can start to get more consistent results and predict your conversion rate and scale it from there and that's really what we're going to dig into today.

Throwing spaghetti at the wall, which is probably what you're doing right now with launching is never going to yield consistent results in length. They said this is what I see so many people doing is they have a launch, they think that it didn't go very well, because people didn't seem engaged or whatever that means. And they decided to completely scrap it, they see grass greener on the other side, and they decide, well, somebody else had success with a webinar launch, I'm going to do that or somebody else had success with a five day challenge launch, I'm going to do that, or somebody else made a video series. Now I need to do that. But when you keep changing launch mechanisms and keep changing your messaging and keep changing launch after launch after launch, you're never going to have consistency, you're just throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.

But what struggles with that are, the biggest problem with that is that you're not actually seeing what sticks, you're throwing spaghetti at the wall and then moving on to something else, because you didn't like how it felt to do it. And so by following a proven formula, you stop that random launching, and you start launching with a real strategy. So instead of looking at your launch, as something that you do once, and then never do it again, start looking at your launch as an asset as something that you can build and create that you can leverage again, and again. And again. Over time. This is often called copy, paste, launching or repeat launching. But by creating this asset, with all of the different pieces and parts of it that you can just duplicate over and over and over again, you can create consistent results with your launches, this is something I have done in my business, and it becomes this really profitable asset, because I don't have to write launch emails every time, I don't have to change the sales page every time, I just have to plug it in and go, and I can make money.

And by having this asset, I know what it converts that. I know that when I launch it live, it converts it X percent. And if I run it, and it doesn't convert it that then I know that I have an opportunity to tweak it. But every time that I have launched a proven asset, my conversion rate gets better and better and better. For example, my last asset launch that I did live, I had launched it the first time at 8% conversion rate. And the second time I launched it a year later, at an 11% conversion rate that's astronomical in the launching world. And because I have perfected the messaging, and the audience and the assets, and I didn't rebuild it, I just perfected what I already had. That's how you increase your conversion rates. And that's how you make an even better launch. And so that's what I want to talk about today.

So what the heck is a launch asset, a launch asset is the series of materials that you need for your launch, that you can package together and just hit play on anytime you want to launch, then this consists of a few things. The first thing is your messaging, by creating messaging that you can repeat over and over and over again, you know that it's really honed in and speaks to the problem that your ideal client is having in this is so powerful, because if it converts with a cold audience in one launch, it'll likely convert with a cold audience and another. And so by creating messaging that's so strong, that it moves people from ice cold to red hot, you know that you have effective messaging that is going to do that consistently. So the first piece of your launch asset is creating launch messaging, that builds authority, builds demand, and builds desire for your offer. And that's really important.

The second piece of your launch asset is your offer. Your offer is the actual like gift you are giving to people it is the package of your program and your bonuses. It's your guarantee, it's your pricing. And by creating an offer that you can just launch over and over and over again. You really take that guesswork out of it. So many times I see people make an offer, and they're like, okay, that converted it 4%. Now, how can I create different bonuses or a different container, or change the price, like how many times people have a successful launch, and then they say, Okay, I'm gonna raise the price, because they want to like, That makes no sense to me. If the data is seeing that the offer is converting at a certain price. Don't raise the price just because you feel like it. The price has nothing to do with your worth that has nothing to do with you. It has to do with what is the equitable exchange for your offer. And if one price is converting, don't raise it, you'll often see a dip in your conversion rates when you raise the price. I can go off on a tangent on that.

But I think that that's really important making sure that you have an offer that is truly an asset that you can leverage over and over and over again. And the third piece is your literal launch assets. So this is your sales page. This is your emails. This is your launch mechanism then, these three things are things that you can completely systematize and create it just leverage again and again. And again, when I live launch that program that I was talking about that went from an 8% conversion rate to an 11% conversion rate, I literally followed the exact same five day challenge outline is already outlined. And if I launch it again, all I will do is pull up that Google doc and follow the exact same outline. Because I know that outline converts, I know that the emails convert, I know that the sales page converts, and all I have to do is put them together. And it will create a converting launch. And one of the biggest mistakes that I see people making in launching is creating those three things as they go.

Have you ever written a cart open email the night before cart open? I'm sure you have right. Or if you haven't, you've written some kind of email at the last second. And this is something that I see so many people doing with launching. And if you're writing emails the day you're sending them, this is why launching is frustrating. This is why launching is exhausting, because you're relying on how you feel to dictate how you're showing up in your launch. Imagine if you had this asset that all you had to do was have your team schedule out the emails that are already written, already strategized, and already proven to convert, all you have to do is schedule them out. That's how you scale. That's how you create repeatable, scalable launches, and not something that you're likely missing. If you're not treating your launch, like this asset, like an investment, like something you put into, that you can leverage for more money over and over and over again. And so those are the key pieces of building a launch asset.

And when you finally have this in place, and you stop throwing spaghetti at the wall, that is when the magic happens. This is when you can really perfect your messaging and scale. By perfecting your messaging, you can really hone in on who you're attracting at the top of the funnel, and how you're converting them at the bottom of the funnel. And you can really get clear on the things that speak to that person and how to get them from A to B in the shortest possible amount of time. And that is how you're going to scale your launches. You'll also stop hustling halfway through because it's already done. How would it feel to go into cart open and not have to write a single email? All you have to do is sit there and receive the people coming into your program with gratitude? How much lighter would that feel, knowing that you don't have to write a single email or go live at all?

Or do any kind of deliverable during your launch? Because it's already done? I have talked to so many clients who get into that launch period. And they're like, I don't even know what to do with myself. It's all already done. Like, what am I supposed to do. And I'm like you're supposed to sit there and relax and be in a high vibration and except the people who were coming in like that is your job right now, it's not to be writing launch emails, as you are launching. And that's such a powerful place to be, you'll also be able to create an experience that your ideal client wants to be a part of your launches become an event, they become something that is predictable and repeatable, that they want to join in on and they're like waiting, right, they are banging down the door to get into your next launch experience. Because it isn't something that feels chaotic and random. It's something that's very well engineered and creates that consistent desire and demand. So they want to be a part of it.


And with this, you can start looking at the data like a scientist, if you are running inconsistent experiments, every time you launch, it's really hard to analyze the data and see what's working and see what isn't. But by having a launch asset, you can really look apples to apples launch after launch and see, okay, this is working. This isn't how can I improve it. And that is how you scale. And speaking of looking at your launch like a scientist, this is what I'm talking about on part four of the launch file series, which is coming out next week. So you don't want to miss the next episode, where I'm going to go way deeper into that. I'm going to talk all about how to stop treating your business like a pass fail assignment and start treating it more like a science experiment so you can learn from your lessons and grow. So if you're ready to start scaling your offers, and stop hustling every single launch, you don't want to miss it. By the way the doors just opened for my new aligned launch runway masterclass. In this runway, I'm going to be spilling all the details on how to actually have a launch runway.


So many people in the industry talk about you need a launch runway you need a launch runway but nobody really tells you exactly what that looks like and exactly how to do it. So that's what I'm doing. On May 11, so you definitely don't want to miss it. Go to to register for that now, it is a masterclass and I am giving you all the details and it's going to be so value packed. You definitely want to be there live. Also don't delay because Friday is when the price goes up. So if you want to get that half off price, you definitely want to get in right away. So thank you so much for listening. Make sure to tune in next week where we're talking all about treating your lunch like a scientist and I will see you in my next episode.