April 20, 2021

Episode 27: The Launch Files Part 1: Alignment

Episode 27: The Launch Files Part 1: Alignment

In the online business world, there are two kinds of people. 

People who create massive buzz around their offers, and have consistent high converting launches, AND people who feel like launching is hard, overwhelming and low key hate it.

Which one are you?

In the online business world, there are two kinds of people. 

People who create massive buzz around their offers, and have consistent high converting launches, AND people who feel like launching is hard, overwhelming and low key hate it.

Which one are you?

If you mumbled “the second one”, you don’t want to miss this week’s episode! 

I am kicking off a brand new 4 part series called The Launch Files! I am pulling back the curtain and sharing the 4 keys to high converting, high vibe launches! And if 2021 is the year when you finally fall in love with launching (and 6 figures in sales), you don’t want to miss it!



  • The foundation of a high converting launch
  • Why alignment isn’t just energetic mumbo jumbo
  • The exact process I went through to create my signature formula
  • How to create a business that is truly in alignment

I created a really cool launch checklist that breaks down all of the tasks you need to do before you launch in a fancy spreadsheet that auto populates the due dates according to your launch date! The best part, I am giving it to listeners of the show for just $9! 

Go to jessoconnell.com/checklist and start building your launch runway! 

When you finish listening, I'd love to hear what you think! Take a screenshot of you listening on your device, share it to your Instagram stories and tag me, @jess.oconnell_! Or join us in the Facebook group to share your takeaways! 

Or slide into my DMs, I’d love to hear what your biggest takeaways are! 


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Today I am kicking off a new podcast series that I am calling the launch files. It's like The X Files but about launching instead of aliens. But if you are ready to finally master the science of launching so you can scale your program this year, keep listening.

I'm Jess. After launching dozens of courses and generating multiple six figures in Revenue Online, I have learned the right and wrong way to launch an online course. And in the last two years, I have helped my friends and clients generate more revenue with less stress using my aligned Launch Formula. On this podcast, I'm sharing with you my simple strategies and systems so you can make more money online and make a bigger impact on the world. Keep listening for the launch fix podcast.

Hey there, and welcome back to the launch fix podcast. My name is Jess and I am your host. And today I am really excited to embark on this journey with you. Ever since I started the podcast I have wanted to do a series. I love Podcast Series. I love learning and a little bit deeper of a way. And I am so excited to dive into this new series with you. But first I have to shout out the listener of the week. This week's listener of the week is gi l f 80. line, and gilf 81, which I'm trying to say with a straight face says love this podcast. I've been following Jess for a while now in everything she teaches makes sense and helps me grow my business in a way that feels organic and exciting. Jess has so much knowledge and experience, I highly recommend you listening to her. Thank you so much, Jess, thank you so much gilf 81 and get it girl.

I am so appreciative of your kind words. And I'm so glad that I've helped you grow your business. So make sure to DM me on Instagram. And let me know that you were this week's listener of the week because I have a fun surprise for you. By the way, if you're listening now, and you love chatting with me or sharing feedback, I'm one of those people that just loves filling out surveys for some reason. I love giving feedback. That's probably the projector in me, but we're moving on. I appreciate your feedback. so freaking much. And I would love to shout you out on the show. So if you want to leave a review, if you're listening in iTunes, just scroll up and hit the five stars and say something nice and I will put it on the podcast. Or you can go to thelaunchfixpodcast.com click on reviews and then ratio to leave a review there, then let me know on Instagram that you did so I can find it. I learned something super fun this week that not all reviews show up on iTunes.

And it's because you only see the reviews for the country that you are in. So I figured out a fun hack to find reviews from other countries, which is how I found a gilf 80 ones review. And I am so excited to find these brand new reviews to give to you as listeners of the week. So make sure to leave a five star rating and review I will share it on the podcast and there might even be offensive prizes in it for you. So thank you again. So like I said, I am so excited to dig into this new series on this show called The launch files. I couldn't come up with a better name. But as soon as I thought about doing a series, I was like doo doo doo doo doo doo. It's like The X Files but about launching. And I got very excited. So here we are. And I am so excited to pull back the curtain and show you more about the things that I did to grow a multiple six figure course creation business, and how you can do that too. So I came up with this thing a while ago, it is called the aligned Launch Formula. And what the online launch formula is it is my signature method to growing and scaling an online course.

And sometimes that people share what they have learned and kind of regurgitate it into their own signature methodology, which no shame there. But I want to share kind of how I created this aligned Launch Formula because it is unique from how I see some other people creating their unique solutions today. So I started my business in the beginning of 2019. And I had no idea how to launch I just decided you know what, I love learning something new. I love trying things I've never tried before. So I want to try this online business thing. And my very first launch I threw an offer out there and I had people buy it which was amazing. And I knew that there was something to that I knew that I really liked this whole online marketing model. And so I launched my own things for quite a few months, like five or six months, just based on what I saw other people doing. So I went through a webinar. So I was like, I'll try a webinar, I went through a five day challenge. And I was like, Hey, I'll try a five day challenge. And I struggled, I really struggled to gain traction to attract the right audience to grow my audience.

And while I was going Little by little, I was really like, okay, there has to be something that I don't know here. And because I'm somebody who likes to learn by trying, again, something that's well within my human design, if you're familiar with that, I am a one, three, I learned by trying. So I decided to get curious and study successful people. And at this point in my business, I had nailed down to a signature offer, I had decided that's what I was going to focus on, where before I was launching every old thing that I could possibly think of every single month, it was absolute bananas back then, and I niched down into one signature offer for one signature audience. And I decided that I wanted to scale it. And I think that we all kind of get to that point in our business where you're like, Okay, I have launched 100 things. I know what I like, and I want to really go deep on this one offer. And that's where I was.

And so I decided to get really curious and study successful people. And what I mean by this is, I became a student of launching, I opted into their funnels. I studied their webinars, I studied their challenges. I looked at their emails with a marketing I and I was like, how are they selling to me in this email? What is this doing, that I was not seeing before? And when I started to look at things through that perspective, like, Okay, what is the structure of this webinar, and I would write down like, I would go on live webinars and say, okay, at 13 minutes, she started talking about this, I 15 minutes, she started talking about this, okay, in that 20 minutes, here's where we went to this. And I studied their marketing, like I said, I opted into all the funnels, I watched the webinars and the challenges, I read and studied all of the emails. And it was through that, that I came up with this list.

And I created a list of things that I wanted to test in my own business. So I observed. And then I tested, and I chose four things that I wanted to study and wanted to test in my own business. And I went forward, I don't remember specifically which four, it was this exact moment. But I remember trying four things, and then launching again. And with those four things, the first time I launched this offer was in May of 2019. And it was a $3,000 launch, which at that time was great. Like, I was thrilled to have a $3,000 launch that felt really big to me. And then I studied and I did all of this learning between May and September of 2019. And I launched it again, after following the four things that I implemented, that I had learned. And in that time, I scaled that launch from a $3,000 launch to an $8,000 launch. That's more than double the revenue that I had made in the launch previously. And I said, awesome, this is working. But there were a few things that were still not quite right.

And so I tweaked it, and I kept testing, I added two more things to the formula. And I kept testing it. And then a year after that $8,000 launch, after really testing these principles and strategies that I'm going to tell you about over the next four weeks, I was able to take that $8,000 launch into a $47,000 launch. That's a lot of growth, I was gonna say that's more than double, it's obviously more than double. I should have done the math on that it's a lot more than double, right? It's what six times six times eight is 42. So it's like more than six times as much as the one before. And so you might be asking, well, like holy cow. How did you do that? And how can I do that too. And that's what I want to talk about on this series. So I figured out this formula, and I decided to test it again. So I had a program that I launched in January of 2020, which was a beta launch, and I had a $10,000 launch. And then I relaunched that program in August after following the formula with that offer.

And that was a $70,000 launch. So I knew that I was onto something. If I was able to take an offer and scale it by six or seven times by following this formula. I knew that I could teach this to other people and help them see similar results. So I gave that formula to my clients. I started taking one on one clients and really implementing the formula into their business. Specifically, I took on a small group of people and did the exact same thing. And they saw results, too. And that was when I knew that this really freaking worked. And so No, nobody taught me what I'm going to teach you today, nobody laid this out for me. And like, these are the seven steps to do this thing. I learned it by learning, by observing by putting together a hypothesis by testing by tweaking it by testing it again, and testing it again, and testing and testing and testing and testing and testing. And then it became the formula, the Aligned launch formula, which I have now trademarked. And by the time you're listening, it may be official, I am within two weeks of it being officially approved as a trademark.

And so I'm very excited to finally share this information with the public. Because I've been working on this for the last year and a half, really almost two years at this point, if I started in May of 2019. really learning and testing this formula. And I'm excited to share that with you. So there are a lot of people, like I said, in the course creation industry who are just teaching basic marketing principles. But even after learning, those people are not getting results. And you might be in this place where you have taken a marketing course you know how to quote unquote, launch, but it just isn't working, you are following the steps you are following the execution guide, and you're just not getting results. And that's why I go deeper, beyond just basic marketing principles, and teach the real reasons why your launches aren't converting, like you'd hoped. And the real tangible things that you can do to improve it, which is what this whole series is going to be about. So let's kick off this series with week one.

And we are going to talk all about alignment. So what is alignment, you might be asking, it's kind of a buzzword, isn't it? We hear this all the time, you have to be in alignment, I wasn't in alignment, it was all these things right? When I picture alignment, I imagine somebody sitting cross legged, with their meditation hands on their knees, and like feeling into their chakra system. And sure that's part of alignment. But I teach alignment in a few different ways. alignment is one of the key things in the you may have guessed it aligned Launch Formula, it's kind of in the name. But it's important because alignment means a few different things. And I want to kind of get that out of the way, in this first episode, so that you can get this foundation moving forward. So the first piece of alignment is being in alignment with your purpose.

And this one is really huge, right? You probably started your business because you had a purpose that you wanted to serve, you found a solution to something that other people didn't have, or you were really great at something and you decided to offer it to the world. But along the way, you maybe got distracted, you were searching for success and following rabbit holes that other people were having success with. And you lost the reason why you wanted to start a business in the first place. And if this is you, it's totally cool. Because I did the same thing too. I really knew that I wanted to help people make money, but I didn't really understand how I wanted to do that. So I fell down the rabbit hole of teaching Instagram, I have a content creation program for some unknown reason.

And I fell down the rabbit hole of doing what my audience was asking me to do and creating what my audience was asking me to create, rather than coming from the place of creating what I wanted to create what I felt like I was here to create. And I use this analogy a lot. But it's such a good one. When you're in that reactive place. It's like saying, Where are my followers, I must find them so I can lead them. And that makes no sense at all right? People don't follow people who don't lead. And if you want to be a leader, if you want to be a thought leader, if you want to be an industry expert, you have to take a stand for your purpose for the thing that you are here to do. And when you create from that place, when you really align yourself with your purpose. That's when the magic happens.

You will never be wildly successful doing the thing you are not meant to do. And when those words came out of my mentor James Wedmore, his mouth on a coaching call, something changed within me. I see so many people who are struggling and struggling and struggling to do the right thing. I was too right I was struggling to gain traction where my business was. And it was because I wasn't doing the thing that I was meant to do. And as soon as I shifted into alignment and started serving my purpose, things got easier talking about my business got easier, sharing my purpose with people got easier. And attracting my perfect aligned clients got a heck of a lot easier. And so this alignment with your purpose thing is really big. It's kind of the whole enchilada, because people don't buy from people who are not experts. And if you are just showing up serving an audience, because you think that that's how you're going to make money, you're never going to be as successful as you would be if you created thought leadership from the place of your purpose.

A great example of this was when I was first in the beginnings of my business, I followed this girl who was a self love coach, her content was beautiful, it was impactful. And then she pivoted to being a business coach, because she thought she could make more money. And shortly after that, she shut down her business, I don't even think she's in business anymore, because she didn't think that she could make money as a self love coach. So she started a business coaching practice. And at the end of the day, if you're not aligned with coaching about business, you're never going to be successful at it. And I see so many people give up their dreams for the shiny object, because they think that someone else is successful with this. So I will be successful with this. But at the end of the day, that person is successful with that, because it's aligned with their purpose.

It's not the industry that makes someone successful. It's the alignment. And so finding that alignment within you is what's going to be important and really creating and serving your business, from your purpose. So the first piece of this is bringing it back to your reason, what are you here to do? And how can you be come realigned with that purpose, and serve your purpose in that way. So that's the first piece of alignment is being in alignment with your purpose. The second piece of this is being in alignment with your energy. Now bear with me, because this might get a little bit woowoo. But you know this as a truth that not everyone is built the same way, you can look at somebody else and say, you know what we think about things differently, we are not the exact same person. And this comes down to understanding your energy. Now, there are two different blueprints out there that help us understand energy, and like human energy in a more tangible way.

And I love using these two blueprints, to kind of understand my energy and my client's energy, and how your unique energy informs how you build your business. Not everybody is meant to run a business the same way. Not everybody is meant to launch the same way. And that is what's so important about being in alignment with your own energy. The two energetic blueprints that I love looking at her frameworks are the enneagram. And Human Design, the enneagram takes a look at people and puts them into nine different enneagram. I wish I knew more about enneagram. I barely know enough about my own enneagram. But it's such a powerful system when you really start to understand it. And so I look at enneagram. And I look at human design, that's another area where I wish I knew far more than I do. I am very much dabbling in both. But both of which have deeply informed how I launch how I run my business and how I coach my clients to do the same.

So here's a great example. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, just bear with me. And enneagram seven would not launch like an enneagram one. And enneagram. Some seven is somebody who is really driven by fun and by like being like having a wild spirit. I think of them as like the person who like lights up a room, right? They should go where their energy flows, right? If they're not entirely in alignment with what they're selling, they're not going to sell it, that's the most important thing for them. We're in enneagram. One is somebody who likes to have a plan and likes to have structure. They're very different people. So they should launch in very different ways. Can you imagine telling an enneagram? One, somebody who very much so like structure, just flow with your energy?

They would be like, I need a plan for that. Is there a framework to flow by my energy because I need steps? Right? Or the same thing? Could you tell in enneagram? Seven, like I need you to follow these steps. They'd be like, No, I don't do steps, right. So when you understand fundamentally that we are different, and that if you're trying to run your business or run your launches, out of alignment with your energy, that's when things don't work right You do not have to fit into this launch box. Instead you have to find the things about launching following the fort like the launching principles, but find the tweaks about it, that align with your energy. And being in alignment with your energy is absolutely key to attracting aligned clients and having successful launches.

Because like I said, Nobody will be attracted to your energy, if you are not attracted to your own energy, right? If you are not working within your own energy and amplifying it, nobody else will be attracted to that. And just to further the analogy, a projector would not launch like a manifesting generator. If you're not familiar with human design, you should find it because it's fantastic. But projectors and manifesting generators are very, very different. And so expecting them to run their businesses the exact same way, is completely bananas. Right? That would not work. And so alignment with your energy is so important because you show up best when you're doing things that support the way that you work. And being in alignment with your energy is one of the ways that you can really remove those roadblocks and grease the runway to have a more successful launch. So the first one was being in alignment with your purpose, second was being in alignment with your energy.

And third is being in alignment with your launch. Now this is where the term alignment takes a little bit of a left turn. alignment, of course, means being in a line, it literally says that in the word a line meant right being is meant as a line. And so what I mean about alignment in your launching, is keeping it linear, looking at the line. And this is something that I learned the very hardest way. And I have an episode a few episodes ago about it how I lost out on like $51,000, because my messaging and my launch, were not in a straight line. And so when you create marketing and messaging, that's a linear funnel, that is when things are going to convert as well as possible. So this is where I talk about at the very top of funnel, creating a freebie offer that attracts the right person for the bottom of funnel, rather than kind of making them meander around, or like some people are recommending today, which is like the worst advice on the internet is creating really random, tiny offers.

And like throwing tiny offers out there like those are the key to making money, and then having no linear path to get to a bigger offer from they're like, what, why would you do that? Why would you attract all these people and then not have anywhere for them to go, it makes absolutely no sense to me. But I even see this person launching random as tiny offers. And I'm like do not understand the strategy there. But having a linear strategy. So the person that you're attracting here is the person who will buy your offer, and creating messaging along the way that is in a straight line, that is going to make launching so much easier. Okay. And so this is really an important piece of alignment to is alignment with your launch, making sure that your launch is as straight of aligned as possible.

Because people like moving down a straight line, your customer journey should not be like a wild treasure map, it should be a straight line. And that's one of the important things that I teach in the aligned Launch Formula. So I'm talking about this first because it is the foundation for everything. When I was in college, I don't know if you know this about me. But I have my degree in earth science in teaching earth science. And I remember one of the days we were looking at the dirt because that's what you do when you learn about science. And there was this really fancy neighborhood in the town that I went to school. And all of these houses were built on this really loose sand, like on the side of the neighborhood, like you could walk down a path and like literally scrape the dirt away with your hand.

And this was the foundation that these houses were built on. So of course they were settling and having foundation issues and having all of these problems, because sure is this beautiful million dollar home built on sand is your business, a beautiful million dollar home built on sand, maybe right? If you don't have this foundation of alignment, then you have no security underneath the pretty house. And so if you're struggling to build your business, you might not have a very strong foundation in alignment. And that's why we're talking about this first because it really is important to have that foundation of alignment so you can build your house on something sturdy and not have issues down the road.

So once you have this strong foundation of alignment, that's when you can go into the marketing strategy and creating your signature framework and the other things that we're going to talk about in this four part series. So next week, you definitely have to tune in because I'm going to talk about your signature methodology. This is so important, because nowadays, everybody is teaching something that they've already learned, like I talked about earlier, so many people are not creating anything unique. They're just kind of regurgitating the things that other people have taught them. And one of the most important things about being a thought leader is standing out for something different, right? It's by creating this unique methodology that is unique to you.

And so that's what we're going to talk about next week, and how to create a signature methodology. But once you have this foundation of alignment, then you can start to build the house that will stay on top of it. So one of the biggest pieces of that launch alignment I was talking about is having all of those tasks in place, so that you can move through your launch linearly. And that's why I created that ultimate launch checklist. So if you haven't checked it out yet, go to jessoconnell.com/checklist and check it out. It lays out all of the tasks for your upcoming launch and auto generates the due dates for them based on your launch date. And it's only nine bucks and it's going to give you all the clarity you need to have your best launch yet. Also, I would love it if you would share today's episode if it resonated with you. So take a screenshot of you listening in post it on Instagram and tag me @jess.oconnell_ and like I said definitely Tune in next week because it's part two of the launch files. And I'm talking all about your own signature methodology, what it is, why it's important and how it's going to totally change the game when you create it. So stay tuned and I will see you in my next episode.