July 20, 2021

Is your launch an asset or a liability?

Is your launch an asset or a liability?

If you are going into your launches, rebuilding everything, and starting completely from scratch, I want you to listen to today's episode. I am going to introduce you to this beautiful, wonderful thing called a launch asset, and how it's going to save all of the time and all of your sanity, and actually improve the scalability of your launches.

If you are going into your launches, rebuilding everything and starting completely from scratch, I want you to listen to today's episode, I am going to introduce you to this beautiful, wonderful thing called a launch asset, and how it's going to save all of the time and all of your sanity, and actually improve your scalability of your launches


  • The missing piece to take your launch from exhausting to ecstatic. 
  • How to kill off launch trauma in one step.
  • Why the most successful launches usually feel like crap.
  • Why going evergreen can absolutely kill your launch.


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If you are going into your launches, rebuilding everything and starting completely from scratch, I want you to listen to today's episode, I am going to introduce you to this beautiful, wonderful thing called a launch asset, and how it's going to save all of the time and all of your sanity, and actually improve your scalability of your launches. So stay tuned. I'm Jess. After launching dozens of courses and generating multiple six figures in Revenue Online, I have learned the right and wrong way to launch an online course. And in the last two years, I have helped my friends and clients generate more revenue with less stress using my aligned Launch Formula. On this podcast, I'm sharing with you my simple strategies and systems so you can make more money online and make a bigger impact on the world. Keep listening for the launch fix podcast.

Hello, hello, and welcome back to the launch fix podcast. My name is Jess and I am so excited that you are here. And that you are ready to learn more about scaling your launches and making a bigger impact on the world. Today, I am going to introduce you to this concept that completely changed the way that I launch and grow my business. This is something that when it clicked inside of my brain, everything changed. When I first started my business, I was reinventing the wheel launch after launch after launch. I remember like doing a challenge and then feeling like I had to do something completely different the next time. And instead of using emails that I already had written, I was rewriting every single email for every single offer, I was rebuilding every single sales page. And it was exhausting. I was recreating every single launch from scratch every single time. And it wasn't until I realized that one, you don't have to do that and do there is a really effective way to not do that. That was when things completely changed in my business. I am going to talk about that today. And I'm going to give you a really great example of specifically how that impacted my business in one specific launch with the numbers because you know me, I am all about sharing numbers, and really giving you a tangible, like look at what is going on behind the scenes, and what I'm really talking about. So if you have been in that place where you have tossed your past launch away, after it's overthinking, you have to start completely from scratch, feeling like I need a different launch mechanism, I need to rewrite these emails, I need to revamp my sales page. If you have ever been in that place, you have to listen to today's episode, because I'm going to rock your world a little bit. But it's going to completely change your life when it comes to launching. So today's episode is all about this wonderful thing that I call a launch asset. And I realized that this is not a real thing in like the industry. So you may have heard me talk about this before and it gone completely over your head. And first, I want to apologize for that I think I sometimes get caught up in my own nomenclature that I forget that other people don't call things the same things that I do. But that's why I'm going to explain to you what specifically I mean, when I talk about creating a launch asset. So let's dig into that. What is a launch asset. And I think to get into that, I have to even peel this even further into what is an asset. What do I mean by creating an asset. And an asset according to Google is any resource owned or controlled by a business or economic entity, it is anything tangible or intangible that can be used to produce positive economic value. In short, that sounds like a whole lot of mumbo jumbo. But what that means is it is something that can be exchanged for money. Your business is theoretically an asset, your house is an asset. Your car is mostly a liability. But if it's a good car, it might be looked at as an asset. An asset is something that you own that you can sell for money that has positive economic value. And this is something that is really a big shift when you're looking at your business, right? Your Business makes money, it is an asset. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't necessarily look at their business that way. And that's a whole other topic. But when you start to look at specific pieces of your business, this way, it can start to shift your perspective about it. So rather than looking at your launch as a means to an end, like most people do, I started looking at my launch like an asset. So if you're like normal people, you look at your launch as a marketing activity, it is like a pass through, it is an activity that you are doing to get to the end result of making money. That is not how I look at launching. And that is not how I look at what I call a launch asset. I look at launching and launch asset as building something like a house that you can then rent out basically, or something that you can sell again, and again. And again, this really takes us from that lake fixed

money thing to that leveraged money thing, where like you, instead of creating a one time thing, you're creating something that you can leverage again, and again and again. And that is such an important mindset shift when going into a launch, because instead of looking at as something that's disposable, something that you use once and then throw away, you really start to focus on quality, and building something that's meant to last. And that's what I teach you to do when you're building a launch asset. So now that you know what an asset is, what is a launch asset? A launch is like or launch asset is like a launch in a box. It is all of the things the tangible things that you need to put your launch into place. It is all of the emails that you have to have written for every part of your launch. It is the landing pages and the sales page. It's the launch mechanism. It's your offer. It's the offers that lead up to your offer, like your audience builder offer and your audience qualifying offer. It is all of those things in place. So when you go to launch, you're not creating those things along the way, right, you do the first time because you have to at some point, but then when you go to launch, you just open the box and have your team schedule everything out. And that's it. And this is such an empowering and freeing experience, which I want to tell you a story about. So I really discovered this in a very tangible way back in 2020, in the fall of 2020. So back in 2019. So a year before that, I decided that I was going to really focus on building an asset for my launch. And so I was building an asset for the product on the other side of my business that I wanted to use again and again. So instead of creating quick copy, hoping for a fast buck, I really put in the time into a well optimized funnel that moved people through the emails at a really clear way that I could write well, and then test for conversions. And so when I launched that program, in September of 2019, I made $8,669.

And yeah, that was not a very big launch, right. I put in a ton of work. I wrote all of the emails, I created a really optimized sales page, I created really great graphics, I rebranded, I like created a audience builder offer, I created an audience qualifier offer, like it was a ton of work on the front end. And if you have ever gone through a launch, you know exactly what I'm talking about, because you have built all of these things to. But instead of just tossing it in the wayside and recreating something, the next time I launched, I took that, and I took the data that I had, and I had a baseline. And this is exactly what I teach people to do in the lab, the first launch that you have is your baseline launch. And what that tells us is your baseline numbers. So you create the emails, you create the sales page, you create the customer journey, you create the offer, you create the landing and sales pages, and then you run the experiment. And you get the numbers. What is the data from that experiment? And that is your baseline data. And that's exactly what I did in September of 2019. Was my baseline data. Amazing? No, I mean, it was $8,000. It was no slouch. But it wasn't an amazing launch. But it gave me incredible data that launch converted at 8%. And it had been like the fourth or fifth time that I launched it. And it was the best conversion rate I had when I really took the time and optimize that. So I was like sweet. This is fire. I'm gonna do it again. Because of how its positioned in my business as a secondary offer and a secondary business. I didn't launch it again for a year. And you might be saying, well Jess, I'm sure you grew your audience in that time. I'm sure you were active on Instagram, I'm sure bla bla bla bla bla and absolutely none of those things were true. You can actually go look at the Instagram page for that site of my business. And I haven't posted on in over a year. And so I had no social media presence, I had no following. But because I had this asset, all I did was turn the little launch machine back on, and it produced incredible results. So I had everything in place, I literally had my team take everything from the last launch, schedule it out. And according to this launch, I looked at my five day challenge that I did back then I re optimized it and just made sure that it was like still relevant, still get information. But the complete outline in the bones of all of it were the same. And all I had to do for that launch was sit down for five days and go live. I didn't record anything, I didn't have to write anything, I didn't have to do anything on the sales pages. I didn't even have to schedule the emails, because I had my team do it, I just had to sit down, I did turn on old ads, right, that's a part of your launch asset. So all of it was done all the ad copy was done all of it. I sat down, I gave my five light days. And I made $46,951. I did literally nothing different. Besides get more people into my funnel. Instead of like the smaller group of people that I had in the first launch, I had, like 1100 people go through my launch, I did the exact same five day challenge as I did before just live. So like maybe I said slightly different things. But the outline was exactly the same. And I had 136 people join that program in that launch. And that's an increase of almost 600% growth, going from an $8,000 launch to a an almost $47,000 launch in one launch. Like literally using the exact same emails, the exact same landing pages. And that time it converted at 11%. So my conversion rate increased, it went from 8% to 11%. And I didn't change anything. And that was when I realized in a very tangible way, what was possible. When I put that time and energy in ahead of time. As an asset for the future, I realized so many beautiful things in that launch, I got to feel what detachment truly felt like, because I wasn't writing emails at the last minute, I wasn't feeling frantic about it, because I knew where they had the numbers on my side. I knew this converts at at least 8% because it did last time. So it'll do it again, I followed the exact same formula that I did the launch before. And I knew that I was going to have a certain outcome. And I'm going to talk a little bit more about this later in the episode. But when you know your numbers, there's freedom in investing in Facebook ads. In that $47,000 launch, I only spent 13 $100 on Facebook ads, because I had it so dialed in that I didn't have to spend a lot of

money, I had my messaging dialed in, I was getting cheap cheap leads, because I knew exactly what I was doing. And I tested everything and had great results from it before, all you had to do was add some manpower behind it and money power behind it to get more people into the launch. And that's what scaling is all about. It's creating something that is scalable by nature, and then adding more people to it. So more people come out of it. That is how you scale. And so that is exactly what you need a launch asset for because I could just turn it on. And I knew that it would convert. And that was such a beautiful lesson to in being completely detached from the outcome. Because I knew in my head what our launch goal was right? I looked at the number of people who opted into our challenge, I knew 8% of those people converted Well last time. So I had an expectation that we would convert it 8% again, so I was completely detached from the outcome, I was not worried that we weren't going to make it happen, because I knew that it worked well the last time and that it was going to work well again. And it actually worked even better. It converted even better the second time, probably because of my energy and the changes that I had gone through like in my confidence in my delivery of the content. And so that's why building an asset is so important. Because then going into your launch doesn't feel like a roller coaster, full of attachment and crazy and trauma and all of the other things that happen when you go into a launch unprepared. You go into the launch feeling like okay, this is done. It's already done. And all I have to do is let it play out and then look at the numbers and how can I improve it for next time. So that is what I teach you how to do when you create a launch asset and you need to do this In your business, because it creates that scalability, right? That is absolutely key. If you want to scale your launches, if you have had a successful launch, and you're like, Yes, I want to get more people into this. The only thing holding you back is scalability, right? Like I talked about on last week's episode, do you have something that you can scale. And when you do, then it's just a matter of putting the money and resources and audience building in at the top of the funnel to bring more people out at the bottom. Another reason why this is so important in your launches, is that it creates that copy and paste launch, right? When you go into launch, you can really just hand it off to your team show up in serve for the launch mechanism and know that everything else is done. And I want you to sit with that fact for a second, how would it feel to go into a launch knowing all you had to do was show up in serve, and that the rest of it was done? Like you didn't have to write in the emails. You didn't have to dm anybody. You didn't have to do sales calls, necessarily. But it was all done. How much differently? Or how differently would you show up in that launch and having complete detachment from the outcome? Because you trust in your numbers, because you know that if it's a machine like it is because you've tested it, and you have a consistent conversion rate, before you throw money at something, you know that it scales, you know that it converts, so it can scale. When you have that detachment from the outcome. You show up differently, you serve differently, you are fully present in your launch, you're not worried about cart open, you're not worried about cart clothes, right, you are fully present for the launch for serving your audience. And that makes you show up completely differently. And you need one so that you can learn your numbers, like I talked about a little bit in the last episode, the thing you need to scale is to know your numbers, you need to know your conversion rate, you need to know your cost per lead, you need to know your earnings per lead, so that you know what you can spend and how much you need to spend in order to create the outcome that you desire. If you're going into Facebook ads, not knowing these numbers, and not having a clear path in mind for them. It's really like pulling the lever on a slot machine. Sure, you might strike it rich, right, you might hit a bonus. But most of the time, you're just paying the company, right? You're just putting money in and not getting anything out.

And so when you have a launch asset, you have something that you know converts, and that you can figure out your numbers. And because you've tested it and tweaked it, and made it as optimized as possible to get that benchmark of three launches converting over 5%, then you know that it works, you have confidence in it, because it's worked before it'll work again. And then you can go into that launch from a different place. So you may be wondering at this point, okay, Jess, I need a launch asset. I know what you're talking about. But how do I use it? How do I put this into action? And I also want to give you this little tidbit, you probably have most of one already. Right? Look at your last launch. Look at it from the perspective of like actual conversions. If you are looking at your launch from a place of like lit felt yucky, I felt so tired, I didn't feel in alignment. You're not looking at things the right way, right. Your emotions are an absolutely terrible Judge of success or failure with your launches. Oftentimes, the most successful launches feel like crap. And that's because we are attached to the outcome. And so we become disappointed by the outcome, because we thought it would be bigger. But when you release detachment, and you look at the numbers, and you look at it all as data, rather than meaning, that's when the magic happens, right? That's when you can really detach from the emotions of your business and get curious instead of getting frustrated. So you probably already have something from the past. So look at your last launch. And first of all, do a debrief. Yes, I know that you feel traumatized by it. I know that it brings up all those feelings. But do yourself a favor and look at your numbers. It is almost always better than you think it is. And so go back, look at your numbers. Your conversion rate is really simple to figure out the number of people that opted into your launch. So let's say 100 people opted into your webinar and four people bought that is a 4% conversion rate. You are well on your way to scalability, right? And you may have been like, but only four people. But it's like yes system, but only 100 people opted in. That's amazing, right 4% is great. So go back and look at your last launch without the emotion, and see what the numbers were, and then see what you used that got you that outcome. If your launch converter that over 2%. In the last launch, you have a launch asset that you can build from. So go back and look at your emails, go back and look at your launch mechanism. Go back and look at your sales page. Go back and look at your pre launch offers, like your freebie and your qualifier and get curious look at them and say, Okay, what went well, and what didn't? What are my click through rates? Here? Are people clicking through? Do I have at least a 20%? open rate, right? Those are the things you want to look at to see how they're converting and how they're working. If your emails are being opened by 20%, and your click through rate is at least 1%, then you know that you're onto something. And so look at that copy and ask like does this move people down the path to becoming my client, right? And get really curious in save the good ones, trash the bad ones, and start from there, really look at it and say, Okay, I have this foundation, you're not starting from scratch. And if your launch mechanism converted at 2%, you are well on your way to improving that and optimizing it, you do not need to chuck it in the trash can, you do not need a new launch mechanism, you just need to get better at the one that you have. So you probably have the workings of a launch asset already. But it's time to get really clear on what worked and what didn't. And then what you can improve and then test it again. And that you may be thinking because they've had so many conversations about this recently. Well, I'm just gonna put it on evergreen, I'm just gonna put it in a funnel like I have so much trauma from launching. I'm just gonna put it on evergreen. And let me ask you, if it didn't convert live, what makes you think it's going to convert on evergreen? Really? Like, have you ever thought about that? Like does adding more people to something that didn't work? really give you more sales? Right? Like that would be like if you poured if you had a bucket with a hole in the bottom, and you were trying to fill the bucket, and you just kept putting more water in it. And it was just falling out the bottom? Are you really going to fill your bucket? No, you have to fix the hole in the bottom of the bucket first, right? You have to fix the the monjasa you have to fix the funnel to actually catch water. So putting on evergreen sounds amazing,

right? I totally get it. This set it and forget it strategy never having to touch it. That sounds like a dream. It also sounds like a pipe dream. Because if you don't have something that converts live, it's never going to convert evergreen, because your people going through a live launch are the warmest they will ever be your people going through an Evergreen Launch don't know you. How are you going to build trust and authority and demand and all of the things that you need for somebody to buy from you on evergreen if you can't even get the people who know you like you and trust you to buy live. Right? So instead of rushing to throw ads at something and put it on evergreen, because that sounds so late and easy, and launching feels hard and heavy. Take the meaning goggles off, go back and examine the data of your last launch, figure out what worked and what didn't, and put together the beginnings of a launch asset and launch it again. And this time, look at the numbers in a practical way. If you had a 2% conversion rate last time, expect a 2% conversion rate this time. And if you get a 3% celebrate, right, that's improvement. Instead of saying like, okay, it converted out 2% last time. And then this time I got 100 people in, but my goal is really 10 My goal is 10 sales, but you only got 100 people in, you only got 100 people into your launch mechanism. There's no way 10 people are going to buy. So sure you can put all your hopes and dreams on this really crazy conversion rate that you're not even close to. Or you can manage your expectations, not make it mean anything if it's only three. And when you get three people be excited because that's improvement, right? That means that it's working. And when you keep tweaking it and keep improving it. That means that you are well on your way to a scalable launch. So you already have a launch mechanism or you already have Sorry, go back, john, you already have a launch asset. You just have to go in find it and put it together and test it and see how it converts and then tweak it the next time tweak two to three things. So improve your copy on your email. Or rewrite the headlines on your sales page, or whatever it is, but only tweak two to three things, and then launch it again, and see how it converts that time. It's through the tweaking and testing that you'll be able to create this scalable launch asset. And once it starts converting at 5%, at least for three consecutive lunches, then you know, you have something that you can put your money into, that's when you know that you have an asset, that is no longer a liability. A liability is something that costs you money, like a car, like if you buy a car, and you try to sell it immediately, once it gets off the lot, it's lost its value, right? It is not an asset, it is a liability. And if you are re building your launches every time and throwing Facebook ads at them, without any idea if they're converting or not, when you do, then what you have is a liability, he did not have a launch asset. And so by tweaking and testing, and being a student of the data and having patience, and not making meaning of anything, and just really getting curious in your business, that's when you can get to that 5%. And then that's when you can scale it to the moon. And I know that the sounds really hard. I know that and that's actually exactly why I created the aligned launch lab. The lab is where I take you to the testing grounds, you literally build your launch asset, have your baseline launch, and then you get into the lab, you go through the launch DB process with our train launch coaches, you identify those two to three things that you're going to tweak based on the data, you tweak it and your launch asset and get review and get feedback from your peers and from our coaches and from me, and then you launch it again, see how the outcome was. And then you do another debrief with our launch coach. And you go through that four times, over the course of a year to really optimize your launch assets so that you can scale it, because I want you to go evergreen, I want you to have that light and easy money coming in all the time. But until you have a system that converts, you're just gonna waste your money. And I don't want you to do that. I want you to make as much money as humanly possible. And I want you to live a beautiful lifestyle. But that's why we have to get into the lab and do the testing. So that you can do that. And in case you're curious, because it's almost September, again, we are relaunching that same exact launch that we did in 2019, and 2020, we are using the exact same emails, we are using the exact same launch mechanism, we are using the exact

same sales page we are using the exact same offer. And based on the numbers of people that we have on our list already. And the people who are in our community already, it already stands to be over a $200,000 launch, because I put in the effort at the 8k launch, because I built the asset. And I didn't make the 8k launch mean that it wasn't good enough, because I stood steady, and I reused it and I got more people into it. And I scaled it. And now I am bringing on an affiliate who has a really aligned audience that has the power to double that. So stay tuned because this launch is going to be wild. And it's going to be the easiest launch I have ever done in my life. Because it is literally all done already. All I have to do is show up for those five days. That is literally all it's going to take for us to have the biggest launch we've ever had. And I'm very excited to show you exactly how it went down and give a full debrief showing you how the progression that it went from the $8,000 launch to the $47,000 launch to who the heck knows. Could be 200 could be 500. Who knows, but the biggest launch ever at the other side of it because I took the time and built out this launch asset. So if your ears are ringing, and you are feeling like this is what I need to really scale my business. The doors are opening to the Alliance launch lab, I am reopening enrollment to this program. And if you are interested in learning more, go to Jessica comm slash lab to learn more and apply. It is an application based program and I am only bringing in the people who are at the right place in their business to get the most out of it. What that means for you is you know that you're going to be in the room with people who are in the same phase of your business as you are in the scaling phase in the phase where they want to create a scalable launch asset and grow. And so I think that It's so important to curate the rooms that we're in. So that's a really important thing for me. So go to Jess O'Connell dot com slash lab to learn more about the lab and to apply and see if you're a good fit for the program. And if you have any questions, you can always reach out to me on Instagram at just auto Connell underscore. So thank you so much for listening to today's episode. I hope that it was valuable. And I hope that it gave you some aha about where you are in your business and what you can do to improve. And definitely stay tuned because next week, I am talking all about the numbers. What are the numbers? What do you need to know what the heck do they mean and why are they important? And how do they help you scale your launches. So if you are ready to dig in to the numbers of your business and really look at them so that you can grow them You do not want to miss next week's episode. Thank you so much for listening and I will see you next week.

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