June 29, 2021

How I Made 6 Figures in my First Year by Doing Less with James Wedmore

How I Made 6 Figures in my First Year by Doing Less with James Wedmore

When I set out to make $100,000 in my first 12 months of business, I did one thing that took me from frustrated burnt out and struggling to actually being able to hit that goal. On today's episode I'm sitting down with, you guessed it, my mentor James Wedmore. On his podcast, the mind your business podcast. To tell you exactly what I did to hit 100k in my business by actually doing less.

When I set out to make $100,000 in my first 12 months of business, I did one thing that took me from frustrated burnt out and struggling to actually being able to hit that goal. On today's episode I'm sitting down with, you guessed it, my mentor James Wedmore. On his podcast, the mind your business podcast. To tell you exactly what I did to hit 100k in my business by actually doing less.


  • Why you need to stop building bridges.
  • How the universe is conspiring in your favor.
  • Why “the more haters I have, the more successful I am” should be your motto.
  • The key ingredient your business is missing to hit that next level.

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Team O'Connell  0:00  

In 2019, when I set out to make $100,000, in my first 12 months of business, I did one thing that took me from frustrated burnt out and struggling to actually being able to hit that goal. On today's episode I'm sitting down with, you guessed it, my mentor James Wedmore. On his podcast, the mind your business podcast. To tell you exactly what I did to hit 100k in my business by actually doing less, stay tuned.


I'm Jess. After launching dozens of courses in generating multiple six figures in Revenue Online, I have learned the right and wrong way to launch an online course. And in the last two years, I have helped my friends and clients generate more revenue with less stress using my aligned Launch Formula. On this podcast, I'm sharing with you my simple strategies and systems so you can make more money online and make a bigger impact on the world. Keep listening for the launch fix podcast.


Hey there, and welcome back to the launch fix podcast. It's just an I am so excited to share today's episode with you. As you already know, my mentor James Wedmore, who's been on the podcast a couple times recently sat down with me and we recorded a podcast together for his podcast, the mind your business podcast, just about a year ago, we sat down because I was third place in his case study contest for his signature program business by design. The doors are actually open right now for business by design in case you were looking to build your own digital program and grow your business in the next year. And I'm so excited to share this episode with you. Because sometimes I think when we talk on other people's shows, different things come out, right different stories, different experiences. And I really enjoyed recording this episode with him for his show. So I was really grateful that they allowed me to syndicate it for my show. So what you're going to hear is my episode on the mind your business podcast number 309, a 391 of those. If you want to go listen to it on his show, where I dig into my first year of business and the thing that I did, that enabled me to go from frustrated, burnt out and struggling to actually being able to hit six figures in my first year in business. So it's a really awesome story and a really great episode, and I cannot wait to share it with you. So without further ado, my episode on the mind your business podcast.

James Wedmore  2:55  

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, I am here with my very special guest for today. Our case study the week Jeff O'Connell, just Welcome to the show.

Team O'Connell  3:03  

Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to chat with your audience today.

James Wedmore  3:06  

For those who are listening, you can't see the sign behind just that says my success is inevitable. That's pretty awesome. Why don't you go ahead? I know you've had an unbelievable first year in business. Yeah, I've seen so much growth from you, since October of last year. So amazing. Why don't we start by letting our audience know a little bit about you? Who are you? What do you what do you do? Who do you help? How do you help people?

Team O'Connell  3:30  

Yeah, so my name is Jess, I help online coaches and course creators really figure out their methodology and messaging. So they can stand out online and truly become the authority and the thought leaders that they want to become

Unknown Speaker  3:43  

awesome. So we've kind of talked a little bit before the show. And you shared with me first year six figures, you know, that's this silly number that everyone is elusive number that everyone always wants to get to right. But you did it. Now that's so amazing. And we talked a little bit about what that really takes to get there. What would you say you were struggling with the most? A year ago? What would you say were like the biggest hurdles and pitfalls that were keeping you from getting to this magical milestone as they say,

Team O'Connell  4:11  

Yes. It's funny because you say that because I really do feel like once you've hit six figures, then you become quote unquote, legit. Right? And that was the belief that I was operating under. Is that true? No. And that was such a big lesson for me and to is like, as soon as it rolled over. I was like, and I'm legit. And I didn't feel any different. no different. Yeah. And I realized that I had to choose to feel successful at every single level, because 100k does not make you successful, right? 10k a month does not make you successful. Having a school that wants does not make you successful. It's a choice. And so, but a year ago, this month, I had just hit $20,000 in revenue in my entire business in the first six months. So I've been in business for about 18 months. And so I hit 20 Hey, and I was like, How the heck am I gonna get to 100? In my first year, like I'm halfway through the year, I'm 20% to my goal, right? How is this gonna happen and I'm working my ass off to make it happen. I was were you doing back then? Oh my gosh, I was launching courses. But I was launching everything like I, it was very much so of the elk have just hustle your face off until you make it happen. And so I was launching, you're gonna laugh like literally every week, I was launching something new. Who does that? Who thinks that that's sustainable? Oh, my God. So much work. I had a membership. I had different courses. Every month, I had a mastermind I had one on one coaching. And it was all monthly. And so like, every, like I had to remake that money every single month. And I would start every single month at zero. And it was such this daunting task. And I was doing everything I was doing all my marketing, I was building my audience, I was doing all the things. I even started a podcast, which I then shut down very quickly when I realized I did not have the capacity to do all of the things. And that was when I like part of this guy named James Wedmore, who talks about working less. It does I mean, it's completely backwards. And so I joined business by design just over just under a year ago. And I watched the video about building bridges. And I felt so called out was like, Oh my God, that's me. I am building 100 bridges. What was driving that behavior? Honestly, I think it was a couple things. One, I am a very like dedicated person, I don't know how to not take action. And so every idea that I would have, I'd have to take action on it. And also, I kind of came up in the business world with a mentor who ran her business this way. And so I saw the evidence of her being successful ish with that, right? And I was like, Okay, this is what you have to do to be successful. And so I very much so modeled my business after her. And I realized that that works for her, which is amazing. But that was not working. For me. My personal life was crazy. My marriage was on the rocks, like my kids never saw me because I was always working. And I realized, like, what am I giving up here to make this happen? Like, is it worth having a successful business if this is what it takes. And then this guy told me about bridges. And I. And I decided in that moment, I am pretty good at listening to people who know more than I do. And I remember Vox during my because I had a VA at that point. And I was like, Alright, we're shutting down the membership, or We're shutting down the mastermind. We're shutting down coaching. I'm taking this one course I launched months ago, and we're launching it again. And she was like, Oh my god, what are you doing? You're shutting down your business. And I was like, Yes, we are shutting it all down, we're gonna launch this one thing, and we're gonna do it the right way. Or at least we're gonna do it by itself. And the first time I launched that program, I had a pretty decent launch was about $3,000. And by shutting everything else down, and just focusing on that launch, I had a 10k launch right out of the gate of BBD.

Unknown Speaker  8:15  

Wow, that's huge, huge. That's amazing. We can't, we can't just rush over stuff like that, because that's one of those things where it's like, okay, like, significant jump there. But like that new pattern that just didn't know of like how you operate in the business is now reinforced, and will continue to take anyone in a completely different direction. Because if your whole thing is like, Okay, if I want to make more money, I just got to create a bunch of new things and sell 50 different things and build 100 bridges. Holy cow. And as soon as you got evidence, like no, I can just go all in on this one thing.

Team O'Connell  8:53  

Yeah. And I realized, like energetically the reason why my launches weren't that successful was because I wasn't going all in on anything. Wow. And so like the universe didn't know how to conspire in my favor because I was all over the place. So by focusing and like deciding and saying, This is the bridge that I'm building, everything aligned in that way and I had the easiest. I launched like on the road home from Disneyland. Literally, I did like my first day of the five day challenge in a hotel room. And like on the road, I was just like hotspotting all the way through Utah. Pretty home from Disneyland. I

Unknown Speaker  9:30  

love that. I love those stories that people are like, Yeah, I was like launching on vacation. I was launching to all doing this thing. It's awesome. How would you convince somebody because I think that right there is a huge thing, right? It's like once you learn that one because I mean how many other people are doing that I was doing that. So I have to imagine if you were doing it, I was doing it like a lot of people are doing it. Now we talked about how like we have really essentially one product. This is by design and we launch it one time a year, right I love and we have other offerings and stuff that are all connected to it. You know, higher level coaching and masterminds is up, but it all comes from that one thing. And even business by design alone is more than 50% of our entire revenue. And that's because I we put out not me anymore. It's all of us as a team, we put everything we got into that one thing, how would you convince somebody that's still on the fence of like, I don't know, just I think I need to do 10 projects. I mean, people are going crazy, right? But they've got three things that they're trying to launch a membership. And of course, I hear that all the time. I have two ideas for two different niches, two different memberships, I'm going to go launch them, but I'm working on both right now. Yeah. How would you go ahead and convince somebody that that's probably not the best way to approach it?

Team O'Connell  10:39  

Yeah, I think they already know that it's not the best way to approach it. Right? Which is why they're asking for permission to pick one or the other. But at the end of the day, I would ask, like, how does this making you feel? Is this working for the life that you're trying to create it that we're doing this to create freedom and to get out from under working all of the time, even if you love working? Like it still can be a prison? And I think that how is it making you feel? And what would you do if either one were successful, I think the reason why people hold on to so many things is because they're afraid of choosing the wrong thing. And when you release the need to pick the right thing, or you release the idea that there even is a wrong thing. That's really when you can move confidently forward.

Unknown Speaker  11:22  

That's really where you can begin to like trust that intuition. 100% that, like, there is no wrong choice. That's a really hard thing for you to really get behind. How did you choose with all the offerings that you had? How many do you have? And then how did you choose?

Team O'Connell  11:37  

I had four different levels of offerings, but I had like six different courses that I had launched up to that point, holy cow, so

Unknown Speaker  11:43  

you had six different meal options in front? How did you choose? What was that like for you? What was going through your head? How did you know that the one that you ended up launching was the right one?

Team O'Connell  11:55  

Yeah, I picked the one that I could talk about and not get sick of it. Oh, cool. I like that. Yeah, the one that like, I knew that I could keep talking about it, that I was an endless wealth of knowledge about the one that excited me the most right, I picked the one that I had a bit of an audience for, because they were all for similar audiences. Luckily, like at least I wasn't building bridges with different audiences, too. But I picked the one that I was like, I can go deeper with this. I can talk more about this. I can keep serving about this without getting sick of it. And that was the one that felt great to me. And so that's the one that I did it was,

Unknown Speaker  12:34  

that's really awesome. That's a really good, good way to look at it. Like what's the one that like I could just, it's like that desert island thing is like, only get one book on a desert island. So like, if you were stranded on a desert island, what course would you sell? over if you can only pick one course?

Team O'Connell  12:49  

Or even like if you're at a party, and you're just talking to people? What's the one thing you cannot shut up about? Yeah, that's the thing you should probably be doing

Unknown Speaker  12:58  

probably, right. It's like, Oh, no, it seems so easy. Yeah, I can be Yeah, what happened then? So all of a sudden, it took six months to generate 20k. And then another month to do half of that. Yeah, that's a rapid rate of acceleration. Because if you think about it, six months divided by 20 is at 5000. Is that right? 5000 a month? Yeah. Something like that. Something like that. I don't know. 2500. I'm not doing math on the call. Yeah, here. We're just not in front of a calculator.

Team O'Connell  13:27  

But it's somebody who's listening rally calculator.

Unknown Speaker  13:30  

Know, I've got to do it. Because I have to know, and sometimes

Team O'Connell  13:32  

it's on instagram.

Unknown Speaker  13:37  

20,006 months is

Team O'Connell  13:39  

like, Oh, it's

Unknown Speaker  13:40  

3300. Okay, it's $3,333.33 a month. So she went from 30 $300 a month to 10,000. That's a 300% increase. So we tend to like, look at these numbers, and then we judge it compared to somebody else. That's so small to nose mobile. There's like you said a 300% increase in revenue in one month. That's really significant. And you can keep that up, right? Yeah, what happened? What happened next, like, after you did that, like Where were you? What, what did you do next?

Team O'Connell  14:08  

Yeah, so that was really kind of this awakening. And then I went to BBD live, which was another huge awakening. And I realized that, like, I had built a bridge, like I figured out the bridge, but it wasn't the bridge that I wanted to live on forever. I chose the wrong one. I chose the wrong bridge. And I realized really what it was though, like you feel like you're not at all there's just I feel like I grew I outgrew that bridge. Oh, cool. Yeah, yeah. And so and I still have that bridge, actually. So I didn't truly outgrow it. It's just on evergreen, and I don't really touch it just makes me money. But, but yeah, so I went to Dbg. And I was like, you know, what, like, I've been playing small is what was happening. And the bridge that I was building in the audience that I was serving, I was doing it from a place of like safety. Like I don't have to put myself out there this much. I'm already known for this. Like I have an audience for this. But what I truly want Do is so much bigger than this. And BBD live really kind of showed me that not only is it safe to be the person that I want it to be, but that like there are people who care about like that next level, right? I didn't feel like I was in this tiny box anymore at that event. And so I left the event, I had a really awesome one on one with jasmine at the event. And we kind of outlined this beta launch for January of like this new aligned offer and what that was going to look like and what my goals were, I think we set that my goal was 25k, which was bananas at that point. Wow. So then I finished out the year and I relaunched another program that I had launched previously, which was in alignment with the other launch and wrapped up the year. I made $80,000 in the last six months of the year. So Wow. Yeah. So I went 20k in the first half to add in the second half. Yeah, that's and then yeah, and then in January, I launched a beta for a brand new offer, completely different audience, completely different offer. And I was like, You know what, like, this is the ship that is taking off. It was aligned for some of my prior clients, but not in the long run. And so I had a really fascinating beta launch, where I had my first $20,000 launch as a beta, which was, again, biggest launch ever with a beta offer. And I learned so much by running through that process, because it was a brand new offer. It was a new audience. And it was a whole new like, set of things for me. And now I'm gearing up to launch that beta offer in a full scale way. And it's going to be astronomical.

Unknown Speaker  16:41  

Yes. Because your success is inevitable. That's when it's already here. So amazing. And to take you guys back, like I remember a time is about 2013. I had gotten off of the launch, I did about $36,000.33 something like that. $1,000 I thought I was you know what I mean? Like, I was like, guys, so amazing. I did it in about a month. I was like, Wow. So like, unbelievable. So I have to wonder like, what really? Is that? Like? were a year ago, what you're doing in a month what you were doing in six months? Yeah. And like, and it's only the beginning. But it's still so much like, I know, there's somebody listening here that's like, if I was doing that, like that would be life changing. It was like, you know, like, Yeah, I know, we throw out these big numbers with the stuff that we do. But I was living large and at a $30,000 launch doing that, like two or three times a year, you know, like totally stoked and grateful and fine. How was that? What does that like for you? And how is that even just changed your life, the lifestyle and all that stuff?

Team O'Connell  17:50  

Oh, my gosh, so many different ways. So to rewind my story a little bit to why I started my business in January of 2019. Three months prior, I had just gotten home from an international trip for my sister's wedding in the UK, like Ireland and England. And I had a three year old and a brand new baby girl. She was six weeks old because I'm a crazy person who takes an infant internationally. And we got home we had drained our savings. My husband was the breadwinner. That was a stay at home mom who had like a little MLM business. And we drained our savings to go on this two week international vacation for my sister's wedding, we get home and my husband loses his job. And we were capital F like, I was making like $1,000 a month in my MLM business, but I just had a baby. And we were like, What the crap. And when he came home, I remember this so clearly because it was such an odd moment. But he texted me from the driveway that he just lost his job. He texted me, don't be mad. And I was like, okay, and he's like, Come outside. And I was like, okay, and it came outside. And he was sitting in his car in the driveway crying. And he said, Let me go. And I said, This is crazy. But I think this is the best thing that's ever happened to us. Wow. And he's like, What do you mean? And I was like, I just think that this is like, this feels like the best thing that's ever gonna happen to us. And in that moment, I changed I became a person who was not okay with other people being in control of our circumstances. And I knew that I had been also playing small, it's a habit of mine. And I was playing small with that MLM business, and I was playing small in my life. And I was like, You know what, like, this is the time for me to step it up. And so I decided I was going to start my own business. And I didn't know exactly what that looked like. And I thought maybe it was going to be a mindset coaching business, and they started to kind of play with that. But in the meantime, like we had to file for Medicaid for my kids or Medicare, whatever it is for not old people. And we had to get on mortgage assistance because we had no income and my husband started driving Uber and we were just trying to make it happen and That's why I launched my business. And that's why I went forward with reckless abandon because I was no longer Okay, being a person who's was like, let other people be in control of her circumstance. And so going from mortgage assistance to retiring my husband A year later, because he got a job, and he was driving Uber. At night while I was working, we were burning the candle at both ends. And a year later, I sustained enough revenue in those $80,000.06 months, that he was able to leave the job that he got after that. And now he is a full time dad and works with me and my business.

Unknown Speaker  20:41  

Wow, that's so awesome. I love it. That's a really great story.

Team O'Connell  20:45  

Thank you. What does he think of me? Or the kool aid? No, he loves it.

Unknown Speaker  20:53  

But there's two there's two versions. There's they're like, oh, my goodness, if you tell me well, James said one more time, I'm gonna go find that guy. punch him in the face. And then there's the other one, which is well, James, they both I was like, that's exactly what I've been telling you. Yeah, I get a few of the spouses that. Thank me. They're like, thank you. Because you you just been saying the same thing that I say, exactly. It had to come from you. Yeah, well, none of us can listen to our spouses. Just mean. Hey, you talked a lot about playing small. You know, this is a very common phrase that's used a lot. You know, I'm curious, how does one know? Like, how did you know that you were playing? Small?

Team O'Connell  21:39  

Yeah, that's such a great question. I felt it in my body. Like, I felt like, I was meant for so much more. And I have felt this way, my whole life. And it's funny what looking back at, like zooming out even bigger, and like different things that have happened in my life. I feel like the universe has such a higher purpose for me. And it's tried to show me that purpose and different avenues. And I've gotten in the way, and I've been out of fear. And I've like, for example, like eight years ago before blog, like when blogging was just starting. And now it's kind of like a totally different animal. But I built a blog eight years ago to a million viewers and I was on the news. And I had a huge following. And like I was an influencer before there was a thing. And I got too big, and I freaked out. And, and so like, I knew that there was always something bigger for me, but that I didn't feel big enough to hold that and that I was so operating from fear of what other people thought of me. And if I was able to be successful, and I had this giant case file of evidence of why my success was not inevitable. And then, in fact, like I was meant to be a failure. And here's all the things that had failed in my life that was proof of that. And finally, I had to realize, like, I am dying to do something bigger. But I'm the thing holding me back. And that was when I really had to confront those beliefs and decide to see things differently.

Unknown Speaker  23:15  

We watch our students closely at every level. And I was just talking to one of our coaches, I won't say who, but I was just talking to one of our coaches, probably about an hour and a half ago. And we had the same sentiment. Because you know, we have as just now as we have all our members kind of we really encourage we don't force or make anybody do anything they don't do, but we really encourage them to share their debriefs or at the very least, do the debrief, then you can do it if you want to share it or not. But when you're sharing your debriefs, and then the next level when you're you're posting what you did last quarter, and we're kind of looking at that, we always, always, always, always find the correlation with those that are crushing it the most in our business, with those that are willing to do the most work on themselves. It's just without a doubt, no exception. And you'll see some people that get stuck in their business stuck at plateau, they have a refusal. And that's okay. You know, we got to learn the way we're gonna learn, you know, but the elbow refusal to take a look at anything else, like, take a look in the mirror, you know, and so I just, I have to commend you, because getting to know you over the past, however, been it's been since October, to watch your growth. And I know it's not easy, right? You didn't necessarily like oh, James finally taught me a secret strategy that he's hiding from everybody else. You know, you're doing the same things that a lot of people are doing. But you've been doing that work, to let go and to grow. It's been so beautiful to watch that unfold for you to like, me, maybe throw some and you hit the nail on the head. Like when you said like, I'm really good at listening to people that know more than me or have what I want or have created the experience that I would like To experience myself, and guess what, that I did a whole episode on this. It's called the skill of learning or sino learning. Yeah. And it's like, yeah, most people don't know how to listen, and they don't how to learn. And I've seen that I've seen because I'll throw out little things like little, you know, I don't know little tidbits, and you just see who picks it up what they do with it. And I've watched you grab hold of things and just run with it. And that's so beautiful to watch. And that's, you know, I hope you guys are getting a sense of that here in this episode, that that's what Jess has been able to do. Also, it's worth noting, and I hope it's worth noting for you is letting people know that behind the scenes, I train some people to become coaches themselves. And just is one of those individuals, they, you know, they go through an interview process, and it's kind of an extensive one, but it kind of isn't because most of the people that I let in I know already on some capacity. So the interview is kind of already been done, because I know them right. And I've gotten to know Jess, and she was a standout person at our BBD live event as well. So you know, she got to go through this, this program and, and learn some coaching, to be able to provide coaching for our community, but also skills that she could take back and apply to her students. And I'm curious, was there anything from that experience of learning, the coaching, going through the coaching, receiving coaching and coaching others during this time, there was a value to you? Were there any major like insights? Or what would you say is like your biggest lesson or takeaway from all of that?

Team O'Connell  26:26  

Yeah, that's, I love that. So I don't know if I told you this, but I manifested that I manifested being in your coaching, it's awesome. I was actually really feeling like, in order to get to my next level, I need to be a better coach. I have done coaching, but I was never trained in coaching. I know no NLP, like I have no experience coaching people. So I fall much into the strategy side of that in my one on one clients. And I was like, I really want to learn how to be a better coach. And then that's when the opportunity was right in front of me, which has been so evidenced in a lot of different things. I've realized that I'm a very powerful manifester, in that way. Yeah. And so, so from that, I learned a few things that are probably not what you're expecting. Okay, so the first thing that I learned was like how to shift people's beliefs and really understanding like, the, like, the format of a belief and how like that works. And I've been, like that knowledge and everything was a huge piece that you imparted on me. But more than that, I learned that I am. This is such a hard thing to phrase, but like, I, that I am worthy of being in this elite group of people to learn something like something that was a shared experience with the other coaches going through that. And I was like, Who the heck are we to be here? But then we had to remember, we're here because you chose us?

Unknown Speaker  27:46  

Well, there's no like, elite. Right? No, it's really just like, people that you know, their hearts in the right place. Yeah. And, you know, I forgot what we had you guys do as part of the interview? I think one of them was was Did you guys have to do videos?

Team O'Connell  28:00  

Yeah, we did videos.

Unknown Speaker  28:01  

Mm hmm. Yeah, that's right. It's pretty apparent when you put someone on camera, and you can see their body language and what they choose to talk about. And you know, again, I already knew you. But we were choosing people that were making it about themselves. Like if you know, you came on and you're like, I know that I can help more people when I learn more coaching was like, well, that's the kind of person we want to work with. You know? Yeah, absolutely. And so yeah, I would use the word, like, as an elite group is just like, right people whose hearts are in the right place. Yeah. So that's really good.

Team O'Connell  28:35  

Yeah, I think for me, it's that there's so much power in somebody else believing in you before you believe in yourself. Oh, yeah. And that we do as coaches. Yeah. And you through this whole journey gave that to me right at BBD live. We had a hotseat coaching call at one point like, in even in inviting me into that container to learn and grow and experience all of it at a higher level. You were believing in me before I necessarily believed in myself. And that gave me the confidence to believe in other people before they believe in themselves, too.

Unknown Speaker  29:11  

Absolutely. I think we all got to do that. That's what I think we all have to be doing for our people. So that's beautiful. Let me ask you this. Looking at where you are now, on the precipice of your launch and everything. Would you say you're playing small right now?

Team O'Connell  29:28  

It's funny, I asked myself all the time. Is this. Am I still playing small? And I think that in this exact moment, I am playing bigger than I've ever played before. Yeah, and that might still be small, but it's bigger than it's ever been

Unknown Speaker  29:43  

that beautiful answer. It's like, this is the biggest I've ever played. And I will look back and it will be smaller than what I'm playing the next time. Absolutely. Yeah,

Team O'Connell  29:51  

but I have crazy goals. I have like audacious action that I am investing more in my launch and then myself and then Mike Right now and in a team than I've ever done before, because I know when I have the faith that I when I play big and I play all in the universe plays right back in. So, so true.

Unknown Speaker  30:11  

Yeah, that's so beautiful. What about, like the fear of people and their judgment and their criticisms? Like, what advice or perspective, could you offer for the lot of listeners out there that still have that?

Team O'Connell  30:22  

Yeah, that's such a big thing that's holding people back. And yeah, it was holding me back. And I was truly like, living for the fear of other people's opinions. Like, I would censor what I was saying, on social media, I wouldn't do what I wanted to do, because I was afraid of what other people might think about it. And I had to really confront this idea of other people's opinions. And it's really, I love that your audience is into blue, because it really was a way that I worked my way through this. And it was through negative podcast reviews, actually, it's kind of how it confronted me because they, like I don't tend to get negative feedback on like Instagram or anything like tangible feedback. But as soon as I launched my podcast, I got like, 20, negative reviews right off the bat, which isn't bad. I just have like a group of people who don't like me. And so what I realized, though, is that I'm not sure that the people that don't like me, if they're actual people, or if they're just physical manifestations of my own fears. And when I realized that all of those negative things that people maybe have said to me or said about me, they were all direct reflections of the fears and the things that I was already thinking about myself. I was able to look at any piece of criticism and any piece of like negative feedback, as a physical manifestation of what I was already believing to be true. Yeah. And so it's no longer a person, there is no human that thinks is about me. It's me, who thinks it's about me, and the universe, putting that in front of me to show me that I have to heal this in order to become my next level.

Unknown Speaker  32:00  

Yeah. And it's so profound. I did an episode on that years ago. And it was like, very similar. It was like, all we're doing is activating that in other people. Yes. Like, it's like, if you're really nervous, or if you're around somebody who's really nervous, and you start to feel nervous. It's like, they activate nervousness in you. Yeah, it's the same thing. And if you could, how, if you could look at all that the way Jess is talking about it, look at the criticism as Oh, this is what's already active in President mean, because if it wasn't, then you wouldn't bother you wouldn't bother you. Yeah. If someone said like, like, I know, I'm intelligent, not the most smartest person, but I like, you know, I'm straight and complete with where my level of intelligence is. So if someone said, You're stupid tanky. Exactly. It's like, you're so short, like, Okay.

Team O'Connell  32:55  

Yeah, exactly.

Unknown Speaker  32:57  

So I'd only react. If it felt true to me already. If it was already the thing that I feared to be true. Well, it's just like the whole now our critics are actually trying to teach you something about yourself.

Team O'Connell  33:10  

Absolutely. And I would say to those people who are afraid of that, and afraid of confronting that, like, what is it costing you to not confront this truth? That's your hope that you're holding inside of your heart? Like if you're not afraid, if you're so afraid to say what you want to say, because people might think something, or you might have to confront a fear within yourself about it? What is it costing you holding on to this small place and not confronting that fear and not confronting that belief, and continuing to choose to believe that it's true, where if you could just put yourself out there and push past that and be confronted with that criticism? If it's even there? Like that's the theme, right? The fear of potential criticism, it may never actually happen, and letting go of what it means about you that other people or the fears that you have inside of your heart are coming to be in front of you, and what can you learn from it? I think that that's a really powerful place to be

Unknown Speaker  34:02  

100%. And what it's costing you is everything. Everything is whatever your goal is right now that you've been hoping, wishing and writing on your vision board, that's what it's costing you. It's costing you all that. People don't think it's like, No, I think it's because I've been doing challenges and challenges are working for me. Okay, you can keep pointing those things. But I've seen people crushing with their challenges seeing people crush it with Instagram and webinars and you know, all the things, all the things so

Team O'Connell  34:30  

I hold this belief that the more haters I have, the more successful I am.

Unknown Speaker  34:34  

I love it. Yes, I've definitely got more.

Team O'Connell  34:39  

And it's just proof of like saying something and it's funny that that's kind of become my platform of like being polarizing being, not being afraid to say the thing that people might not like, because that's what attracts the people who will like it to you. It's sad too, because these people that are, you know, that we label as haters and so some of them like really think that they're hurting you When they try to say that they do, expose

Unknown Speaker  35:04  

God or you know, like I'm taking her down single handedly, and it's like, karma is real folks. Wake up to karma it is real, is absolutely real, and you're only hurting yourself. If that person is doing something wrong, then karma will take care of them. You're not that you're not the karma. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Then karma will handle will course. Correct. Yeah. And they'll learn their lessons. But if you go around hurting people, it is such a violation of karmic law, it will just bite you in the butt. It'll come right around and whack you in the back. You know, sadly, you see a lot of people doing that. I'm like, careful.

Team O'Connell  35:48  

Well, if you hold on to judgment for other people, it's because you're judging yourself. Yes. And so it's such like, and that's an that's like a very, I hate the word woke. But like, that's a very enlightened way to look at it. And haters don't look at it that way. If they did, it wouldn't be right, then they wouldn't do it. And so, like, every time that I see somebody making a platform, tearing other people down for no good reason, it's because they have that they have that judgment in their hearts for themselves.

Unknown Speaker  36:15  

And you guys have heard that hurt people hurt people talked about the, you know, when you squeeze the orange, what comes out the juice? That's because that's what's inside. So when you're squeezed, what comes out? What comes out? What's within? So judgment, you're judging yourself, because that's what's what's within? Yeah, if you're hurting or trying to hurt, it's because you're hurt. Or you're hurting yourself, you know, you know, yeah, we all got some healing and work to do, of course, but the more we can be on the inside, who we truly are, which is love, unconditional love, and, and be that express that give that?

Team O'Connell  36:50  

Yeah. You know,

Unknown Speaker  36:52  

Carmen works the other way, too, you know? So, yeah, it's good, really good. Justice has been fantastic. Any final thoughts or words for our listeners, before we wrap this up?

Team O'Connell  37:02  

I think that my biggest piece of word or whatever to leave with them is just, what would you do? And how would you show up if you fully did believe that your success was inevitable? And I know, like it's on my wall for a reason, right? James mentioned it at the beginning. But that's truly the belief that changed, my life was no longer looking at everything that I was doing as proof that my failure was inevitable, which was such a wake up call to realize that I was too afraid to do anything I was afraid of failure is afraid of playing too big I was afraid of, well, if I do this, then it's gonna fail. Like, I'll get so big. But then what happens if it falls and everything that I was operating under, was that I was ultimately going to fail, like I was put on this earth to die a failure. And that didn't feel very good. And so I decided to look for evidence for my success being inevitable. And I built a case file up of evidence of proof of that. And I decided to operate from that place of like, what would I do right now, if I was ultimately going to be successful at whatever I do, and having that reckless abandon and having that faith in? Whatever I do, it's going to work out either it's going to be a lesson or a success. Like that's what freed me from everything that was holding me back.

Unknown Speaker  38:13  

So beautiful, simple, not easy. But if you're not willing to do something tough, you know, maybe entrepreneurship is the right racket for you. Just this has been amazing. Where can people connect and follow up with you.

Team O'Connell  38:26  

You can find me on Instagram at just auto Connell underscore, or you can check out my podcast, which is called decide to rise.

Unknown Speaker  38:33  

Awesome. We'll link that all up in the show notes for you guys. Just thank you again, and thank you to our listeners for tuning in for hanging out and staying to the end, make sure to reach out to Jess, and share with her your favorite most impactful part of what she shared with you here today on this episode. And we'll see you all here next time on the major business podcast, take care.

Team O'Connell  38:53  

Wasn't that such an awesome interview, I loved being able to tell that story and share that experience with his audience. And it's amazing looking back a year ago and how far I've come in the last year or two. That's been my favorite part of this whole journey. We sharing flashback episodes from last year with James. So like I said the doors are currently open for the business by design program. And if you are an online entrepreneur, who's ready to get out of this cycle of struggle and hustle and actually launched their digital programs, then you have to check out this program. Go to the link in my show notes to learn more about how you can get involved with business by design and I will see you on my next episode.