April 6, 2021

Episode 25: Your Fear of Commitment is Keeping You Stuck

Episode 25: Your Fear of Commitment is Keeping You Stuck

Are you still holding back, waiting to be committed until you know your launch will work?

Or changing niches after each launch, chasing the niche that will make you successful?

If you answered yes and you are ready to finally see results, you don’t want to miss today’s episode!

Are you still holding back, waiting to be committed until you know your launch will work?

Or changing niches after each launch, chasing the niche that will make you successful?

If you answered yes and you are ready to finally see results, you don’t want to miss today’s episode!



  • Why you need to commit to your business like you would your spouse or kids
  • What it truly means to be committed to your business
  • What happens energetically when you commit
  • What not committing is really costing you.


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Are you struggling to stay committed to the ideas and plans that you have in your business? If you feel like you are bouncing around and around from niche to niche after launch after launch, you don't want to miss this.

I'm just after launching dozens of courses and generating multiple six figures in Revenue Online, I have learned the right and wrong way to launch an online course. And in the last two years, I have helped my friends and clients generate more revenue with less stress using my aligned Launch Formula. On this podcast, I'm sharing with you my simple strategies and systems, so you can make more money online and make a bigger impact on the world. Keep listening for the launch fix podcast.

Hey there, welcome back to the launch fix podcast. My name is Jess and I am really excited to talk about this topic today. Because I think it's something that we don't talk about enough in business. And that is commitment. I have had this conversation with so many of my clients who are not showing up with the fullest level of commitment to what they say they're going to do, to their niche, to their launch to their business as a whole. And this really is the thing that is likely keeping you back from truly having the success that you want to have in your business. And in your launches. commitment is something that we as people have a lot of right, we are committed to all sorts of things. But we tend to kind of pull our punches with being committed to our business. And oftentimes I see this coming out as like a fear of getting attached, right? They're like, well, I don't know if it's gonna work.

So I don't want to put all of this time and effort into this, if it's not gonna pay off. And my question is, when was the last time a relationship worked? When you had that attitude? Right? Can you imagine marrying somebody and saying, Hmm, I don't really want to get too attached, because I'm not sure this is gonna work out. It wouldn't work out, right? Like you're kind of creating that situation with that mindset. And the exact same thing is true for your business. We, as a people know how to be committed, look at yourself now in various relationships that you have where you are committed, are you committed to your marriage? Are you committed to your spouse? Would you show up? Even if it's not fun? No matter what?

Same thing? If you're a parent, and you have kids? Are you committed to your kids? Is it always fun and easy being a parent? No. But we made a commitment when we created these little people that we would be there for them, that we would provide for them and take care of them and love them. We made that commitment, and we hold ourselves to that commitment. Now, I'm not saying we're perfect parents all the time, or perfect in our marriage, certainly people like break the commitment that they made to their spouse, but thinking with this level of commitment. Are you committed like that to your business? Are you committed like that to the success of your launches? Are you committed like that, to reaching your goals?

And when you show up in your business with that level of commitment, that's when things change. When you decide that no matter what you are committed to making this work, whether it's easy or not, whether you are struggling or not. That's when you show up differently in your business. So the first piece of this I want to talk about is what specifically does commitment mean, being committed to your business means deciding and moving forward with that course of action? With the unrelenting commitment, I don't think you're technically allowed to use the word in a definition, but we're going to sorry, Webster, to the commit, you are committed to seeing it through, you are committed to making it work. And this is something that a lot of us struggle with, especially early on, especially if you're just starting a business and you don't know if it's going to work.

You might be pulling your punches. You might not feel like this, I'm just gonna try this out. You may call it a side hustle, right? You are not fully committed to the success of your business. And when you get to the level that you're probably at now, as a Thought Leader, somebody who has a message and has like they know that they're committed to creating this level of success. Are you committed to your message? Are you committed to how you help people. And this is something that I see so many struggling short order curse creators doing is seeing what somebody else is doing, and saying, ooh, I should do what they're doing. That seems easier, right? People are buying it, obviously. So it must be better. So I should talk about what they're talking about, because they're successful with it. Spoiler alert, the reason they're successful with it is because they are committed to it.

They made the decision that that's what they were passionate about, it was what was energetically aligned for them. And they took a stand for that, and they became known for it. That is what makes that person successful with that thing, it's not the topic. It's not that what they're teaching specifically, is more successful than what you want to teach, it's that they were committed wholeheartedly to that thing. And what would become possible, if instead of looking for the next best thing to talk about in business are the next best thing to talk about in your niche, you will committed to the thing that you're the most lit up about, you were committed to the idea that you are the most passionate about, and trusted that by being committed to it, you could then become known for it. And that's how you would be successful. When we bounce around looking for offer looking for the right offer the next offer the right niche, the next topic.

That's because you are not committed to making what you are truly passionate about work. And this is something I see so many people do is they have an idea and they create an offer. And then they launch it, it doesn't work out like they hoped it would right so then they recoil and they create another offer in a different niche. thinking maybe this is the thing, right? Oh, this first one was an Instagram. Nobody really bought it. Now I'm going to go talk about clubhouse right. Oh, now nobody's really buying that. But everyone's talking about tiny offers. So I'm going to create a program about tiny offers, right? When really like none of those things light them up. That's not what they want to be known for. And so they're not becoming known for those things. And they're going to experience flopped launch after flop to launch after flop launch, chasing this white rabbit that they think is going to be the thing that helps them become successful. And if that feels a little bit familiar. It's okay.

Right? But ask yourself, what is the thing that I'm truly hear to say? What is the thing that I'm truly lit up to talk about? And how am I not being committed to that right now? And how can I show up with a different level of commitment, like marriage commitment and parenting commitment to this idea, into this topic in this niche that I feel more passionately about serving. And the same thing is true for your launches. This is something I had a great conversation with my friend Nick, the other day about, he really wanted to launch his new program that he had spent all of this time creating in his mind. And he was really excited about it. But he was afraid to pick a date. And I said, When are you launching it? And he said, Well, I don't know, I think I'm just gonna try it on evergreen, and it'll be fine.

And never picking a launch date gave him the permission to keep putting it off and putting it off until it was the right time to launch it. Which we all know there is no great time to launch anything. And so he just was not doing it. And he had kind of a come to Jesus moment after our conversation. And he picked a launch date and he announced it. And as soon as he did that, his commitment changed. It all lined up behind him because he committed to a date. He made it public. He said it out loud. And in his body, it changed. He then became committed to making that outcome happen. And this is what I love so much about launching and live launching is that it is a commitment to make something happen. And commitment is the energy where the universe can line up behind you. If you are struggling because you feel like doors are not opening and things are not working out for you. Are you committed to making that happen? If you imagine the universe is like your hype team, and they are behind you, like waiting to do whatever they can to make what you want to happen happen.

Can you imagine if you never actually told them what you wanted to happen? They would never know where to put their energy. They would follow you and say like hey whenever you're ready, just let us know, what's the date? What are we doing? And you would just never pick anything and be like, hey, so excited to be there. Come on, we want to, we want to help you. And you're like, well, I don't know, maybe I'll launch it evergreen, I don't really know if this is the thing, maybe this other idea is better. This other person's having success with this. They can never line up behind you to make it happen. But as soon as you pick a launch date, declare what you are doing. The universe is like, yes, that's cool. And I like to imagine it like dominoes, right? When you decided that you were going to launch x thing on this date, the universe is behind you setting up the series of dominoes, that are leading to that ultimate outcome. It of course, because we have freewill, we can derail the dominoes.

But as long as you trust in the path, and you stay committed to the result, the universe is lining up the things that you need to experience and that need to happen in order to make that happen. In fact, listening to this episode, right now might be one of those dominoes that the universe put in your path, to get you to that next step in trusting that once you've committed to something, and the dominoes are in place, trusting that that is the path. And all you have to do is listen and follow and be in alignment with that ultimate outcome and trust that the universe has your back. And that the plan is already unfolding in order to make that happen, because the moment that you decided the universe aligned behind you to make that happen. And that's the power of commitment. It gives your guides it gives your hype team behind you the opportunity to make that happen. But if you're never going to commit to a niche, you're never going to commit to a launch, you're never come to commit to actually creating your program and getting it out into the world, then the universe can't support you.

There's nothing that they can do until you decide. And that's what happens when you commit is that the universe lines up behind you to make that happen. But until you commit, you're doing it alone, because there is no support until you decide what you want. It's like trying to go to dinner with some friends and nobody's deciding where you're going to dinner, you all just end up sitting there like so what are we eating? Is anybody going to decide Are we just gonna sit here in go hungry until it's 11 o'clock at night and all the restaurants close, like you have to decide. So you can then go to dinner. And when you don't decide, and when you keep putting this off, not committing is costing you growth. It's costing you money. It's costing you opportunities to work with people, it's costing you your ultimate purpose.

If you truly feel like you are here to help people and create programs and offers that serve, like I believe you are, because that's why you're listening to me today. not committing is keeping you from serving that actual purpose. And you might not be committing because it keeps you safe, right? It feels safer to never throw it out there because then no one can reject you. And I've been there and I've experienced that pain. And I know the fear of what if no one buys it, or what if this is the wrong thing. What if I spend all of this time creating this offer and it ends up being a waste of time? I thought all of those things. But by not committing to something. And moving forward. You are costing yourself the lessons and the opportunities to figure out what the right thing is. This whole notion of having to do the right thing or it's a waste of time is a complete fallacy.

The only way you know if something is right is by doing it and then seeing if it was right. I like to use the analogy of two very different diets. You are like Okay, I'm ready to change my life. Either I'm going to eat keto, or I'm going to go vegan. But I don't know which one is best for my body. How would you know? If you didn't try one of them first. You could not objective Li look at your body and say, okay, what's the best one for me? until you try it. You have to move forward to gain clarity. Action brings clarity. And sitting there not knowing where you're going to dinner with that group of friends and no one's going anywhere. That's not clarity. That's inaction. And so if you want to move forward, if you want to grow if you want to figure out what you're truly meant to do, if you're still exploring that, you have to pick something and move forward. You have to commit to making that happen, no matter what.

And when you commit, that is when everything lines up behind you, and you can figure out is that the right thing, or assume that didn't feel like the right thing. So I'm going to pivot and try something else. But you have to commit to something in order to gain that clarity. And when you commit to something, and you try it out, even if you don't get immediate results, because spoiler alert, immediate results don't happen in online business. You it takes time it takes compounding and really growing the audience to become known for the thing that you're doing. That doesn't happen overnight. And so really committing to the thing, you can then align the people who want to know you for that thing in your corner. And that's how you create thought leadership. So if commitment is the thing that is holding you back in your business, I hope that this episode offered some guidance for you, and gave you a little bit of clarity. And if nothing else, I hope that you commit to your business, I hope that you commit to your next launch, I hope that you commit to the thing that you want to talk about, and decide that this is the thing, so that the universe can line up behind you.

And your ideal clients can find you. Because until you commit, you're going to keep struggling feeling like it's this uphill battle, not knowing where you're going. So one of the things that I love to do to help my clients get clarity, and their commitment is give them a launch checklist. There's so many little things that have to be done during a launch. And they're all kind of equally important. And so instead of trying to fly blind and figure out well, what how many emails Do I need to write? And what is the sequence of launching my freebie and what am I supposed to start talking about my framework? And what am I like? What am I changing the way that my content sounds? So let's launch content. All of this, I have demystified in this really awesome launch checklist. In it, I help you figure out exactly when to change the way that you're speaking to your audience with your content, exactly how many emails to write when to start creating your opt ins and freebies and all the different pages.

And every single step you need to launch is in this checklist. And what makes it really cool is that you enter your cart open date, so you commit to a launch date. And when you commit to that launch, date it It fills in all of the other dates that become important from that it fills in the dates to start creating your freebie releasing your freebie announcing your launch, running ads, all of these things are auto populated, and give you the timeline so that all you have to do is commit and the spreadsheet lines up behind you to give you all of the dates to make that happen. Now I am offering this super cool launch checklist for just $9 which every single person who's bought it has responded to me and said like this is way better than just $9. But I really want it to be accessible to people who are sitting there in frustration, not knowing what they need to do to launch or worse launching without these things and not seeing the results that they could see if they had all of their ducks in a row before the cart opens.

So go to jessoconnell .com/checklist to get all the information and to see the checklist in action. There's a video on that page that shows you how it works. And then it's just nine bucks if you want to implement that into your next launch. So by the way, I would love it. If you took something out of today's episode, take a screenshot and share it on Instagram. I love seeing your feedback, make sure to tag me at just auto Connell underscore and I will share it and we will have a conversation over there. I love getting to know the people who are listening so even if you don't share the episode, come say hi, send me a message on Instagram. And we will chat. So thank you so much for listening and I will see you in my next episode.