Dec. 15, 2020

Episode 5: Are You a Short Order Course Creator?

Episode 5: Are You a Short Order Course Creator?

Are you chasing what other people are doing because you think THAT is what you need to do to be successful? You might be a Short Order Course Creator!  On today’s episode, I explain what that is, how it’s hurting your business, and how to step back into your power and overcome it!

Are you chasing what other people are doing because you think THAT is what you need to do to be successful? You might be a Short Order Course Creator! 

On today’s episode, I explain what that is, how it’s hurting your business, and how to step back into your power and overcome it!


  • The biggest mistake struggling course creators are making (without even realizing it!)
  • The three types of content to create to establish your authority, and start becoming the Go-To person in your industry
  • How to get out of the cycle of chasing your followers, and start leading them!

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Do you feel burnt out in your course business? Or like you're not aligned with your message? are you chasing what other people are doing? Because you think that is what you need to do to be successful, you might be making this really common mistake. Don't worry, I did too. Stay tuned. Hello, hello, and welcome back to the launch fix podcast. My name is Jess and I am your host, and I am your host into these episode is all about this mistake that I see so many online coaches and course creators making in their business. And the reason I see this is because I was doing the exact same thing.

When you start your business, you see what other people are doing, you think oh my gosh, I can totally do that too. And in a way, we tend to skew the things that we're doing to the people that we saw doing it. And when I first started my business, I found myself falling into this trap. Growing an audience like I knew I was supposed to do attracting ideal people creating content that spoke to the problem that they had. And then listening to what they wanted, which is something that I'm going to talk about in a little bit. And really hearing the feedback they were giving me the courses they wanted to do. And then creating the courses to fill that need, giving them what they were asking for. And then rinse and repeat. And you might be listening thinking Yeah, exactly. That's 100% what I do, because that's what I've been told to do. And in fact, my mentor, James Wedmore, who I love and disagree with about this says that you should grow your audience, pull them, see what they want, create courses, and give them what they're asking for. And when I did this, I found myself creating programs that were not in alignment with my heart or with my message.

And you may be experiencing the same thing. You started a business because you were passionate about something, you had a change that you wanted to create for yourself and your ideal clients, you had a mission that was put on your heart. And then you started growing an audience and they started giving you feedback and gurus were telling you to pull them and ask them for their feedback. And they were saying, ooh, we want to learn Instagram from you, or we want to learn about this. And so because you wanted to give your audience what they wanted, you started to create programs and trainings and courses and content for those people that people who are asking for specific things. And that's exactly what I was doing too. But I realized that I was creating trainings and content and courses. That just led me further and further and further away from my mission, what I was put on this earth to do. And in my first year in business, I ended it realizing I had no idea how I got there. And where I wanted to go from there. I felt like it was in the middle of a desert and somebody had dropped me off. And I was like crap, this doesn't look anything like what I wanted to do when I started.

And sure it was successful. And sure I had an audience and sure it was going great. But I realized that I had found my way out of the way of where I really wanted to go. And when you're listening to what other people want from you, instead of following the North Star of what's truly in your heart to create, you'll find yourself completely lost and not going in the direction that you sought out to go. And I see so many online entrepreneurs doing the same thing, pulling their audience to see what they should create, and creating courses because other people are successful at it. And so when you're creating courses, because that's what your audience is asking for. That's what really makes you what I call a short order course creator, like a cook in a diner, taking orders and creating what people are asking for. That makes you a short order course creator. And if you think about it that way, then you're really not leading toward the message that you truly want to create.

You probably didn't create your business and start your business to fulfill on what other people wanted you to do. You probably had a mission or a goal or a vision in your heart of change that you wanted to create for the world. And yet now you find yourself like oh my audience is asking to learn about Tick Tock so now I'm going to create a course about Tick Tock but did you really to create a course about tic tock, and then now, six months down the road, you're going to have to create a course about something else. No, you created your program, or you created your business so that you could follow your heart and really lead from that place. When you are a short order course creator, it's like you're chasing after your audience and what they want. And it's like that Alexander Augusta quote, oh, there go, my people, I must find out where they're going so that I can lead them. How silly is that? Right? people follow leaders instead of worrying about what other coaches are doing, and what your followers are asking for create authority for standing up for what you believe in, in lead the people who rally behind your message. Like I had mentioned, creating programs that other people are successful for is one of the biggest traps that you can fall into.

And I cannot tell you how many times I saw budding new course creators start by being like self love coaches, or people who had a really beautiful mission in the mindset space, go on to switch their business into being a business coach, because they thought that's what they had to do to be successful, because of this belief that business coaches make more money. But at the end of the day, if that doesn't let you up, you're never going to be successful, you will never be wildly successful doing the thing that you are not meant to do. And so chasing what other people are successful at and chasing other people's dreams, just because you think that's what you have to do to be successful is never going to lead you to a fulfilling business. JOHN, I am so sorry about these stupid notifications, my computer is on freaking Do Not Disturb. I'm sorry, I don't know how to turn that off. Hopefully, it doesn't happen again. I could mute my computer, maybe. Let's try that. Um, okay, good.

Okay, so if you want to start creating that authority, and create the business that is truly in alignment with what you came here to create, you have to take a stand for the change that you create in the world. And this is scary, because it requires being a leader, it is so much easier to listen to what your audience wants and just create what they asked for. Because then you know that you'll have an audience for your offer. But instead, if you take a stand and say that I am the expert, I am the leader of the people who want this transformation, you then have to take that chance and stand up for something different. You started your business for a reason, though, and don't lose that. By showing up authentically in your message. It is so much more important than doing anything that other people are doing just because they are making money with it. Spoiler alert, they are making money with it because it cuz it is their purpose.

Like I said you will never be successful doing the thing that you are not meant to do. So if you see other people being successful, don't say okay, well, I guess I need to be in that niche. say okay, what can I do to be in alignment with what I truly want to do and know that that's how you will create that leadership and that influence and attract the ideal audience who wants what you have to offer. The second thing that you can do to really take a stand and stop being a shorter course creator is to create polarizing content that attracts the people who rally behind your message, and repels anyone who doesn't. Like I talked about in our last episode, that polarizing belief is how you become magnetic to your ideal clients. In order to stand out online, you have to take a stand. They see so many course creators serving up vanilla content, afraid to push anyone away. So their message falls on deaf ears. When you take a stand and dare to say something different, your ideal client will hear you. And not only will they hear you, they will feel like you are finally telling them something that is against the status quo. Because of the status quo is giving them suffering, which it probably is they want to hear something different. They want to know what else they can do to be successful. They want to know how to get the transformation that you're going to help them get.

But if you're just another person serving up the same generic messaging, because you're afraid to push anybody away, nobody is going to resonate with your message and you're not going to attract your ideal client. ever met a magnet that isn't polarizing. Like we talked in our last episode. You're going to attract but you're going to have a weak ass magnet. If you are afraid to be polarizing. The third thing that you can do is become the go to person in your field. When you position yourself as the authority, you become the obvious solution to the problem that your ideal client has. You create desire for the transformation and demand for getting it from you, your ideal client already has a level of desire for the transformation. That's why they are looking for you. That's why they want to take your program. That's why they want to get the transformation that you're talking about. But when you can level up that desire by showing how well you do it, how easy it is to get it, when it comes from you, and how they can do it, too, that levels up the demand from getting it from you, your transformation might be a little bit of a commodity, it's like spoiler alert, you're probably not the only self love coach, you're probably not the only launch coach out there.

But what makes you different is how you think how you look at things, how you stand out with your polarizing belief, compared to other people and how you speak to what your ideal client wants. And so when you can position yourself as the expert and create demand for getting it from you, that's when you can become the obvious solution. And your program becomes the obvious solution for getting results with that program. So the three ways that you can create massive authority with your content are these three things. And this is really like the basis of my content strategy. And something that I'm going to go into way more in depth in future episodes. But I wanted to give you this to get started. So the first thing that you can do to create massive authority is make them feel understood. And your polarizing belief will feel like a breath of fresh air. If like I said, if your ideal client is suffering with the status quo, if you show them that there's another way, they will feel understood, they will feel like oh my gosh, I'm not broken. A really great example of this is all the messaging I see that diets don't work. And how many people have tried diet after diet after diet thinking that's what you have to do to lose weight.

And finally, there's somebody saying like, guess what, get off the diet train, there are other ways of losing weight, it makes you feel understood, it makes you feel like oh my gosh, yes, I'm not broken, the system is broken. And not feeling is really, really powerful when it comes to creating authority. So by standing up for the change that you believe in, and the polarizing belief that you have around your industry, that is how you can make them feel understood and feel like oh my god, yes, this will get me. The second way that you can create massive authority in your business is to show them that that transformation isn't as hard as they are thinking. So many times we stand at the base of a transformation and look at it like a mountain, like oh my god, how am I ever going to get to this top of this mountain, I want to grow my business, I want to make 100 K, I want to lose 100 pounds, I want to train my puppy ready to go back to our last episode. Um, it looks really hard. It looks complicated, it looks like it's overwhelming to take over. But when you can show them that the transformation that they want isn't as hard as they're thinking, you can give them the confidence to take the first step. And so by creating content that paints the roadmap ahead, they can have that confidence, like oh, okay, like I can do that.

Those six steps don't seem that hard, I can totally do that. It removes that fear and that doubt and that overwhelm and empowers them to say, you know what, no, I totally can do this. And when people feel empowered, that's when they take action. So by creating content that paints the roadmap ahead, you can empower your people to see that you are the person who will help them get those results, because you make it easy, and you show them what is next for them so that they can take that inspired action. And the third thing that you can do with this, or the third kind of content that you can create, to create massive authority is to remove the roadblocks that are getting in their way. They may know the way to get there, right. But the problem is, is that there are roadblocks in their way, especially if you've painted the roadmap. They see how to get the transformation that they want. But there's a bigger issue as to why they haven't gotten it in the first place. And that is these roadblocks that are standing in their way. And so if you can address the misbeliefs mistakes and misconceptions that they have to help them move through these things.

That's where you can get them to stop holding themselves back and start actually taking action on the results for them. Want to see, this is one of the most powerful things that you can do with your content is remove roadblocks by addressing those misbeliefs mistakes and misconceptions. And it's some of my favorite content to create because it really opens up people's perspective and opens up their mind to what is truly possible for them. So I will share way more about these three things in future episodes. So make sure that you are subscribed, so you don't miss them. And there you have it. And I just wanted to share Lastly, that my dear friends Katherine's and kina, the manifestation babe settlement interview I did with her that when you become known for what you teach, you don't need to niche down and I completely agree. When you become john, I am so sorry. It's my lunch once again. Thank you.

This episode is a mess. When you become known for what you do, and when you become the go to expert in your industry, you don't need to follow what other people are doing or ask your audience what they want to see. Because you they want to see you they want the transformation that you provide. So one of the one thing that you can do to take action from this podcast is to write down those biggest mistakes misbeliefs and misconceptions that your ideal client has, and how you can start addressing them with your content. And if you want to go ahead and head over to the shownotes I have a short workbook that will help you do just that. By the way, did you know that we have a launch fix podcast Facebook group, check out the show notes below to join us and in there, go ahead and make a post and share what you are the go to person for what is the thing that lights you up in your business, declare who you are and who you serve. And who knows maybe you'll even find an ideal client in there. By the way you do not want to miss next week's episode, I am sharing the secret ingredient to offers that convert. If you want your program to sell like hotcakes, you don't want to miss it. Thank you so much for listening and I will see you in our next episode. Good gravy, john. I am so sorry. That was a mess.