May 18, 2021

The Energetic Game of a 6 Figure Launch

The Energetic Game of a 6 Figure Launch

If you have the goal to have a six-figure launch or beyond this year, you do not want to miss today's episode. I am breaking down exactly how to make that happen by really getting deep and reflecting on your mindset, your universal and energetic alignment, and how being out of alignment in any of those areas has the potential to throw your launch off the rails.

If you have the goal to have a six-figure launch or beyond this year, you do not want to miss today's episode, I am breaking down exactly how to make that happen by really getting deep and reflecting on your mindset, your universal and energetic alignment, and how being out of alignment in any of those areas has the potential to throw your launch off the rails. 


  • Why your mindset is holding you back from your six-figure launch and the steps you can take to shift it.
  • How to illuminate your energetic hallway so you can see your potential future outcome clearly.
  • How to turn your biggest fear responses into your biggest celebrations.

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If you have the goal to have a six figure launch or beyond this year, you do not want to miss today's episode, I am breaking down exactly how to make that happen. So stay tuned.


I'm Jess. After launching dozens of courses and generating multiple six figures in Revenue Online, I have learned the right and wrong way to launch an online course. And in the last two years, I have helped my friends and clients generate more revenue with less stress using my aligned Launch Formula. On this podcast, I'm sharing with you my simple strategies and systems so you can make more money online and make a bigger impact on the world. Keep listening for the launch fix podcast.


Hey, welcome back to the lunch fix podcast. My name is Jess and I am so excited that you are here. Because today we are getting just a little bit weird. You may or may not know this about me, but I am pretty whoo pretty spiritual. And today I'm so excited to dig into the energetic game behind a six-figure launch. But before we dig into today's episode, it's time to shout out this week's listener of the week. This week's listener of the week is Blake dot Dubay on Instagram, thank you so much for leaving your handle in your review so I can shout you out properly will also tag you in today's post. And your review was so nice. She said amazing. Just brings all the good vibes in her Podcast. I am loving it. And soaking it all in absolutely amazing. Her views definitely hit home makes sense and make you feel like your dreams are coming for you through her enthusiasm. Thank you just for the amazing podcast, major fan here. Thank you so much, Blake, I appreciate you so much. And that is such a nice review. It was amazing. Like you said it was. So thank you for listening. Please, if you are listening today, send me a DM on Instagram. And I will send you a token of our appreciation. By the way, if you want to be featured as a listener of the week, make sure to go to the launch fix and click on reviews. And leave us a five-star rating and review and make sure to leave in your Instagram handle like Blake did. So we can definitely get in contact with you to send you a super fun prize. All right, let's dig into today's episode.


So when it comes to having a six figure launch, there was a lot more at play here that I think a lot of people underestimate. When we want to have a six figure launch, we look at the numbers right or at least I hope you do. Usually it comes with a goal that you set because somebody else hit that goal or set that goal and you thought, Hmm, I want to do that I want to have a six figure launch, we put these really interesting meanings on various milestones in the coaching business, like for example, a 10 Km month, or a six figure year, or a seven figure business, all of these things and just one of them happens to be a six figure launch. And while you don't have to hit these kinds of milestones in order to be quote unquote, successful, it is nice to have these kind of set benchmarks to reach for right sometimes we just need those goals, so that we can push ourselves to that next level. And that's exactly what happened. When I started my business. When I started my business back in the January of 2019. I had never seen $10,000 before, like I had never held $10,000 I had never really made $10,000 in a set amount of time. I barely made $10,000 a year like it was really this number that was out of touch for me. And oh my gosh, $100,000. Like what even is that like that was not anywhere near my radar. But being in this industry. Those were the two numbers that I were was immediately met with 10 came on six figure year. And it wasn't until I started to become the person who made that happen, that I began to make that happen. And at the end of my first year in business, I hit both of those goals. I was making consistent 10k months, and also made a six figure year. And it was because of what I'm going to talk about today that I was able to make that happen. But you're probably beyond that point. At this point. You have a successful business, you're scaling or ready to scale your launches. But maybe that next level has kind of alluded you, whether you're looking at 30k to 50k months, or the illustrious six figure launch. And that's what I want to talk about today. The energetic game behind actually having a six figure launch is the thing that's probably keeping


from having a six figure launch, the good news is that this is something that you can control. Often things in business are out of our control, right? We can't control the number of people who purchase our programs, we can't control how Facebook ads are going to change today, we can't control our email deliverability sometimes, but what we can control is how we show up and the way that we believe about ourselves going into what we're doing. And so the first thing I want to talk about is really like the precursor of this energetic game. One of the things that I believe in, and we're going to get into Jesse's weird beliefs today is I believe in alternate dimensions, I believe that at any given moment, there are parallel realities that exist. And this is science. It's not just like a made up thing that I came up with. But there are alternate realities that coexists at all times. And the way that I believe that shows up in our life, is we see potential futures for ourselves that don't already exist. And what I mean by that is we have create goals, right? We are humans who create goals based on potential future outcomes that don't exist. And the way that I believe that comes about is that we see that possible future outcome, when you put yourself in the energy of people who are changing, or if you yourself go through a life changing event, or something that puts you in the energy of change, you begin to shift your energy, I like to think of our energetic field as like this aura, right? Because that's what it is. And sometimes it's pretty fixed, right? If you are in a very fixed mindset, it's kind of like a wall, and you can't see anything outside of it. And if you know, somebody who's really stuck in their mindset and is like a victim of their circumstances, and isn't really open to change, you probably know exactly what I'm talking about. And maybe you were there, because I was totally there. I can look back at my past, at times where my energetic field was a brick wall that was keeping me in prison and into my existing belief system. And I thought that struggling was my birthright, and that we were always going to be broke, and that everything was against us. And it wasn't until I started to soften my energetic field and see possibilities outside of this prison I had built for myself, that I really was able to create bigger goals and actually create change. And so I believe that there are a few different ways that we can really soften up our energetic field and be open to experiencing change. And one of those is a life altering event. And this is something that maybe you've gone through, and maybe you haven't, this is the whole idea behind people like hearing from their doctor that they have diabetes, so then they lose 100 pounds, right? It's this thing that snaps inside of them, that's like, Oh, I gotta change, right? for some people. This is like a car accident or losing a family member. For me, this was my husband losing his job, which you may have heard me tell that story before, about how that was the catalyst for drastic change in our lives. But really, that moment, woke me up and was kind of this moment where I was like, crap, I cannot exist within this brick prison anymore, I have to, I have to think outside of this. And that was such a powerful thing for me. So a life altering event is a way to kind of shift your energetic field into seeing future realities. Another example of this is putting yourself in the energy of other people who are willing to change. This is like a live event. If you've ever gone to a conference, or retreat, or a mastermind, or something where you're around other people who are bigger thinkers than you are and who see things differently, their energetic field will start to soften yours. And this is why people go to conferences and events like this and come home a completely different person. It's because their energetic field has opened up to other possibilities, and they begin to change. And the third way to do this in the way that I believe is one of the most powerful ways to do this, is by launching, which doesn't really sound like the other two, but really launching is kind of forcing yourself into this growth situation. It's a very exposing process. And it's something that really forces you to change. It forces you into this experience to change and grow. And while that was maybe a little bit of a tangent, what happens in that moment is that we see a potential future outcome for ourselves that we don't already have. And that's how we set a goal. And so you maybe have this potential future outcome for yourself that you've seen, where you have a six figure launch, where you have a seven figure business where you have this success where you have all the


The things that you desire. And you created that idea for yourself, because you can see that potential future outcome. And I like to think of this like standing in a dark room full of hallways, right, you're in this circular room. And there's all of these hallways in front of you. And at the end of the hallway, there's a picture in just the picture at the end of the hallway is illuminated, but you cannot see anything in the hallway to get there. And so you can see all of these potential future outcomes down these hallways, you can see the version of you that is broke and homeless, right, that's probably the version of you that you're afraid of happening. Right, you can see the version of you that has everything that you want, you can see the version of you who it is on the trajectory that you're on right now, right, like if you continue down the road you're on, there's a potential future outcome there too. And so we can see at the end of these hallways, but we can't see what it takes to get there, the hallway is not illuminated, only the potential future outcome. And so it takes shifting into a different hallway, it takes shifting your energy into a different path, in order to have that future outcome. And this is exactly what I'm talking about with the energetic game of having a six figure launch. You can see at the end of that hallway, what is possible for you with this goal, right? You can see the version of you who had a six figure launch, you can see what that looks like. And you desire it because you don't already have it. And because you can see it, you know that it's a possible outcome for you. Because it's within your pathway of possibilities, right? You're standing in all of these the hallways of possibility. And you can see that that is a potential future outcome for you. And so you know that it's already meant for you. So how do you go down that hallway? How do you begin to make the journey to make that happen, and that's what I'm going to talk about on today's episode. The biggest piece of this, when it comes to having a six figure launch is the energetic game, we can break down the numbers until the cows come home. And I am glad to do so. And I actually have a really fun bonus masterclass, coming soon. To do that, I want to break down the numbers of what a six figure launch looks like in your business. But before you do that, the thing that really matters isn't the numbers. Because you can see that you need 1000 leads to make that happen. But until you believe that you're worthy of receiving 1000 leads, it's never gonna happen until you show up like the person who effortlessly receives 1000 leads, it's never gonna happen. And so it really comes down to being the version of you at the end of that hallway, and really healing and working on the things inside yourself that are keeping you from fully stepping into that version of yourself so that you can make it happen. So in order to head down that hallway, in order to head down that path, you have to tune into the frequency of that version of yourself. And if you go back to the hallway analogy, and imagine this spectrum, you can see on one side, the low frequency, right, the lowest possible frequency version of yourself is the one who's broken homeless, the one that you're afraid is going to happen, every time that you go to launch, right, we immediately go to that version of ourselves, we're like, oh, my God, this isn't gonna work, and my kids are gonna be on food stamps, and we're gonna be homeless. And like worst case scenario, we tend to focus a lot of energy over here. And then you have to imagine on the other side is the best possible case scenario, right? It's the you fully in your power, living your greatest dreams, having the life that you truly desire. And those are on opposite sides of the hallway. And on that spectrum is frequency. It's the energetic frequency that you show up in that you tuned to the hallway that you're in. And so in order to go down another hallway, you have to first tune to the frequency of that hallway. It's like changing a radio station. If you're playing like one on one, the blues over here with the worst possible scenario, but you want to be over here at 107 Fun times, then you have to tune your radio to 107 in order to receive that possible outcome. So how do you do that, though, and if you're somebody who's struggled to shift their frequency to raise their vibration, to actually embody that next level version of yourself, this part is going to be really helpful, because I think sometimes when we talk about the energetic game, it can only be very theoretical and very in the air, right amalgam not really hard. It's kind of hard to get your hands around. And so I have a few questions that I think would be really helpful to ponder on and to really work through in order to tangibly do that right to tangibly


Shift your frequency to that potential outcome. So the first question to ask yourself is, how would I show up to play a six figure game? If you knew that you were creating a six figure launch? If you knew that that's what was happening? How would you show up? Would you be confident in your message? Or would you worry that people might not like it? Would you show up on social media every day? Or would you record the story? And then delete it? Because you're like, oh, no one cares. Nobody wants to hear what I have to say, right? Would you record the reels? Or would you continue saying, no reels are silly? It's just a kid thing. Right? How would you show up to play a six figure game? Would you do the things on your to do list? Or would you procrastinate, while watching TV with your husband? Would you employ team members? Who are a players? Who can make that happen with you? Or would you continue to say, No, I just need to do it myself and work yourself to the bone. So really ask yourself, how does the six figure launch version of you show up? How do they respond to things? What are their beliefs? What are they thinking about? What are they worrying about? Where's their attention? Because where your attention is, is where your energy flows, right? And if your attention is over here, on 100, sad city calm or whatever, that radio station was called, like, the worst case scenario, radio station, that's the frequency that you're tuning to. And so imagining, what does that six figure or seven figure or whatever that highest frequency of you is? How do they show up? What is like the day to day beliefs, behaviors, environment of that person? How do they show up for that launch? So that's the first question. And really like, I recommend grabbing a pen and paper and asking yourself that question. There's this really powerful thing that happens in our brains, when we ask ourselves open ended questions is our brain wants to find the answer. And so if you want to have better answers, ask yourself better questions. Instead of asking, like, Who am I to have a six figure launch? That's a terrible question. Ask yourself, how do I show up at a six figure launch game? How do I show up to make that possible? And that's going to give you a better answer. That's when your brain goes to work? And is like, how would we show up? That's a good question. Let's figure that out. And it starts to generate real answers for you. So the second question is, how would you run your launch like a six figure launch? And again, with these open ended questions, but really write it down? Would you have pre written emails? Or would you be writing emails the day they go out? Would you run Facebook ads? Would you feel empowered about spending money on Facebook ads? Would you hire a Facebook ads manager? If you're making six figures? If you're making $100,000? Why wouldn't you hire an ads manager? Why wouldn't you put money into Facebook ads? If you knew that they would help you on that goal? Would you follow a proven launch mechanism? Or would you throw that spaghetti at the wall and hope that talking about it on Instagram a couple times is enough? Would you complete the sales page before the day that you have to share it? Or would it be done in reviewed and made sure all the links worked? Well, before that? Would you have client testimonials? Because you had the balls to ask for them? Or would you still be like man, their results weren't that good? I'm not gonna ask no one really cares, right? How would you run a launch? Like a six figure launch? Would you have a Launch Manager? Would you have the team in place to help you make that happen? and ask yourself that question. And you may be sitting there now like, well, how can I afford a six? How can I afford a Launch Manager? How can I afford if Facebook ads manager? That's a good question, how can you I have launched things before to finance another launch. Let me say that again, I have launched things to finance another launch. And this is something I've done multiple times, right? Create an offer, and launch it to make the money to put into a bigger launch. It's like I imagined like the fish eating the fish. Right? The small fish has to eat the slightly bigger fish so that the bigger fish can eat that fish. That was wrong. It's like the middle fish eats the smaller wineo you have to eat fish does. That's how you show up is a six figure launch. There's fish involved somehow. But like how can you create an offer that makes you money that you can then reinvest that money into your next launch in order to grow it? And that's a very great way to ask how can you finance a higher ticket launch, right? So the first one, how would you show up in that six figure launch? And how would you run your launch like a six figure launch


and then the


Last one is so important because really, your feelings are the whole game, right? Your feelings are your frequency, your feelings are your frequency, and your feelings don't lie. And so if you have ever gone into a launch and I have so this is truly coming from the knowing, saying, this is going to be my biggest launch ever, this is going to be my seven figure launch, I am showing up I'm detaching from the outcome. I am in the frequency of seven figures. And then as soon as the launch starts, you're like, Oh my god, nobody likes me. Everything is awful. Why do I feel so terrible? Why am I crying? Why am I yelling at my kids? Your feelings are your frequency. And if your feelings are crappy, your frequency is crappy. Your feelings don't lie, right? Your frequency doesn't lie. You cannot be running down the seven figure hallway, or the six figure launch hallway. If you're having feelings at 100 FM crap city over here, right? You should remember the name of that radio station. But right like if you're feeling low vibe, if your frequency is a fear and doubt, and what if and meaning about oh my god, what does it mean about me if I don't hit this goal, all of that nonsense. If you're tuning into that frequency, you're never going to show up and run your launch like a six figure launch. So to actually ask that question minus the tangent is how would you feel knowing you already had a six figure launch? How would you feel the day after cart close? Or the day of cart close? The cart is closed? How did it feel?


in tune into that feeling? Don't pay attention to the feeling of like, Oh, my God, this isn't good enough. They think I'm stupid. Whatever that is, right? That's the crap city. One on one right? Tune into what it would feel like to know what's already done. Well, how did that feel? How would you feel knowing that you already had a six figure launch? Would you feel happy? Would you feel excited? Would you feel relieved? Would you feel empowered? Would you feel successful? How would you feel? Do you feel grateful? Would you feel expansive? And how can you tap into that feeling right now?


How can you put that feeling in your body and feel it through your whole body? Where do you feel it? If you feel gratitude, where do you feel that? Do you feel that in your chest? Do you feel it in your face? Do you have a big smile on your cheeks? Is that where you feel it in your cheeks? Where in your body? Do you feel it? And how can you feel it right now? This was one of the most powerful realizations that I had very early in my business, that we have the power to manufacture our feelings. And if you are like me, that doesn't sound right. Just let me give you an example. Imagine that your husband has is on his way home from work, but he's late. He's like 30 minutes late. And you called him and you didn't answer. And you called him again. And he didn't answer.


And you called him again. And he didn't answer. How do you feel? Do you feel fear? Do you feel it in the pit of your stomach right now imagining that like, Oh, god, did he die? Was there an accident? What happened? Is he cheating on me? What's going on? Right? You feel that fear in the pit of your stomach? Because you are imagining that scenario? Is anything actually scary happening to you right now? No. Did your husband get into a car accident? Probably not right thinking about the range of possibilities. He could have had his phone on silent, he could have been listening to loud music, you know, there's a million things that could have happened. But we manufacture that fear, right? We create the scenarios and then we feel the actual feelings in our body. And I realized after that exact scenario happening far too many times, because my husband turns his phone on silent when he drives home apparently,


that he doesn't have a job anymore. So it's all good. He works for


us, he works for me. But now he definitely answers the phone when I call. My point being. That's not a real scenario, but it creates very real fear. That's not a fact that happened, but it creates a very real emotion. And when I realized that I was creating these emotional responses in my body without an actual fact happening to create that reaction. I realized that I had the power to do that the other way too. I have the power to feel gratitude now. I have the power to feel proud of myself now. I have the power to feel happy. Now. I have the power to feel success.


cessful now. And when you realize that you can tap into those feelings at any time, for any reason, that changes your frequency, because your feelings are your frequency. And so ask yourself, how would you feel knowing that you've had that six figure launch? How would you feel it? And how can you feel it right now?


And how can you feel it every day.


And maybe it becomes a ritual for you, maybe while you're brushing your teeth, you tap into it, and you feel that getting this rise up in your chest and you like, cannot help but smile, and you're brushing your teeth and the toothpaste is coming out of the side of your mouth. But it's okay, because you are just so excited. Behold, holy freaking crap, you had a six figure launch, right? And it just bubbles up inside of you. And sure, you haven't, and you're just brushing your teeth. But your frequency doesn't know that. Because you create your frequency with your feelings? And how can you spend more time in that energy? How can you tune to that radio station and go down that hallway to energetically make that happen. And when you tune to that frequency and you go running down that hallway, the rest falls into place. Because if you feel like you have a six figure launch, if you tuned to that frequency of having a six figure launch, and you know how to run a six figure launch because you already do and you are running it like a six figure launch. And you show up like somebody who's having a six figure launch not doubting themselves fully in their power sharing their message, you're going to have a six figure launch. And if you don't, you're going to learn what you need to learn. So you can heal what you need to heal. So you can have a six figure launch. And that's the beauty


is you are either going to be given what you want, or you're going to give you be given the lesson that you need to learn in order to get what you want. And both of those are beautiful, and we glorify the success and we vilify the lesson. And it needs to be the other way around. I mean, we don't need to vilify the success but like, the lesson is success, right? The lesson that you need to learn and the thing that you need to heal in order to truly raise your vibration, and really tune into that success frequency.


That's the whole ballgame, right? Because when you do that work, when you work through the feelings and you work through the fear, and you work through the doubt, and you heal the trauma that's keeping you from having what you want. That's when you have what you want, because you cannot have it until you do that work. And launching is a beautiful opportunity to bring that to the surface and to expose the things that need to be healed so that you can heal them so that you can have success.


And that's the energetic game of a six-figure launch. 

Awesome, guys. I hope that today's episode was helpful. I hope that it was impactful. I would love to hear your takeaways, as always find me on Instagram at Jess O'Connell underscore and let's chat about it because I love hearing what you loved about today's episode. And I will see you in my next episode. Have a great one.