March 9, 2021

Episode 21: Is your content sabotaging your launches?

Episode 21: Is your content sabotaging your launches?

If you are launching to crickets, or still feeling like the right people aren’t coming into your launches, your content might be to blame. Having aligned messaging is crucial to attracting the right audience into your launches, and converting them into paying customers.

If you are launching to crickets, or still feeling like the right people aren’t coming into your launches, your content might be to blame.

Having aligned messaging is crucial to attracting the right audience into your launches, and converting them into paying customers. 

On today’s episode, I share the 3 biggest mistakes you are likely making with your launch content, and how to fix them.


  • The most important thing you should take into consideration when building the top of your funnel
  • The sneaky areas of messaging you are missing out on
  • The fear that is keeping you from showing up as a thought leader.

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If you are launching to crickets or still hearing price objections, or even just feeling like you aren't getting the right people into your launches, listen up. Today I am talking about what might be to blame and how to fix it. Stay tuned. I'm just after launching dozens of courses and generating multiple six figures in Revenue Online, I have learned the right and wrong way to launch an online course. And in the last two years, I have helped my friends and clients generate more revenue with less stress using my aligned Launch Formula. On this podcast, I'm sharing with you my simple strategies and systems so you can make more money online and make a bigger impact on the world. Keep listening for the launch fix podcast.

Hello, and welcome back to the lunch fix podcast. My name is Jess and I am so excited to have you here today. And I have some really exciting announcements for you. Before I get into today's episode, the first thing I want to share with you is that we have a brand new website for the podcast. First of all podcast. It is the launch effects And this website is really cool. Not only can you find all the show notes and transcripts, and links from every episode, but we also have this really cool new feature that I am very excited to try out. Now, when you go to you can leave us a voicemail, and what a fun opportunity to get to ask your questions in the here the answers right here on the podcast. So if you have a burning question that you have been dying to ask, go check out the launch fix and click on the little microphone in the corner. You can do this on a browser or on your phone. And leave us a voicemail. Make sure to tell us who you are, what your business is, and ask your question. And then also make sure to tell us what your name is on Instagram. So not only can our followers find you and follow you, but we can also tag you when we answer your question on an upcoming episode. I'm looking forward to having some q&a episodes and really get into the nitty gritty of what burning questions you have for me. So I can help you have bigger, more aligned launches.

So go check that out. Also, while you're there, leave us a review for a chance to be featured as the listener of the week. This is a feature that I am so excited to add to the podcast, where every week I'm going to read a review. And thank you so much for leaving them and give you a chance to get a little bit of exposure to your own business. So this week, our listener of the week is contact flow. Now I wish that this was your Instagram name, I hate the way that Apple has you do reviews because I don't know how to tag you or give you any recognition. But I wanted to read your review a contact flow. And thank you so much for listening. So contact flow said, I am six months into my group coaching career. And I have been mentored for the last six months by someone else. But just his tools are really adding a whole new level. And I really think her first six episodes were key in helping me reach my first 10k a month. First of all, thank you so much for that amazing feedback that warms my heart so much to hear.

And I'm so grateful that you are here and listening to the podcast. And the second thing is congratulations on your first 10k months. That is such a huge milestone in your business. And something that we can kind of gloss over because it seems so commonplace in the course creator industry. But hitting your first 10k a month is like really making that level of success where you can say you know what I am doing this and I'm so proud of you. so grateful that you are listening and I just wanted to say congratulations on your first time k month. So if you want to be featured as the next listener of the week, make sure to go to the launch fixed podcast calm and leave a review or you can leave them wherever you listen to podcasts in order to be featured as the next listener of the week. So let's get into today's episode. You have heard me talk about content and messaging for about the last month or so. It's really is such an important piece of what you're doing in your business.

And that's why I've been taking the time to really focus on that, and how to use it to grow your business. But if your launches are still not performing like you'd hoped they would, your messaging might be to blame. And I know that you're probably thinking, but I create really great content, I'm listening to your advice, I'm creating those three different types. I'm really speaking to my ideal client and coming from that place of knowing not knowledge, and you feel like you're doing everything, right. But your content still might be the reason why your launches aren't performing. The first thing is, if you're just listening to the podcast, and just now implementing the things that I've been talking about for the last month or so, you haven't really been doing it long enough. So keep going keep doing it.

But when you get this content ecosystem figured out, that's going to be the greatest asset in your launches, because your content is what gets people into your launch mechanism. It's what gets them into your funnel in order to become clients. And when you create messaging that not only inspires people and brings them into your funnel, but also creates that desire and demand for your offer. That's where the magic happens. But there are a few things you might be doing with your content and messaging, that are keeping you from getting the results that you want down the road. Think of it this way, your launch runway, the way that people get from where they are now to being a customer from you, your entire customer journey is kind of like a waterslide. Now bear with this analogy. But imagine you get into a waterslide. And it is this big tube of different pieces of pipe all connected together.

And as people move through the waterslide, they can go pretty fast, right? But they are encompassed in this environment of your messaging and have your lunch, and you want them to go from the top of the water slide to the bottom of the water slide, right, your program is the pool at the bottom. And when you get people to the bottom, it's because your water slide moved them all the way through. Now imagine your water slide is broken, and some of the pipes don't quite fit together, right. And so there's these gaps where people can slip through the cracks and fall off your water slide. And this is what's happening to so many people's launches, because of your messaging. Your messaging is the waterslide that gets people from just following you on Instagram to being a client in your program. And I know this because I made this exact mistake. And I talked about it a couple episodes ago, not having that linear messaging.

And how that was one of the biggest mistakes that I was making in my launches was having messaging that didn't connect all the way down. And you might be struggling with this too. I've been working on this with a couple of clients of mine. And what I see so many people do is when they want to start their launch, or when they are creating the first piece of their launch, which is typically an audience builder, or a lead magnet or a freebie or whatever you want to call it. And they think what does my ideal client want? And that's where it comes from. They're like, Oh, they want to learn more about Facebook ads, oh, they want to learn more about this, oh, they want this cheat sheet, oh, they want this guide. Oh, they want this freebie, right? And they come at it from a place of what does my ideal client want right now. And this is the total wrong way to look at this. Instead of thinking about what does my ideal client want right now, think about where you want them to end up. Because if you're thinking about what they want, now you're starting at the top of the waterslide and hoping that your messaging will get them to the bottom.

But instead, why not look at the bottom of the water slide. And keep that in mind. When you are building out the rest of your slide. Right? You wouldn't start at start at the top of a waterslide and build the slide on your way down hoping you make it into the pool. That makes no sense, right? You would start with the pool and figure out okay, if they start here, and I want them to get in the pool, how can I build a slide that's going to get them to the pool. And so this is one of the biggest mistakes that people are making in their launches is that they are attracting people to the lunch that maybe aren't going to make it all the way to the waterslide because of the messaging and because they may not be ideal clients. And so sure somebody might download a click worthy freebie. That's like the five kinds of ads you need to run to do XYZ. But does that freebie one attract your ideal client for your ultimate offer?

And two does it move them down the waterslide to becoming the client that you want to join your program. And if you feel like you're attracting the wrong people in your lunches, whether people who can't afford it, or people who just don't quite have the problem that you solve, it's probably started with the top, either with your content, which is like at the top of the waterslide, before they get in it, or with your freebie, which is where they enter the waterslide. So when you're creating a lead magnet, or a freebie in order to attract people into your launch waterslide instead of asking, What does my ideal client want? Ask yourself? What is the carrot that I need to put out to attract the rabbit that will buy my program? What is the bait that this particular rabbit will take? What is the carrot that that person wants? That I know, when they bite that carrot, it's my ideal client. And the only way that you can do this is by thinking with the end in mind, looking at your ultimate offer.

And I even recommend looking at this at a perspective of building your entire Ascension plan. Look at the person who's your ideal client for the very, very top of that plan. Your perfect one on one client, the person who's going to get the best results at your highest level container. What do they need to know in order to become that person? And move down your Ascension plan creating offers that continue to attract that ideal client? How is this offer the carrot that will attract this client? How is this offer the carrot that will attract this client? And on an all the way out scale? With your freebie? What is the carrot that will attract your ideal client for that offer? So if your offer for example, is teaching people Facebook ads, then who is your ideal client? What makes your way of teaching Facebook ads different? Are you teaching Facebook ads with an evergreen funnel? Are you teaching live launching Facebook ads? Are you teaching slo Facebook ads? What is your specific spin on that? And who is your ideal client for that? And what do they need? What is the thing that's going to attract them?

What is the carrot that's going to attract that rabbit. And when you can create your freebie or your offers from that place, then you know that you are capturing from the top the right person for this offer. And this is really important because if you're capturing the wrong people at the top, you could have Rockstar messaging the whole way through your launch funnel. But if they're not the right people to start with, they're not going to be the right people at the bottom either. And so really making sure that at the very top of your funnel with your freebies, and even more so with your content, you are attracting the right rabbit for the bottom of your funnel. And that's really important. And the way that you do this is by being polarizing. And this is one of the things that people are so afraid to be especially online right now. Because being polarizing kind of feels like a negative thing. But I don't mean being polarizing in the sense of being controversial.

Because I don't think that that necessarily grows your business. You don't need to take an adverse stand on every political thing, in order to attract your ideal client. Unless it's something that is deeply important to you. This is a whole other episode. But like if your politics or your social justice work is deeply important to you, yes, share that on social media. But that's another episode. But you should take a stand against the status quo and against the industry norms and against the things that your ideal client is doing. That is not getting them results. If when you take a stand against that and say, you guys this is dead wrong. Your way of doing this is not working. And there is a better way. They're going to be like oh my god, you're right. It isn't working. And it's driving me crazy. And I thought I was the only one. But here you are saying hey, there's another way to do things. That's not the only way and saying that and taking a stand for that is going to attract the people who are ready for the other way that are ready to learn from you. And so at the very top of your funnel, you have to be willing to be polarizing.

You have to stop searching. Bring up vanilla content, because you're afraid of saying something that somebody might not agree with. You have to be willing and daring enough to say something to take a stand for something, you didn't start your business to say the same vanilla crap that everybody else is saying, did you, you started your business because you want to be a thought leader, you started your business because you knew that there was a better way of doing things, and you could really help people. So why are you still creating content? That doesn't ruffle any feathers for fear of ruffling feathers? Right? Why are you creating content that doesn't really say anything, or help anyone for the fear that people might not like it, I hope people don't like it, you are a thought leader, you are taking a stand against the status quo. And that's what makes you magnetic. And when you are polarizing, that is how you immediately weed out the people who were not your ideal people.

And having that lens at the top immediately gets people out of the way who are not your ideal client. Here's a great example of this, I have an offer that I've actually been selling for almost two years now, really, for over two years. Now. It's just tweaked a little bit, it was the very first offer I made in my business. While my primary business doesn't serve that audience anymore, I still have this offer. Because it's a passion project. For me, it's an audience, I feel deeply called to serve, even if it's in this limited way. And because I know this audience so deeply. And I know this messaging like the back of my hand, I know how to stand out in that arena. And the very top of that funnel, the very first thing that I do is I take a very strong stance against the status quo in that industry. That industry is very heavily built on direct messaging marketing on Hey, girl messages, and DMS. And sure lots of people use these kinds of tactics, but they're not my preferred method of tactics in my program teaches you how to have a successful business without using them.

And at the very top of my funnel, I say sending DMS is not the way to make more sales in your business. There is another way you would not believe how many people come into that program or into that funnel, like oh, my God, finally, somebody is saying this, somebody is taking a stand for this. And they know that they're my people, because they want to be a part of the movement that I've created of people who are selling without sending DNS. They take that on as such a strong mission that they want to be a part of, because they also take a stand against that industry norm. And so by capturing people are at the very top of my funnel with this very polarizing messaging, I don't have any objections that are like, but can I just send messages all day long? Aren't I supposed to send messages? No, because the people who got into my funnel are the people who are done with that crap, right? You know, that the people who get in are the people who are ready to rally behind your message and become a part of your movement and have a deeper connection to the work that you're doing?

Because you started it with that polarizing belief. am I leaving money on the table? Yes. Is that okay with me? Also, yes. Because not everybody is my ideal client. And I don't want people in my program who are not bought into the mission and the message and the movement that I'm creating with that program. And you should feel the same way. Because you are a thought leader, and you are creating change. And you want to attract the people who want to be a part of the movement that you're creating with your message. And so by being polarizing at the top of your funnel, you will then eliminate the people who are joining your launch who are not your people. And not only will this greatly increase your conversions, it gives you such an opportunity to narrow your focus with your messaging and speak so specifically to their pain points and their problems.

So that funnel that I was just talking about, it's currently on evergreen, I've done a mix of evergreen launching and live launching with this before. And I'm sure I'll have a episode for you all about like how to have a highly profitable evergreen funnel because it is at some point in the future but because of my messaging, I know that this offer converts and if I can get the right person into it, it's going to convert between five and 10% on evergreen, which is incredible, right now it is set to be a six figure funnel in 2021. And that's if I don't increase my ad spend, which you bet your button for increasing my ad spend. It's currently bringing in an average of $2,000 a week profit on evergreen.

And I know that it's doing that because I know it's doing it because I'm tracking the numbers. But it's doing that because of my messaging, because I'm attracting the right person at the top of my funnel with very polarizing messaging. And I am moving them through with very specific messaging the entire way through the funnel that I developed, because I understand from that deeper place of knowing how to get that person from the top to the bottom, and that's what the cold audience, by the way, that five to 10% and making two grand a week. So it's a very great funnel, I'm very excited to keep testing it and tell you more about it. But it's because of the messaging that it is so efficient, and that it is so clearly converting the way that it is. So I want you to take a look at your launch messaging, I want you to take a step back and ask is my freebie the carrot that attracts the rabbit that'll join my program? Am I taking a stand for what I believe in and against the status quo against what everybody else is saying? And how can I create a more linear path for my ideal client at the top of my funnel to get into my programs. And when you nail down these three things, that's when you create a really tight funnel that moves people with your messaging from the very top to the very bottom. So in case you missed it, and in case you've been following along this whole time, as I've been talking all about my mentor Brandon, I have great news for you. The doors are finally open to his program the video for x effect.

This program is what I joined a year ago that completely changed the trajectory of my business. I've shared this before. But right after joining his program in March, I had my first $70,000 launch in July of that year after implementing his systems and really cleaning up my messaging, I was then able to take another launch of that program that's now on evergreen and have a $47,000 launch and really nailed down the messaging and have now created a six figure funnel with it with the messaging that I created in that live launch. This information that he teaches in this program is the secret ingredient to high converting launches and because of that I am so excited to offer some really amazing bonuses that enhance what he teaches. He teaches messaging and content and I teach you how to take messaging and content and turn it into money with launching so definitely go check out Jess O'Connell comm slash V for acts check out the link in the show notes to get that link but v 4x v is in Victor or video which is what it stands for. So Jess O'Connell dot com slash v 4x.

To learn all about his program and all about the amazing bonuses that you get when you join the video forex effect with the launch fix podcast, the doors are closing soon, so don't delay because you definitely don't want to miss out he only opens the doors twice a year. And this is the only time where I am teaming up with him to offer these incredible bonuses. So thank you so much for listening to today's episode. I hope that you've enjoyed this series that we've been doing all about launching and messaging, and how to really attract your ideal client with your content. You definitely do not want to miss next week's episode, I sat down with my friend Gabby Abrams, and we talk all about the subconscious launch sabotage that is coming when you're launching. And so if you are ready to let go of the things that are holding you back in your launches with those subconscious beliefs, you do not want to miss this episode. So thank you so much for listening, and I will see you in my next episode.